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A VPN Service that is safe to use

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    Very helpful post, I think if you are doing ethical browsing and downloading then every paid VPN is safe even you can use any cheap VPN like Nord to get this job done but if your information is very sensitive then I recommend to create personal VPN.


    • Dark Tangent
      Dark Tangent commented
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      I'd advise not creating a personal VPN. "Anonymity loves company" the saying goes. You need your traffic to be coming from the same IP as everyone else's. That way the attacker has to go to the VPN proved to try and determine the sources of all the traffic.

      If you create your own VPN then the attacker knows everything from the IP address is all related to the same person.

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    Might be you got a correct answer because the thread is too old, However I want let you know if you need solid assistance. Yes it is safe to use when you using some renowned VPN like Surf-shark which is I am also using since 2019 and extremely happy with it. Also recommend to all who need a safe VPN go to this resource and get it with reasonable price.


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      Looks like “no log” is mostly “full log”

      “Seven 'no log' VPN providers accused of leaking – yup, you guessed it – 1.2TB of user logs onto the internet
      Maybe it was the old Lionel Hutz play: 'No-logging VPN? I meant, No! Logging VPN!'”
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