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Defcon 28 Contest - Multi User Dungeon CTF

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  • Defcon 28 Contest - Multi User Dungeon CTF

    This is not an official DEFCON Contest but it has been submitted for review.

    I will be personally running a contest, I built a MUD, a Multi User Dungeon for a different con, I have modified it, fixed up the bugs and am now releasing it for DEFCON 28. Right now the MUD is in practice mode and the contest will start officially July 1st. The mud can be found by connecting to on port 4000, you may want a mud client.

    Official contest rules can be found here:
    • winner of the contest must demonstrate control over the character account in Las Vegas by logging into the game
    • all judgements by evilmog are final, no appeals
    • winner will be the player with the most points on the ctf board as of Sunday Morning at 0900 of Defcon 28
    • in the event of a tie, some sort of tie breaker will be created
    • if the winner is unavailable or evilmog gets impatient and other players of the MUD ctf are present in Las Vegas, the human badge will be awarded to the highest ranked player present
    • pickup of the badge will be on badge day of Defcon 29, the inhuman registration line is apparently short, location to be determined and will be oddly arbitrary
    • hints and rules will be announced on twitter
    • all player files will be wiped July 1st 2020
    • ctf board points will be wiped July 1st, 2020
    • easy mode will be disabled July 1st, 2020
    • Wizards and Admins of the evilmog mud or those who have seen its source code through legit game administration may not compete but can still play, in the event no winners are around to pickup the badge I may waive this rule
    • Points may be awarded for reported bugs
    • MUD Documentation page will have all maps and hints removed July 1st
    TL;DR - I made a MUD, it has challenges, it is hackable, there are blatent game mechanics to abuse, feel free to use them, get the most points and have EvilMog personally hand you a DEFCON 29 Human Badge.

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    Sounds really cool
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      Also if you would like to add areas, the game is coded in LPC, specifically on a modified gurbalib with DGD as a driver.

      I have python tooling for area creation and will provide via private github, reach out to @evil_mog on twitter. If enough people are interested I will also do a community submitted areas contest and publish our tooling to generate LPC with python.

      I can setup a test mud with production areas removed so you can test your code.

      DEFCON Code of Conduct Applies.


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        The defcon area template is and it should be enough to get you going, I included the complete room generator for woodland, as well as the tooling to make sci-fi. If you need a room to be "special" let me know.

        I'll likely do an area creation contest because I love seeing what you folks can come up with.

        I have also fixed a few bugs and will be at it all weekend. Remember the game is in easy / testing mode right now, during the contest things will get much tougher.


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          I was just thinking, Discord has "web hooks" integration capability. I'm not sure of the specifics but it made me wonder if we could essentially hook into the MUD somehow?
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            You absolutely could hook into the MUD Server :) So we would have to code custom integration, right now there's just a telnet client, however you could write a webserver in LPC, also there is a protocol called intermud which we connect into so if its purely for communication we could write an intermud to discord bridge.

            Right now everything is written in LPC so its extremely extendable. Also I am working on "service account" functionality for arbitrary things to connect to the game and execute change functions, so depending on what you want to do we could hack it together.

            We could spend some additional time working on that and make the contest run only during defcon, or a few weeks around defcon. Let me know what you are thinking, I'll pop on discord and we could figure some things out.

            Also if any goon, or anybody with a badge already for Defcon 29 wants to help run the game, I'm open for collaboration :)


            • Michels
              Michels commented
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              Is this MUD idea similar to Nethack or Rogue? I'm quite a novice and thoroughly confused (about the differences.)

              There are some folks creating a intervillage badge together with a network backend, and the eventual plan is to navigate a maze of virtual villages with a Nethack theme and badge in hand for trade and authentication. This is different from the CTF based idea described here but also similar in ways, no?

              All the things in this thread likely benefit if collaboration is possible, assuming folks and efforts can be synchronised?

            • evilmog
              evilmog commented
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              This is different but similar. This MUD is similar to Nethack but not quite. This MUD isn't based in DEFCON so no virtual villages, its all on one server. We are running on a server called DGD.

              The point of this one is to navigate the nethack like environment while also understanding that your terminal will be working both for and against you and you need to figure out how to cope with it while collecting flags.

              I am open to putting virtual villages in the game and this goes back to an old old mudding tradition that a lot of hackers from the 80's and 90's share.

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            Ok So discord integration will not be a problem, right now the game does not support GMCP but it could be hacked onto DGD if anybody wants to give me a hand.


            the other option is via LUA and the mudclient mudlet which also won't be hard


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              Update this is an official contest now