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If anybody needs any help or info about Las Vegas let me know I live here and attend

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    Originally posted by Siviak
    I'm not trying to join in this pissing contest here.. as I happen to be one of the subjects of HW's rant.... but I have been making myself known as long as I have been going to con.
    I think thats great and I would say the community owes you a debt of gratitude. I was in no way belittling your efforts, I commend them and wish that my living, financial and work lifestyle lead to the point that I could help more. The point I was making in my comment is that a lot of people who live in Vegas go to Defcon and that I think this is due to the rise of technology jobs that attract technology savy people to this city in the last few years. I personally think that this is a good thing.. I have been involved with many Las Vegas technology communities from user groups to doing install parties etc, and although all my efforts haven't been specifically Defcon related, I think a lot of people that go to Defcon give back to the tech community, many of which I know run meetings and help out just in general with getting people going, and I think that is great too. So I guess congrats to everyone and thanks for helping out.
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