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Driving to DEFCON: How far is too far? (in Miles)

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  • Driving to DEFCON: How far is too far? (in Miles)

    I was wondering how far people were willing to travel to go to defcon.

    Where would you flip the switch and make airline reservations? Some people won't be flying because of the gear they are hauling.

    Where would you draw the fine line between Road trip enthusiasm and masochism.

    Prizes, Bragging Rights, and/or Electroshock therapy coupons go to the road trip with the greatest mileage.
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    3 days drive max
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      4 days / 60 hours / not theoretical / partially insane
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        I dunno..I drove straight from Seattle to Boise to Vegas last year and it was fucking miserable. Had I done it over two days, it would have been a lot better. Personaly when you can get dirt cheap airfare to Vegas, it makes sense to fly. Unless you're bringing a ton of stuff (especialy if you do the shoot). Then being in close proximity to Uncle Ira has its advantages. Overall, I would recommend flying unless you live in Southern California. Seems when you take in how long it takes to get to the airport, get through security, get on the plane, fly, get off the plane, get your baggage, get a cab, and arrive at the AP, you could have just driven in the same ammount of time from LA.

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          We're driving from TX, only because our gas and vehicle are free, and we're too poor to afford 2 plane tickets. Otherwise, there's no way I'd go through all this to get there. The east coast people driving... well... I think they're nuts, heh. The drive out isn't nearly as bad as the drive BACK.
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            Last year I drove about 1700 miles from Central Alberta, straight down I-15. There's a caravan of us doing it again this year.

            Yes, it's a rather miserable trip (it's a 24 hour trip, ), but flying over the border means it's going to be a fairly expensive flight. LAst time I looked, it was about $600 to get to vegas from home.

            Adding up the costs of gas, food, couple oil changes spilt among a couple people in a car works out cheaper than the same group flying. It also makes more sense when you take into account the extra cargo you can take and return with (A couple sun boxes came home last year that would have never gotten on a plane), as well as the convenience of having a vehicle and the cost savings of not having to rent a car or cab everywhere.

            Again, it's up to you. Just make sure that if your going with friends, that your friendship will survive being trapped in a car for a day together. Just make sure you leave on the monday. Leaving after a full days convention on sunday makes for a really miserable trip.
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              ehh i drove for dc9, took the bus last year, and am driving again this year, we like driving because it is kinda fun roadtripish, and we are all too poor for the plane


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                :) I am to lazy I am getting plane tickets for Arizona to defcon.


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                  are you even old enough to drive?
                  if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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                    I don't know about everyone else.. I drove from Utah for 6 and 7.. and I didn't think it was all that bad.... this year I am thinking about walking
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                      For me it is more gear related as to how far I'd drive. I always fly unless the lbs of gear would be either unwieldly in the airport, this year it'll be a 8-12 hour drive not bad at all.


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                        Originally posted by converge
                        are you even old enough to drive?
                        DOH! Actually yes I am old enough but I don't have enough time to drive.


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                          Originally posted by Siviak
                          I don't know about everyone else.. I drove from Utah for 6 and 7.. and I didn't think it was all that bad.... this year I am thinking about walking
                          Let's make bet about how many Sun you can bring back home while walking :)

                          Personally i'll just bet a 3 beer that you can't get back home at walk with a Sun 21" monitor*(CRT!! No LCD pannel! ) :D I might give you the 3 beer even if you fail(as long as you do a honest try)

                          *Monitor not included
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                            Insane? No, Adventure.

                            A few of us drove from Maine for DCX. Nearly 3000 miles, over three nonstop days in a 1988 Postal Van I bought off Ebay. Insane? Hell no, it was fun, less the sweltering heat driving through the desert that made the aluminum floor too hot to touch. But experiences like the State Troopers at the Hoover Dam (came back via 40 in the south to avoid the mountains on 76 in Colorado) asking if we shot pornos in the back just make the memory a riot.


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                              There is no such thing as too far. Though, I will echo octalpussy's sentiments that the drive back is the killer.

                              Driving from Philadelphia - Insane - Perhaps.