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  • Next book?

    Would anyone like to take point leading the group on the next book? Should we start a thread on books to choose? What's next?
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    If we're looking to step out of our comfort zone here, we can grab one of the classics and roll through that. Or, we can pop in suggestions and let you pick.

    If so, I recommend:
    Classic: Alexandre Dumas - The Three Musketeers
    Sci-fi: Dome City Blues (<--- written by a netsec guy, but is not about netsec)


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      I agree that we should start a thread of books to choose. Seems like a good, organized way to choose a book. As for choosing someone to lead the next book, I'm not too sure. We should probably choose who's gonna lead before we choose a book. Maybe It should be a system where we leave it up to a majority vote, or you could just choose someone yourself, so-on and so-forth.

      As for a book I'd have to recommend, the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy is one of my all time favorites. I hope this helps!


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        Itwould be great if someone could take charge and run the next book selection and direct conversation. It really needs a champion to grow.
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          Just a few ideas if we're continuing with the theme.

          Freedom (TM) is the next book in the two-part series for Daemon.
          Bandwidth - Eliot Peper
          The Cryptonomicon - Neal Stephenson


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            IMO Freedom is a LOT more palatable than Daemon (a grotesque scene, but no sexual violence). And (not to give any spoilers) where daemon tore down society Freedom builds it back up.


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              I liked some of the book suggestions from the last thread too... Seen here:
              and the voting here:

              The Alchemist looked cool, and I still favor my suggestions.

              I agree the club needs a champion, I was not a very great leader here it's outside my comfort zone and with everything going on, it was really hard for me personally to get enough silence and time alone to read. I'd love someone that knows what to do to offer themselves up for it and get the groups democratic approval on it.
              "Haters, gonna hate"


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                The Alchemist should definitely go in for a vote again. I haven’t read it yet but the reviews are all great.

                I’ve mostly just been an observer on the forums until now but I’m not new to book clubs and I would be happy to take this on or help out! Just let me know. Otherwise I’ll be glad to jump on board and read along.


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                  I agree on The Alchemist


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                    I've never read the Alchemist before, but it seems pretty cool! I could try to lead if we still haven't chosen someone to champion the book yet. I'll admit though, this will be my first time doing this.


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                      OK, let's see what you've got 3LVI5 !

                      You see how we set a timeline, collected suggestions, created a poll, and selected a book. You can do that all too if you want.

                      When you create deadlines please create a post that is a calendar entry so it populates on our Con Calendar. The way to do this is start a new thread about the new book, and in that first post in the new thread click in the upper left corner of the compose window the calendar icon and then pick the date, etc.

                      Good luck, looking forward to what people select. Maybe given the current situation "Little Brother" or the sequel?
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