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    Will the data be up on the Internets after the show, or does all this torrent talk only apply to the local net at the show?

    Anyone in the DC area with all three data sets willing to let me copy them?


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      Great village this year!

      We had 4x11 (44 drives) duper towers and 8x5 (40) stations for 84 max drives atba time. Average dupe time was about 13 1/2 hours for a 6tb drive

      Looks like the WD green drives had the most compatibility problems with the towers but we're Ok with the stations.

      Any feedback is welcome to make next year better.

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        Just an fyi for anyone else who didn't get part of the data, on their site you can download portions that are missing:


        Condolences on your bandwidth usage. Once I've got my drive 3 hooked up I hope to determine which datasets would need to be downloaded to complete drive 2 and post here.


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          Tq for the info. I didn't get drive 2. Guess I'll be busting bandwidth to grab them at the link.

          Side note, anyone in Singapore wana do a dup party to complete 3 drives? Bring your own duplicator and drives.

          [QUOTE=digler;n222212]Just an fyi for anyone else who didn't get part of the data, on their site you can download portions that are missing:


          Condolences on your bandwidth usage. Once I've got my drive 3 hooked up I hope to determine which datasets would need to be downloaded to complete drive 2 and post here.[/QUOTE]


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            I'll start updating next week, and start a new thread here.

            The list of what is on Disk 2 vs. Disk 3 was near the top of this thread.
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              I've started to sync the archive of con videos (Disk #1) with, it should take a couple more days for it to get there.

              Once there I will be editing and curating / cleaning up and adding missing conferences. Any errors you see please let me know about, and I'll get them fixed.

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                Not sure if this is the right place or not, but I started going through disc 1 (videos) and notice a few things.

                1) ShmooCon 2006 was missing a few videos that can all be found here:
                - [url][/url]
                - Damin-Asterisk.mp4
                - Ike-Jail.mp4
                - Manzuk-Policy.mp4
                - Moniz-LANMAN.mp4
                - Noble-Outbound.mp4
                - Scott-ConCon.mp4
                - Wilbanks-Surveillance.mp4
                2) ShmooCon 2008, 2009 and 2010 have this weird "part" thing going on with the videos. I also believe there may be a few videos missing from those collections as well, but I haven't checked them all yet. The videos appear to be broken up into smaller chunks. I have found more concise versions of these videos here:
                - [url][/url]
                - [url][/url]
                - [url][/url]
                3) I noticed that BlackHat USA 2007 and 2010 are both missing the videos, but I can't help with that yet (sorry). If I find something I will pass it along. Not much help with this one, but thought I would throw it out there.

                Thank you for providing what you have. This is a wonderful wealth of information.

                If this is not the right place to post this, please let me know and I will be happy to re-locate. If there are better ways to get this information, let me know that too and I will be happy to adapt.



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                  It's still syncing, but once done I'll go and make sure Shmoocon is all good. thanks! This is exactly the kind of feedback I am looking for.
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                    ShmooCon 2008:
                    Had this weird "Part" thing going on, but most of those videos are complete that were present.
                    The videos that were completely missing are:
                    * Advanced Protocol Fuzzing - What We Learned when Bringing Layer2 Logic to SPIKE Land - Enno Rey and Daniel Mende.mp4
                    * Hacking the Samurai Spirit - Isaac Mathis.mp4
                    * Intercepting Mobile PhoneGSM Traffic - H1kari.mp4
                    * Legal Issues for Bot-net Researchers and Mitigators - Alexander Muentz.mp4
                    * PEAP Pwned Extensible Authentication Protocol - Josh Wright and Brad Antoniewicz.mp4
                    * They're Hacking Our Clients! Why are We Focusing Only on the Servers - Jay Beale.mp4
                    * Web Portals Gateway to Information or a Hole in our Perimeter Defenses - Deral Heiland.mp4
                    * When Lawyers Attack! Dealing with the New Rules of Electronic Discovery - John Benson, Esq.mp4
                    All ShmooCon 2008 videos were found here (including videos not broken up): [url][/url]

