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    Stood in line for an hour again this morn at Balleys only to be told by a goon "electronic badges are completely gone, only 20 thousand were available". So bummed


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      To my point e


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        For all complaining about not getting an electronic badge; please remember that when you pay your money; you are paying for access to the 4 days of DEFCON, NOT for a particular type of badge. For those who say they wanted a "real" badge; if you got into the Con with it, it was a REAL badge.

        As far as "making more badges", there is a cost benefit analysis going on here; logistically the more complex the badge. the fewer companies there are to manufacture and the longer it takes, not counting any other issues. You make an estimate starting now as to what the likely attendance is going to be and you start developing the badge and looking at who you can procure through. In the end, regardless of how well you plan, you still don't get enough to cover every single person, especially when the Con busts attendance records beyond what was previously projected.

        Next year is a non-electronic badge year - but it is the 25th Anniversary - so no telling what will happen


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          I generally agree with the sentiment, but the badges can be fun. I did manage to get an electronic badge this year, but it's <not flashed/improperly flashed/missing-broken component>. How about releasing Gerbers and a hex/elf/whatever-the-chip-likes binary? That should satisfy everyone. If we can't make it and flash it ourselves, maybe we shouldn't be playing with it anyway... :wink: Sure, the binary would give us a leg up, but I've already seen a couple copies of assembly running around anyway. Gerber or at least schematic would allow me to make sure I'm not missing a component or have a bad trace.

          Thank you and great work! You always outdo yourselves!