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what is this?and how do i remove it?

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    What if it wasnt a bios password. But a tweak you can do in regedit that will prompt a password prombt ( dont know if that is how you say it but whatever). Before the XP Login screen. Because I Have it on one of my computers downstairs. I cant find the link right now but try looking in tweakxp or or one of those sites


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      Um, if it is a windows tweak like Ironcurtin suggested, I would say that it sounds like an Auto-Logon using "Add ControlUserPasswords2 To Control Panel" was set up. I only remember how to set it up, but not how to disable it.

      You may want to see this site for help:Click Here
      I'm too lazy to go through the entire site to find the direct link you need so you'll have to do the leg work from here.
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