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DEF CON 30 COVID-19 Policy (so far)

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  • Announcement! DEF CON 30 COVID-19 Policy (so far)

    DEF CON 30 is getting closer, and that means we’re starting to get questions about Covid-19 protocols for the in-person event. Here’s the current state of play.

    Some things have changed since DC29. The US has largely stopped checking vaccine status for entry to indoor events, owing at least partly to the knowledge that the vaccines serve more to prevent severe disease than to curtail transmission. COVID-19 testing is now mostly done privately with widely available at-home kits.

    But most things haven’t changed. There are still new variants on the move. There are still spikes in transmission and hospitalization. Masks are still the most effective way to protect people in indoor events.

    Barring a major change in the situation, we will not check proof of vaccination, but we will keep last year's mask requirement in place for DEF CON 30. Protecting the community is our first priority, and we want to make sure that everyone is as safe as we can make them. Everyone includes the healthy, the vulnerable and those who have immune compromised loved ones they need to protect.

    Thank you for all you did to protect each other last year, and with your help we’ll do it again this year.

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    If the goal is "we want to make sure that everyone is as safe as we can make them" then requiring vaccines like DC29 should happen. The first paragraph from a CDC report late October 2021 (a month after DC29):

    Today, CDC published new science reinforcing that vaccination is the best protection against COVID-19. In a new MMWR examining more than 7,000 people across 9 states who were hospitalized with COVID-like illness, CDC found that those who were unvaccinated and had a recent infection were 5 times more likely to have COVID-19 than those who were recently fully vaccinated and did not have a prior infection.

    If someone is more likely to catch COVID-19, they are more likely to be an additional transmission vector. With all the anecdotes coming out of RSAC DC30 should aim to mirror DC29 policy as staff and Goons have proven it works. Not apples to apples I know given RSAC didn't require masks, but again given the CDC data and DC's safety goals for DC30, requiring vaccinations is reasonable and feasible.


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      Follow up post on reporting coming of RSAC suggesting defense-in-depth of vaccines+masks for DC30 is good for making "sure that everyone is as safe as we can make them":

      For what it's worth, the organizers of May's KubeCon Europe, which required proof of vaccination and masks, said they were aware of 121 reported infections, or about two percent of the in-person audience.


      "All of these stories of people catching COVID at conferences, especially RSA, make me considerably less interested in coming to Las Vegas for DEF CON," EFF Cybersecurity Director Eva Galperin said.