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DC 27 : DEF CON HDA : Hackers with Disabilities

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  • DC 27 : DEF CON HDA : Hackers with Disabilities

    Blessed by The Dark Tangent, handed down to me , with a mission to help change the word .... DEF CON HDA : Hackers with Disabilities

    Traditionally HDA stood for head disk assembly. This made up the mechanical components of a disk drive such as the actuators, access arms, read/write heads and platters. Today in our community we have hackers with physical disabilities all around us. Every year we see hackers around us who rise every day to meet physical challenges of daily life before the challenges that technology places before us. These members of our community come to DEF CON not only to show their skills to the world, but to show how they can take hacking to the next level augmenting their assistive devices and bringing a unique skill to be shared globally.

    The goal of the HDA is to provide pre-con information, at con assistance , and to act as advocates to each other to make the DEFCON experience as excellent as we possibly can. In the coming weeks we will be releasing maps and information on how to get around DEF CON and the hotels that (try to) contain it, points of contact for each DEFCON hotel for people with concerns or needs during their stay, and to provide help should it be needed during DEF CON. The HDA team will be on the lookout to make sure that all DEFCON activities are as accessible as possible, and to make an effort to recognize and to help resolve issues that arise for DEF CON attendees with ADA needs.

    Heading this effort will be A.P. Delchi ( cDc Ninja Strike Force, 303 , The Dorsai Embassy ) a 20 year veteran of attending and working with DEFCON and arrives on wheels due to spinal stenosis. Delchi will be working behind the scenes and on site during DEF CON and will be communicating with the community at large through the DEFCON forums.


    It has been said that there are concerns in the community about the accessability of DEF CON. This is where to bring those concerns. If you have questions, if you want to know how to take advantage of services available to you but you don't know how ... THIS is the place to ask. We will do our level best to ensure that you get answers and to help make your DEF CON experience the best it can be.


    - Maps of the DEF CON areas with routes between spaces and hotels that are accessable.
    - Information on renting accessability devices from the hotels and locally in Vegas
    - Information on accessable rooms in all DEF CON hotels
    - Open Q/A
    - Possibly a gathering / meetup for us if there is interest.
    - An all inclusive, all welcoming, safe and open space to talk about the challenges we face every day and to exchange ideas and as all hackers strive to do - improvice , adapt and overcome

    This space will be updated as things develop.

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    This is great to hear. I look forward to meeting my fellow HDA hackers.
    I'm happy to help provide input.



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      I'm not yet on wheels but I have severe spinal stenosis at every level. I'd love to help, help arrange meetup, volunteer to help other HDA folks, write clear stuff to guide others.

      I'd also like to go to an HDA meetup.


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        Very excited to hear about this & would love to lend a hand if possible.


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          I'm also not yet on wheels, but it's just a matter of time until I am (spinal stenosis, myotonia congenita, and more). I'd love to help in any way I can, and I'm looking forward to meeting some of you. :)


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            Hey all! Glad to see the first few folks coming in here. I've been working on getting us a meetup site and possibly more. Also the hotel info shoudl be in late this week. Thanks for joining in and please spread the word!