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Defcon Cork (DC35321) AKA CorkSec

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  • Defcon Cork (DC35321) AKA CorkSec

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DC35321 Cork, Ireland

About this Group

Location: Cork, Ireland

Point of Contact: Bob McArdle

POC Email:


DC35321 Meets: every month at a local bar (An Spailpin Fanach ), normally on the night of the 2nd Tuesday of the month. There is always 1-2 tech talks, and lots of banter over beers with like minded folks. We do some special nights like an annual hacking pub quiz.
Description: The group was organized originally by a security researcher, Bob McArdle and later was joined by two others Jack Baylor and Maurice Cronin. Since June 2013 we've managed to keep it running every month without fail. The format was actually inspired by DC4420 talks in London - so we have 1-2 talks on hacking or attacking emerging tech each month, and social chat around drinks. We normally get about 60-70 people.

For various reasons the group also started to be known as CorkSec - and that name tended to stick more so than the original DC021353 - so we refer to it as CorkSec but consider it a DEF C
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