                    ShmooCon 2009:
                    The videos had the "Part" thing going on as well. I was not able to find full copies of some of the videos present in this archive (, but I did find quite a few more videos that are not currently present. Videos that can be added are:
                    * AllYourPackets-Rey.m4v
                    * Android-Miller.m4v
                    * Anti-Samy.m4v
                    * BinaryMapping-Sangster.m4v
                    * BlindSQL-Alanso.m4v
                    * Bluetooth-Ossman.m4v
                    * Botnets-Rey.m4v
                    * EDL-Paget.m4v
                    * Fail20-Hamiel.m4v
                    * FalseParadigms-DA.m4v
                    * Flash-Jagdale.m4v
                    * Genome-Adams.m4v
                    * GentlemansAgreement-Fasel.m4v
                    * IvoryTower-Clark.m4v
                    * JSunPack-Harstein.m4v
                    * Middler-Beale.m4v
                    * OffTheShelf-Waite.m4v
                    * OpenVulture-OToole.m4v
                    * Phishing-Palka.m4v
                    * RadioRecon.m4v
                    * RainbowTables-Weir.m4v
                    * RFID-Johanson.m4v
                    * ShmooBall-Pecse.m4v
                    * Stranger-Cowan.m4v
                    * USSearch-Pitchford.m4v
                    All ShmooCon 2009 videos were found here: [url][/url]

                    I have more information for ShmooCon 2010, 2011 and 2012 that I will write up later. I did find that 2013 and 2014 looked great.

                    Black Hat USA 2000 has Scott Blake's talk in there twice.
                    File 1: 2000_Black_Hat_V26-Scott_Blake_The_Pros_and_Cons_of_Hiring_Hackers.avi
                    File 2: 2000_Black_Hat_Vegas_V26-Scott_Blake_The_Pros_and_Cons_of_Hiring_Hackers.avi

                    Hope this helps.

                    If there is a better format to present this information, please let me know. I am going through Black Hat USA now, with the intention of doing the rest of the Black Hats afterwards.


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                      Black Hat USA 2009 has a few duplicate talks. Disc 6 and Disc 7 duplicate through


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                        Not sure if this is the place to post this or not but I downloaded the DEF CON Conference CD DVD torrent that has rar files for DEFCON conferences 15 - 23. All of them unpacked except for 20 original DVD, 22 updated CD, 23 original DVD. I guess those rar files are damaged or something. What can I do to get these files?
                        I would really be interested in torrents for all of the other conferences mentioned in all of the other posts above. Do you have them in torrent downloads yet, and if so where could I find them.


                        • The Dark Tangent
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                          [USER="35198"]Graywolf64[/USER], Thanks for pointing that out. I'll work on that collection tonight and fix it up.

                          UPDATE: I found the error with Original DC 20, I tested all the others and the archives test fine. I'm building an updated DC 23 one with newer speaker material, and I've extracted all the files from the .iso files and regenerated the archives. I'll hopefully post them tomorrow (Friday)
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                        TrustyCon 2014 (possibly the only one). I didn't see anything in the archive for this, but I did find the audio files for this conference here:

                        I was trying to find the videos, but only place I could find was on youtube. If I find anything more, I will pass it along.


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                          I'm in the process of switching servers around that will hold all the content on the back end, once the move is done you'll start seeing the rest of the collection show up on Once it is all there you'll start to see me fixing it up, removing dupes, and renaming mixed up files. I'll become more active publicly when that happens, and I'll start a different sub forum just for infocon related fixes.
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                            Look forward to seeing how turns out. I am digging through the HD from DefCon, and look forward to expanding what is already there. I don't want to be too overwhelming with additional data, so if you need me to tone it down, just let me know. I can hold off on posting additional information and links until after all the data is presented (or until you want it...your call).

                            There is a huge treasure trove of information already. I am just trying to fill in some of the gaps (as I find them).

                            Again...thank you for putting this all together.


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                              I just updated the torrent as well as with the newly repacked archive of past conference CD and DVDs including the most up to date collection for this year, DC 23.


                              Next up is another batch to infocon. I was slowed down by a drive that was dying slowly and causing all sorts of strange SAS bus errors.
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