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I have been applied for new defcon group,

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  • I have been applied for new defcon group,

    I have been applied for new defcon group and i got a thanking mail and they said they will get back with more information. I am still waiting for more than 2 weeks. Is my defcon group verfied and approved.
    if not may i know that when will it get verified.

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    I am still waiting to get my dc group active. Please someone respond. I also send a private message to sleestak but still no response.may i know when will be our dc group active.


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      Hey you can always email the address you used when applying and ask for an update.

      What DCG are you wanting on and I’ll poke ‘em.
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        i had alredy send a mail, asking updates on same mail address which i hve used for filling template for my international dc group but i didnt get any updates.
        Group Name Requested : DC 0484
        So kindly do the needful.



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          OK checking now.
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            Respected sir,
            i got a mail on November 25 to confirm the name change of our new DEF CON group as DCG910484 to fit the DEF CON groups naming convention, right away i confirmed the name and replied back asking the updates, but till now i didnt get any updates.

            ​​​​so kindly look into this matter and please help me...


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              As far as I know once you confirmed the name change it is being added to the website and forums groups section. All is good, hang in there.
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