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    off/on topic.......
    gMail specificly mentions its mozilla compatability..... but lists Opera as incompatable.....

    been usin' Opera for a short while now and have been very happy with it.
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      Firebird or um...

      whatever its called now... firefox maybe?

      lighter than mozilla, no extra mail/web editing ware included. it's modular for feature enhancing plugins. the best by far is the adblock plugin. it keeps a db of filters based on key words and or urls of the originating image or link of image. allows for wildcards (ie: http://ads.*.*/* or *ad*)... It can also block iframes etc. oh it's a mozilla project (mpl and (L)gpl). its fast blah blah.
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        i like mozilla firefox as opposed to the original(which is also good). I have had several experiences where IE just lets the bs stuff onto my computer like spyware/viruses etc.


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          View IE History via index.dat files

          Look for a tool called IE History View. It will show you the contents of the index.dat file that IE keeps.
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            I've been using galeon constantly for the past couple years.. I tried opera (is this really openbsd's only graphical browser?) but there was one thing that bothered me every time..

            Brief side note: I have very bad short term memory and an attention span comparable to a goldfish

            Opera was too polite in the way it crashed. All browsers crash, at least all that I've ever used. I can handle that, no problems. But when galeon chokes, it at least tells you.. pops up a dialog telling you it's going to bail.

            So, if you have a very short attention span, you will totally forget why/if you were browsing until you go to use your browser again..

            crap.. I can't remember if I had a point or not..
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              Originally posted by pc-0x90
              I've been using galeon constantly for the past couple years.. I tried opera (is this really openbsd's only graphical browser?)
              I've used the Netscape 4.xx that came with OBSD 3.3 as well as using the package for Mozilla 1.something under KDE for OBSD 3.4. I rarely ever boot to there, so I don't have much more info, but you can get packages for Mozilla for OBSD if you like.

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