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    ok. what I'm hearing is that y'all made a decision, didn't communicate to your registrants effectively, and have no plan for what happens when some of your registrants inevitably show up sans the form of vaccination proof you find acceptable.

    if you haven't already - y'all probably should -- RIGHT NOW -- email your registrants and let them know what's up. A lot of people haven't arrived yet and you can save yourselves and you're attendees a lot of trouble by doing so.

    I'll try to sort this out with another conference admin. Ty for your help and have a rad rest of your day!


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      Umm for those confused about how the cdc is keeping track of vaccinated citizens: ... I mean, you have an ID# along with Name, D.O.B, and vaccination time and places.
      I work in the healthcare vertical and we all think this is dumb as f### and could be handled in a much less aggressive manner. Either way, I was able to sort me end out. I still don't see any good justification. Or at least let us know who this third party is so we can contact them instead. What happened to transparency?


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        I'm SO GLAD that I found out about having the original vax card AFTER I drove 500 miles and spent $700 on a hotel room. I just CAN'T WAIT to participate from my hotel room.