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Chris' Annual Lessons Learned and Thank You list

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  • Chris' Annual Lessons Learned and Thank You list

    It's time again for my annual lessons learned/thank you list.

    This was one of the best DefCon's yet! Despite some initial issues with the Fire Marshall (I believe those two words will become synonymous with DC 11). So anyway, learned some lessons this year and wanted to specifically thank some folks. I'll start with the lessons learned.

    1. Some people take contests very, very seriously (ahem dataworm ;) ).
    2. In the future I won't let the "if it isn't specifically forbidden" clause get invoked.
    3. Smoking nearly 3 packs a day for 7 straight days will totally destroy your throat.

    On to the thank you's.

    First and foremost, I would like to thank DT and Black Beetle. The work you two put into the con/website is astounding. Black Beetle specifically bent over backwards to ensure that the swag for the WD contest was what we wanted and was in my grubby little hands in time. Thank you.

    Russ and Grifter, thanks for all the help in the Vendor area (among other things). When I was running around trying to coordinate 3 things at once, at least one of you was there to pick up the slack for me.

    Noid, Shatter, and all the security Goons(tm). Thanks for keeping the place from getting shut down and for keeping us from killing ourselves and each other. Managing one drunk is hard enough. Managing 5000 is nearly impossible. You guys rock.

    Ghent, Lock, Videoman and Heather, thanks for busting your ass to make sure our server was ready to go and that all the connectivity was in place. Especially thanks for not smacking me
    upside the head when I was getting antsy about it. Your work on the network there never gets enough appreciation, but it is always outstanding.

    Blackwave, converge, Ed, FreCKles--Without your help the WD contest woulda been shit. Thanks for putting the time and effort into it that gave it a chance to succeed. Good luck next year on it.

    High Wizard, thanks for the "item" you gave me. It was greatly appreciated and won't be forgotten...heh...let em ponder that for a while.

    Medic, AlxRogan, TiggrJenn, thanks again for ferrying me around, never forgetting to call and ask if I wanted to join you in what you were doing, or coming up with a way to make sure that our schedules didn't conflict. You guys rule.

    Freaky, Kelvin, BW (again), and all the IVU folks, thanks for the great display in the vendor area and for being patient with me while we got the display problems worked out. You coulda been total dicks about it, instead you waited until we had a chance to get a resolution before flipping out. Thanks., you guys came through for me again, in the Vendor area (DoC "services" haha gotta love it), for my presentation (DoC swag is a constant favorite) and at the Moloch party.

    Ed, thanks for "the message". You know what I mean and it was appreciated.

    Bobzilla, Arkasha, and all at WiGLE. Your support of the WD contest was outstanding. Can't believe I left you off of this initially. Please accept my apologies as well as my gratitude.

    All the non-asshat people that showed up, put up, and got fucked up. I say it every year, and I mean it every year. You are DefCon. Without you there would be no con.
    We work hard not to forget that so that you can go home with an experience that you won't soon forget.

    If I forgot you I am sorry, I will probably remember later and edit this.

    Please feel free to post your own thank you's shout outs and kudos in this thread. Don't post your gripes in this one. There are enough of those out there already and this isn't the place.

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    Thank you to Priest, Chris and Grifter for your patience with me. Priest is an incredible arbitrator. He should be at the UN. Chris, you seemed a lot calmer this year. Grifter, you are starting to think like me. That may scare 5,000 other folks, but not here!


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        Thank you's:

        Where do I start?

        Blackwave: It was awesome meeting you, you are fucking hilarious and a very nice guy. Thank you for your help with finding people that I needed to get in touch with, thank you for helping me find my belonging at the forums meet. Thanks for helping me out with everything in general, you are fuckin awesome!

        Chris: Thank you for clearing things up with the wardriving teams, that was really cool of you to help me get things sorted out. Thank you for helping with my lost belongings, etc. I know you were going through a lot of stress and shit, but you still managed to find time for me, thanks man.

