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    Originally posted by Webster
    Im a Punisher, and green lantern fan 8)
    Green Lantern rules. Ditto the Shadow.

    I miss KNX 1070's Drama Hour. Sadly, they cancelled it over a year ago. It was some of the best radio programming going, esp. if you were into pre-war comics.


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      Originally posted by dandroid
      Never really got into many comics. Always loved The Maxx. Just something about really twisted turns the story takes.
      I was talking to William Messier Loeb about the Maxx. He's the writer. He said that Sam Keith would call him on the phone and tell him the crazy Maxx story and William would have to rehash it and occasioanly tell Sam that "that's too weird!" or something along those lines. The Maxx got really drawn out on the fly with how they did it.

      Keith is writing / drawing a DC book right now called Scratch. He also did: Zero Girl which has two volumes out.

      DJ Jackalope
      dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

      send in the drop bears!


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        Originally posted by DJ Jackalope
        I was wondering if any of you out there are secret comic book lovers, collectors, fienders, fan boys/girls, anything like that?

        who wants to know the latest comic book scoop?

        Bear from SLG is possibly one of the funniest comics I've read in a long time.
        I can also recommend The Walking Dead from Image

        Havent read comic books in a while, but slowly comming back to them!


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          Much of the SLG stuff is good, some is crap though.

          You should read "The Goon" ~

          This thread won't die, kind of like a comic book character.



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            Any one ever read Dreadstar?

            Dam, that was good. The first 20 issues Rocked :) And the first part of the story started out in epic comics though I cant rember the name ..

            Author was Jim Starlin did a lot of Dr strange and early Capt Marvel .