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    Well heres an update. I found an XP disc and loaded it up and went to fix the mbr as I was told. I went and did this and when I rebooted it got the message "error loading operating system." So I'am playing around with the repair tool and searching google for stuff. But if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
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      I usually install windows first, and then overlay with linux, and use lilo/grub to overwrite the MBR to dual boot the system. Eeek, you killed it, now, just get lilo up and running, a simple google, or look in will show you how to do it either way, I personally have never used grub, but my suggestion is lilo. So if you can boot into linux, set it all up thru there...the lilo can be found in /etc/lilo.conf and the info you will need to set it up is in your /boot directory, these values may be differant on differant distros...

      mine looks like this

      GNU nano 1.2.2 File: lilo.conf

      boot = /dev/hda
      timeout = 150
      # Normal VGA console
      vga = normal
      # End LILO global section
      # Linux bootable partition config begins
      image = /boot/vmlinuz
      root = /dev/hda7
      label = Linux
      image = /boot/vmlinuz-orig
      root = /dev/hda7
      label = Linux-orig
      # Linux bootable partition config ends
      # DOS bootable partition config begins
      other = /dev/hda1
      label = Windows
      table = /dev/hda
      # DOS bootable partition config ends

      Minus my nifty graphical lilo thing, you should see how it is setup, you just have to figure out your partitions, and in the linux boot up you have to have it point to the right files to load on boot, these are found in your /boot directory.

      EDIT : this is all done on my Slackware 9.1 boxen
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