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Pre-Reg is Closing this weekend (on Sunday 7/21)

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  • Pre-Reg is Closing this weekend (on Sunday 7/21)

    i am most likely going to close down the pre-reg for the DEFCON Shoot at the end of this weekend. sometime on Sunday July 21st, the PayPal inventory will be marked as exhausted and the registration page text will change.

    as always, we will allow cash-on-site for folk who show up at the Shoot... but you might not be guaranteed the coolest badge. Paper Badges are a DEFCON tradition when more participants than initially expected arrive.

    Right now we have around 50 official participants and this makes me happy. In the past when we had something like 100 people participating, space on the line was a little tight. I think this time out will work well... as long as those wild fires are under control.

    Expect pre-reg to cease this weekend. If you want to guarantee a nice badge (or if you are planning on registering as Military or as an Un-Free Subject) do it soon. On-site, all registration costs $20... no matter who someone is.
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