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The 414s Monthly Meet

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  • The 414s Monthly Meet

    See for address, and details on how to find us.
    August 5, 2022 17:00
    August 5, 2022 22:00
    Milwaukee, WI

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    I've edited your event to have "Event Highlight ID" for DCG Meeting so it should be exported to the main website under "Upcoming dates" within 10 minutes of the edit. No content or details or links have been changes by me. Good luck! We don't allow regular users to set these export values because spammer and trolls would love us to export their events.


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      Thanks! Is there anything in the future I can perform? We are on a monthly cadence (first friday of each month) -- just looking to streamline where I am able.


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        At some point, we may resurrect the concept of "leaders/organizers" for DCG, Contests, Events, Villages, etc. who would be able to set the "Highlight ID" but that decision has not been made yet. I like the autonomy of delegating that control to organizers to manage that stuff themselves. I'm waiting to see if that is approved again.

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      Since I have your response, how can I change the "DC414 Meets: --" to reflect we are active? I've been emailing and trying to get in contact for some time now.


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        I do not manage DCG: the DCG coordinator that deals with the status of each DCG makes those changes, or directs me to make changes to forums. Changes to the main website are controlled by someone else.

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      OK thanks. I will keep trying along with the rest of us to get the appropriate attention so we can get this resolved.


      DC414 Franklin, Wisconsin USA

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