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Talk: Automating Wifi and Wireless MITM attacks

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  • Talk: Automating Wifi and Wireless MITM attacks

    The amount of time to set up a complex and robust man-in-the-middle attack is TOO DAMN HIGH! That’s why I developed a simple system that takes all the painful setup and installation process out of the equation. With PiWat (RaspberryPi Wireless Attack Toolkit) you can go from 0 to shell in about 5 minutes. In this talk I’ll explain what is included, how I set things up, the components suggested, my completed setup, give a demo, and disseminate instruction/advice on doing things yourself. At the end I will request feedback for additional packages/tweaks/suggestions that users would like included.

    Project: piwat

    Speaker: Bryan “Crypt0s” Halfpap