        Highwiz: You are one of the coolest people I have ever met. Thanks for hanging out with me, teaching me things about life, etc(you should know what that is). Thanks for helping me find my belongings when they were lost, and when I was about to give up, you kept looking when you didnt have to. Thank you for everything you did, thanks for being such a kickass guy and helping me out. You are one hell of a person!

        Stitch: You are a very nice guy, funny as shit ,and definatly someone very helpfull. You and highwiz both were like brothers to me throughout the con. Thanks for everything you have done, taught, etc. You fuckin rock!

        Octalpussy: Thanks for not kicking my ass when I met you at the forums meet. haha. But also thank you for helping me look for my stuff when it was lost, that was very nice of you, and you dont know how much that meant. You are one funny person, sorry for ever giving you shit in the past. And texas is ok...I guess.

        Siviak: You are a crazy mother fucker, but you definatly taught me some things I will never forget. Thanks for being an overall awesome guy and just helping me out when needed. You dont know what that means man, thanks.

        ck3k/Twinvega: It was awesome meeting you two. Both are funny as hell. Hope you had fun wardriving, and you guys did awesome in the contest. Hope to stay in contact with you, badass mother fuckers you are!

        sdk team: it was fun wardriving, you guys are funny as hell, sorry about my laptop fucking up royally in the middle of the drive. that probably wasnt the best impression. But we had some major fun, and I got to know you guys really well. Keep in touch, you guys rock!

        the dc719 crew: Was that not the best con ever? We had fun in the caravan, fun at the con, fun on the way home. Thank you guys for just fucking kicking ass and having fun with me. It was a blast, I couldnt have asked for more! I cant wait till next con!!! We had a blast, fuck yeah, you guys rock, im looking forward to all the meets, etc, It was just too much fun, words cant say. Thank you!

        If I forgot anyone, im sorry, Im trying to recover right now, im very sick, and not completely with it, and if It sounded like I was at a loss for words, i probably was, im just not all there right now. But thanks to everyone, you know who you are. Thank you.


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          Ok, don't know if it's my place to post here but..

          So I'm the Credit Card 101 guy, and I have this to say:

          This was my first public talk, thax n0id for shuttle me and my "crew" in, and to all the people that were interested.

          Special thax to the people the stuck around for the Q & A, I think I covered equal info durning that, as with the main talk.

          Thank you to those who drank my beer, it's always nice to make people happy.


          A super dupper thax to everyone's patince when I got out of hand and yelled "Metal" over and over, as I jumped into the pool like 20 times. That was dumb, but no bad things happend :)

          - Ra Dogg - Your local guide to insanity
          "Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups"


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            hackajar - for next year: big black pen :)
            --- The fuck? Have you ever BEEN to Defcon?


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              I wanted to thank pretty much everyone except the FBI "Fuckers I want the video tape back" And the RIAA " I am still playing my mp3's bitchs" and i would like to thank mitnick for getting on stage with me when we were giving are speech. thanks again for a great con to all the goons for keeping the peace.


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                Originally posted by hackajar
                A super dupper thax to everyone's patince when I got out of hand and yelled "Metal" over and over, as I jumped into the pool like 20 times. That was dumb, but no bad things happend :)
                So you're the guy.

                Ed & I had fun duct taping your mouth shut. :)

                All in good fun.


                "People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid."
                - Soren Aabye Kierkegaard (1813-1855)


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                  WiFi is Down.. we are on Lo-fi

                  Please stop spamming the lo-fi network

                  I want to thank RussR for getting me to finally show up.. I had fun and met alot of cool peoples

                  I also want to thank Chris for letting me help out in vendor area. Hope I was some help at least :)

                  And thanks to the info booth team for being there all the time...
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                    My thanks:

                    Siviak and Snow for telling about the $7.77 special at Mr. Lucky's, the booze, and the good time in general.

                    mfreeck for the protein bars and hanging out.

