So the head of tech operations at my work decided to unload his tivo + busted power source on the first scavenger to reply - see: me.

Now here come the questions:
Harvest it for parts? Just replace the power source? Make something very UNtivo like out of it?

This could end up being a really cool project -or- a door stop. We'll see....

On another note - I booked my room at the Riviera today!
Last year I stayed off site at Econo lodge ( i think? ) which was literally just a walk across a big parking lot away from the Riviera.
1. cheap!!
2. really close to the Riv.
1. the only thing to do there is sleep (there is a pool too but I didn't test it) - no casino / bar / people to converse with
2. no matter how close the place is to the Riv you don't want to go back and fourth once you get to the con
3. it seems like it may be easier to meet people if you stay in the riv. I've read some conflicting opinions but I want to find out first hand. Everyone is different, right?