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Welcome everyone, casual to serious...

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  • Welcome everyone, casual to serious...

    Hopefully there are some old goodies (traditions!) as well as new fun to be had. The puzzles are all connected and related. Some are designed to be easy/casual, others will take a bit more mental determination....

    Looking forward to a good Defcon, even if it is in safe mode!

    Hints will follow, some for now, some for later....

    So get ready for some old traditions, and some new progress, together.....

    Strap yourselves in...

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    Well played.......... 👨‍💻🤦‍♂️


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      For those that do not have access to their badge yet or may not receive them in time because they are international Dark Tangent has posted a link to the digital files and graphics here in this forum post.

      There was a HackADay post reminding players to get your files from a "trusted" source.

      It may just a bit of gamesmanship but they were suggesting the files may or may not be authentic.

      Have not had a chance to compare the audio files and will not have time to really play till this weekend.

      1057 posted some pre-puzzle stuff on another thread and his Blog on this site also.

      Have fun and welcome to the pre-conference.

      Really curious to see how this years social distancing con works out. No line con for once!

      Thanks in advance to all the DefCon team and village groups for all the hard work they are putting to pull off the Hacker vacation week!

      Game On!


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        On the topic of tradition. How do you count the angles of a line?


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          Thanks for putting these puzzles out for us, learned quite a few cool fun things on this one.


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            Does anyone have a link to a re-upload of the second video?


            • m0n7y
              m0n7y commented
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              I couldn't find a good alternate video of it, but it was the Flash Gordon "In the Space Capsule" scene.
              "For God's sake, strap yourselves down!"

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            This was a fun challenge. Made DEF CON a real DEF CON for me. Had a chance to work with all the members of our team and collectively solve this puzzle. Everyone had their own perspective and solved different parts, found different correlations, and worked together to solve this.
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