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DC1197611 Ulaanbataar, Mongolia

About this Group

Point of Contact: Ganbagana Zolzaya
POC Email:

Summary and Leadership Structure
I organized “Mazala CTF Team” which started in 2018. It was formed by several local cybersecurity students and professionals who are worked in cyber security. Mazala CTF Team is working on making the youth of Mongolian skilled in the area of cybersecurity. We’re 79 members in Slack Groups. Our group organized CTF competition named ‘Haruulzangi CTF’. Please see attached image.

We attended DEFCON CHINA beta and 1. Please see attached images.

We meet at the laborites of Mongolian University of Science and Technology every month. where everybody takes turn giving a talk on what their interest are.

Interests:Analysis of cyber-attacks targeting to Mongolian banking sector. We collected evidence and log related cyber-attacks from Mongolian banks. Then we sent report of analysis to bank which given logs.

Cool Things about Us: We play Dota 2, Counterstrike when we’re in free time.
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