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    Originally posted by 1master
    Witch doesn’t? Kismet, Netstumbler, Airmagnet....
    You're right, never having an A card, I've never really thought about it.


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      Originally posted by converge
      they can be obtained from outside the US. selling them in the US is illegal. using them for 802.11a in the US is illegal. (is there an exception for licensed amateurs?)
      It would appear so, although I'm not quite sure. I've never worked 5GHz myself.

      However, the ARRL at says in part:

      All modes and licensees (except Novices) are authorized on the following bands [FCC Rules, Part 97.301(a)]:

      5.650-5.925 GHz
      That range overlaps on one of the 802.11a U-NII bands:

      5.150-5.250 GHz
      5.250-5.350 GHz
      5.725-5.825 GHz. <----

      So it would appear that if you worked anywhere in the 5.650-5.925 GHz range as a Ham you'd be legal. I'd have to look at Part 97 to see if there are any restricitions, but it sure looks like you could use it within the standard operating limits. (High power and antennae up to the max ERP.)

      Originally posted by Chris
      To my knowledge there is not, but Thorn would be a better person to ask.
      Thanks for the vote of confidence. ;)
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