                    Dataworm and Fenix for sharing a room and putting up with my gas. (Although dataworm can dish out some of his own..)

                    Flea for finding booze and the moonshine.

                    The guys in the room where you had to sign a bible for booze.. always hooked my up with good drinks.

                    All the folks that had good things to say about my homebrew.

                    All the folks whom offered a drink. I don't remember names, but I remember faces and will buy ya a round next year if you did not get any of my homebrew.

                    Forum folks for being cool as hell.

                    Goons for keeping order.

                    All the folks that were not a dick. (Too many to mention)

                    Great DC all.. thanks!
                    Happiness is a belt-fed weapon.


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                      i would like to thank everyone, especially the goons who worked their asses off. I, luckily, never met any of the people causing problems. i said it in another post, every year defcon is different, and every year it seems better to me. can't wait till next year.

                      sorry i missed the forum meet, i couldn't remember what room it was in, and the forums were down:( I will just have to meet everyone else next year.



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                        My turn to thank people

                        Chris - Thanks for the great things you said about me in your talk, for running the wardriving contest, for tolerating those of us who took the contest too seriously :) And thanks for just being a great guy to work with.

                        Blackwave - That lockboard was cruel, I'm going out tonight and getting some of those locks. Thanks for being as cool in person as on-line, great to meet you again.

                        Dark Tangent - Great con again this year. Thanks for allowing all of us to become your friends and come to the con. Also thanks for not securing the elevator at Blackhat and allowing those of us without badges to come in and see what was going on.

                        Che - Thanks for the beer and mead. Great stuff

                        Patty Walsh - For remembering that I was a nice guy when I was too drunk to remember myself

                        Sor'el (SP?)- For finding me interesting and entertaining enough to talk with me till 6:30am

                        DC719 crew - The lockpick contest was alot of fun and it was great to finally test my mettal against others

                        Dataworm - For being a very cool Canadian and a great conversationalist

                        Siviak - You still have my Bucket Goddamit!!!!!!!!!

                        Octalpussy - For being kind enough to let me join her on the Shelby American Tour

                        Highwizard - Thanks for all the great stratagy in the Wardriving contest, even though I had no prayer of winning

                        CK3K & Twin Vega - Great chatting with you guys, you really know your shit.

                        I'd also like to thank everyone who put up with my bitching about totaling my car on the way down. I had so much fun it made up for it. Can't wait for next year.

                        Never drink anything larger than your head!


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                          DT/Goons - Thanks for going thru the stress of putting this together every year, we've been coming since DC7 and always look forward to it.

                          Chris - Danke for the coins, mentioning our project all over, running the excellant wwwd and wardriving contest and being lenient with everyone when the network was acting finicky. Hopefully we didn't piss people off too bad, that wasn't the intent.

                          DJ's by the pool - That was excellant

                          Movie channel folks - Seemed to be playing the right thing at the right time all weekend

                          Clouds on thurs/friday - Vegas doesn't suck when the sun's gone

                          /me waits patiently for next year
                          bobzilla -


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                            How about a thanks to the speaker goons(tm) for keeping all of the speakers running ontime (Zimmerman Excluded). Without the speaker goons(tm) people would not have only been standing in line, they would have been standing in line to look at an empty stage :)


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                              here are my thanks:

                              #1 to kaigoth, he helped get us into this mess, thanks SO much kai!!!

                              #2 Detok, McGruffD, and Silver Prism: you three are definently on my DC 13 ctf team!!

                              #3 the rest of the dc719 crew [where were you guys???]

                              #4 Highwiz and stitch: you are two cool fuckers.

                              #5 siviak and snow: can't wait until next year!!!!

                              #6 dataworm, ck3k, twinvega, che, redhook

                              #7 all who participated in the lockpick contest, thanks!!

                              #8 the guy with the free beer and signed bible??

                              #9 the goons, dt and the vendors

                              #10 if i forgot you there is probably plenty reason why =]