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Ohio to Las Vegas

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  • Ohio to Las Vegas

    Does anyone have a ride from Cleveland Ohio or there about to defcon? I would like to go but too expensive to me (I wanna meet the person who has the name "Fishboy") :D
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    I live in columbus - we could meet somewhere, lets try to get some more people from ohio together to go that way it will be less money - I'm poor.


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      I'm from Dayton, and have yet to hear anything on plans locally, so I'd be interested in hearing/participating in any serious plans. As long as the plans dont involve Greyhound, I'm fine with ground transportation.
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        im on the way!

        kentucky is on the way !


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          I'm also interested in ride sharing/caravan from Ohio to Vegas (I'm in Columbus). I've tried to contact the ECDC ( to try and hook up with them, but nobody seems to be home.

          Any interested parties, send me an e-mail at I'll be happy to coordinate (as much or as little as necessary).


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            Email with/for eastern caravan plans. We are heading right through Ohio. Also be sure to check out my current plans at . As I have said many times in the past however, making the trip (at least caravan style) will likely cost MORE than flying because of the distance we have to travel.. so think twice about it if your reasons are purely financial.
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              I had already found your site (, but there's really no way I can get away for two weeks. I'm looking more to leave Tues. or Wed. (29th or 30th).

              Your probably right about driving costing more than flying, but I'm in it for the down time and the fun--not the savings.


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                To my knowledge, ECDC folk in PA and CT are meeting up with me on the same/similar timeline... (a day later because of their distance from me) I'm basically using ALL my vtime to be able to make the drive. Depending on how it goes, it may or may not be the last time, be I'll just have to see if and how much I enjoy it ;)
                if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.