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  • Meet Pentoo

    Meet Pentoo
    The longest running Pen-testing Linux Distro

    Pentoo is the longest running Penetration Testing Linux distribution, pre-dating many of today's more popular distributions. We have sacked our non-existent marketing department and now, we're here to show what our experience and stability can do for you. Do you feel you must choose between a functional daily OS and a specialized pen-testing distro? Do you struggle to balance cutting edge tools and rock solid stability? Have other pen testing distributions left you between a rock and a hard place, with a new install as the only upgrade path? Come discover the hardened, cutting edge, rock solid linux distro of your daily use dreams. No compiling required


    ZeroChaos is the current lead developer for Pentoo Linux and a developer for Gentoo Linux as well as a general free and open source software zealot. When not developing for Pentoo Linux he is developing for Gentoo Linux, and in his spare time from that he enjoys developing for Pentoo Linux.
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