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State of DC514 - 2022

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  • State of DC514 - 2022

    Hello everyone,

    I am updating the forums to reflect our activities.

    We are currently meeting every 2 weeks and are currently focused on breaking down technologies powering Bitcoin and revisit what makes proof of work so interesting as a decentralized system along with its potential attack vectors. We will progress from there to go up to layer 2 solutions being implemented.

    Everyone is welcome to join and bring about their subjects of interest.

    The aim of the group is currently to build a community located (or not ) in Montreal or anywhere in Quebec actually! Our meetings are currently virtual but we are organizing a post-defcon 30 meeting to get more people who are interested.

    If you are looking to contribute or join the group, please find the email attached to the group and ping me for more information.

    We have access to a lot of gear, datacenter infrastructure and computational ressources, so feel free to join and propose something you'd like to learn, experiement on or present about.

DC514 Montreal, Canada

About this Group

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Ontario, Canada

Point of Contact: B34v3r

POC Email:


DC514 Meets: at alternating locations in Montreal. They are decided 2 weeks before the meeting and proposed at the end of each meeting.

Description: DCG514 will be created in September of 2019, hosting its first event on Saturday September 28 2019. The group was formed initially by a local cyber security enthusiast. B34v3r runs the meetings and keeps the website updated.

Interests: We have an interest in GPU hardware and computing efficiency on different cryptographic algorithms. We also have access to pentester and lockpicking gear.
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