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  • Super Unofficial Defcon Shoot

    Where: 12801 US 95 South Boulder City, NV 89005 (same complex as 2 years ago, different range)
    When: Wednesday August 4th 2021
    On ranges 5 and 6 which are located at 35°57'34.8"N 114°55'20.8"W
    Time 11-5pm

    Q: What makes this “super” unofficial?
    A: Past “unofficial defcon shoots” had many amenities like water, eyes, ears, tables, canopies, etc. This year has none of that, you get to stand on dirt under the desert sun and shoot your own guns/ammo. If you need ANYTHING, you have to bring it or buy it from Pro Gun (like a cooler of water, sunscreen, tables, etc).

    Q: How much does it cost to show up?
    A: Nothing, but only the range rental is covered. If you want to shoot someone else’s gun you should probably bring factory ammo or have money to buy their ammo and rent their gun. What that costs is up to each individual gun owner, or maybe they won’t rent at all, it is up to them. Ammo is particularly expensive right now, and most people fly their guns out which is not easy.

    Q: I've never shot a gun before, can I come?
    A: Yep. People are generally welcoming to new shooters, just make it clear that you need instruction when asking about renting from anyone.

    Q: Can I rent machine guns from Pro Gun directly?
    A: Probably, I suspect they’ll have a better selection but they might be more expensive.

    Q: What amenities are on site?
    A: Pro Gun has a clubhouse a few hundred feet away that has bathrooms, and they sell water/Gatorade/soda, light snacks, common ammo, and probably eyes and ears (but you should bring your own).

    Q: What guns can I shoot?
    A: Anything up to 50 BMG, including full auto.

    Q: What targets can I shoot?
    A: We can bring our own steel, or if you have target stands for paper targets. No trash/furniture/appliances.

    Q: How do I get there?
    A: Drive or take a cab/lyft/uber. It is 35 minutes away from the Paris Casino, so it isn't that bad. Reach out to others on slack or reply to carpool.

    Q: How do I sign up?
    A: Send me a PM here, or on slack or twitter so I have an estimate of how many people are showing up. The two ranges we have fit around 30 people. If we get more than that we can cycle the shooters. Also the range next to us (range 4) is currently open if you want to rent that out yourself (for $200 from Pro Gun).

    Q: What do I do when I show up?
    A: Go into the club house, tell them you’re part of the “defcon group” and sign their waiver.

    There isn't a sub-forum for the shoot this year, so unless you are on slack you should probably reply to this thread for all discussion related to this event.

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    Best of luck!
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      If folks who have not handled a firearm would like to learn, I will be bringing several handguns for folks to try, and I will be happy to do the newbie class that I've done the last few years.


      • number6
        number6 commented
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        It would probably be a good idea to let people know if they should provide their own ammo, or if you will sell it to them. Some people have done this and covered the costs for ammo for training, but there have been people who took advantage of this without considering the costs involved. This left the person donating their time and money to feel like their offering wasn't at all appreciated. If you plan to cover costs, don't get burned out on giving too much to people that make assumptions about how it is funded. Thanks for offering to help train people and offer access to firearms at the DC Shoot.

      • SteveW
        SteveW commented
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        I'll bring ammo for all of the guns I bring, folks are welcome to shoot all of them. I do not charge for the ammo (really, I just like to introduce people to shooting), but donations are happily accepted.

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      I'm planning on being there as well, and have a small amount of experience (I've been shooting with my family a couple times but don't own a firearm) but would be super happy to learn whatever I can while I'm there. I was going to pick up some ammo to bring with me, any recommendations on what type/calibers and how much to bring along for maximum fun?


      • alqemy
        alqemy commented
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        9mm for pistols, .223/5.56 for rifles, and 12 gauge for shotguns are the most common ones.

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      I will try and make it and bring a few. If others want to shoot mine they will need to supply their own ammo. 9mm, 45cal, .223, 7.65 Argentine, .22cal.
      Unfortunately I do not have the rifle in my profile picture.


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        Is there anyone coming out from near the airport that could grab me around 1230-1? Got some pew machines to make go pew 😄