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Workshop Reg OPENS July 8 15:00 PST

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    Hi All,
    Wasn't successful with registration. I'm looking for entry into Exploit Development for Beginners.

    Things I have for trade:
    • Time
    • Money
    • Food
    • Booze
    • You can sit up on stage with me on Saturday while I run a contest.
    • Maybe something else you want that I haven't thought of?


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      Was really hoping to get a pass for the bluetooth ctf workshop and / or the medical device workshop.... I don't have any tickets to offer in exchange but I will totally buy you a case of beer / bottle of something, a meal, or just give you a big (if consenting) hug and thank you.


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        If anyone has a spare Advance Fuzzing or Purple CTF I appreciate it. I'm in school so I dont have much to offer other than knowledge.


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          ==== Have the following to Trade ====

          Hacking Wi-Fi for Beginners

          ==== Looking for any of the following ====

          Red Teaming Techniques for Electronic Physical Security Systems
          An Introduction to Deploying Red Team Infrastructure
          Advanced Wireless Attacks Against Enterprise Networks


          • Ap0stl3
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            Yes, still have the Wi-Fi for Beginners and still looking for one of those 3.

          • Ap0stl3
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            I still have the "Hacking Wi-Fi for Beginners" ticket available and looking for one of the above.

          • Ap0stl3
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            I miss-labeled the workshop I have, it doesn't have "for Beginners" in its name. The seat that I have to trade is "Hacking Wifi" at 2:30pm Thursday.

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          I am looking for a ticket to the Hacking Wi-Fi for Beginners workshop! If anyone is giving one away or is not using the ticket let me know <3


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            I am looking to trade Advanced Wireless Exploitation for Red Team and Blue Team on 8 Aug at 1430 for something that is running on Saturday such as Pentesting ICS 102 or scapy.


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              All, I missed some of the workshops I wanted too. But i notice some people hunting for the Kubernetes workshop. The Packet Hacking village is having a few workshops. One of them is "Hacking Kubernetes-choose your own adventure style"

              This may scratch the itch for some of you. Good Luck!


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                Looking for Hands-on Adversarial Machine Learning

                I have a spare BsidesLV ticket or some beer - name your price


                • crash_override
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                  I would like BsidesLV ticket. I can trade Advanced Wireless Attacks Against Enterprise Networks tickets + something else you want?

                • deleite
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                  I have an adversarial machine learning. I would love to have one for BsidesLV
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                I'm also looking for a ticket to Exploit Development for Beginners.

                I have no tickets for trade, but I do have an expense account that will supply copious drinks, meals, or other items.


                • number6
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                  Information: This user's username was previously "v0rt3x" but user requested username change to "vex8n" to avoid confusion os name with other forum members with usernames similar to vortex and its variations.
                  Carry on.

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                I have a tickets for the following workshops.
                • Constructing Kerberos Attacks with Delegation Primitives - Red Rock VII (x1)
                • Introduction to Sandbox Evansion and AMSI Bypasses - Red Rock IV (x2)
                Send me your trade offers if you are interested in either or both of these workshops.


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                  I have ticket for

                  Introduction to Sandbox Evansion and AMSI Bypasses

                  Looking for trade with the following:
                  • Purple Team CTF
                  • Advanced Custom Network Protocol Fuzzing
                  • Advanced Wireless Attacks Against Enterprise Networks


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                    Have a spare ticket for
                    • Advanced Wireless Attacks Against Enterprise Networks.
                    Looking for
                    • Pwning Serverless Apps OR
                    • Kubernetes/Docker


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                      Hi all,

                      I was after Defending environments and hunting malware with is query. It went from unavailable to sold out.

                      No workshop to trade but will pay for a serious hangovers worth of beer!



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                        I have Analysis 101
                        Willing to trade for the Intro to Ghidra


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                          I have Finding Vulnerabilites at Ecosystem-Scale - Red Rock IV. Friday Aug 9. Just made other plans with friends on Friday, so I'm looking for anything that isn't on Friday.


                          • jinxcon
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                            Hey, I don't have any workshop tickets, but I'm willing get dinner, beer, whatever.

                          • Aleehpandita
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                            ‪I have Writing backdoor payloads with C# : 1 ticket ‬