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    The Ninjaneers
    Getting started in building your own robots for world domination.

    So what’s your excuse for not building that robot idea you’ve been kicking around for months? Your excuse is invalid and we’re here to explain why.

    In this day in age ‘robots’ are in every corner of our lives. So why are you not hacking them? It’s time you take your computer skills and apply them to things that interact with the physical world. We will show you how easy it is to get started building your own robots to do your bidding or at a minimum make cool robot noises and impress the ladies*.

    We will cover the various pitfalls we’ve run across building and operating various robots from advanced underwater gliders, beer delivery carts, CNC routers and 3D printers.

    *Success with the ladies not guaranteed.

    Beaker is a workshop dwelling, builder of killer robots and domesticated beer delivery devices. He’s spent his working life diddling computers for various organizations from early startups to three letter agencies and is still amazed this produces a paycheck. When he’s not molesting 1’s & 0’s for money he can be found building contraptions of questionable merit.

    Flipper is a hardware hacker obsessed with lowering the cost of underwater robots. In his professional life Flipper is been employed by an EV manufacturer working to reduce the cost of high efficiency electric vehicles.
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