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    Someone asked me this recently. The last game I bought? Area 51 for PC in 1996. Last game played: Counterstrike, which was a hand me down of Half Life.
    I played Ultima for a while, also a handme down, and I played on the free offline servers run by people.

    Recently I bought World of Warcraft. First game Ive bought in 8 years. Who knows how long I'll stick with this, Im on month 2.

    As you can tell, Im not much of a gamer. My major complaint is people who spend all thier time on games, have nothing to show for the time spent, and become disconnected with everything else going on.


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      World of Warcraft
      Counterstrike: Source
      Half Life 2: Death Match
      Rome: Total war

      I'm not big into MMO's but World of Warcraft seems to have taken everything the old ones have done and perfected it. Nothing really new yet, though.


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        Civ III
        City of Heroes
        Rise of Nations
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          Originally posted by Shiva
          Civ III
          Greatest game ever made hands down.
          Did Everquest teach you that?


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            Originally posted by allentrace
            Greatest game ever made hands down.

            Isn't the correct phrasing:

            "Best... game... EVER!" ?


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              sometimes cs with friends...

              but i like old games and 2d games
              like castlevania and ff1-6

              they rock!!


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                ive spent quite some time playing a unique game, its a real time war game , there are no "rounds" or anything like that , its constantly on going , it was once ran by , and then by sega , its now ran privately by a programmer who worked with the game when it was owned by its previous owners ... it may interest some of you , it was called 10six, it is now called Project Visitor , the game site is at , the forums are at
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                  Last Box Standing! Great way for a whitehat with darker urges to let off steam without causing anyone pain...most of the time. ;-) BAsically it is a bunch of hackers on a LAN, nobody connected to the router who is not involved, and no internet connection. Last person with a bootable, running computer wins.
                  There once was a Windows box with no firewall. Keyword is, there once was.


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                    Doom I, II and III

                    Another old fav is a patch that was designed for Wolfenstein 3D that covered the background with pics of nude chicks...
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                      Originally posted by darkforce_01
                      Doom I, II and III

                      If you're into consolidation, Doomsday lets you play Doom inside of Doom3. I believe it's called JDoom on the site, haven't used it myself but watched some friends use it.
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                        Originally posted by darkforce_01
                        Doom I, II and III

                        Another old fav is a patch that was designed for Wolfenstein 3D that covered the background with pics of nude chicks...
                        Very very nice. Another idSoftware fan. w00t.

                        I'm a pretty obsessive one myself. You should see my bedroom -- Doom 3 boxes everywhere, huge Doom 3 poster, huge Doom 3 standee (taller than me and I'm 5'7), Return to Castle Wolfenstein poster, Quake poster (has all game logos)... and that's just idSoftware stuff. Hah.


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                          oh and this one
                          If I had a nickle for every time someone offered me ten cents to keep my two cents to myself... I would be a rich man.


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                            Guys, Anarchy Online is currently free and is a MMORPG(Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game for those that are new.) and includes hacking, what more could you want in an online game. Almost as good as "Uplink" for it's time.


                            Join server 1 and look for Ridirich.

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                              Games I am currently playing...

                              Well let's see....

                              Since World of War'Crack' came out I have been idling away the hours working on my Orc. I have never been one for MMOs but this one just grabbed me. I always wanted to RP in the Warcraft Universe especially being that I am a huge fan of the series. "They" were all correct.. this shit is addicting.

                              I guess I can list what I play when the servers are down or acting shitty overall. Yes these are games I play on my Mac, sue me.

                              Home World 2
                              Knights of the Old Republic (beaten it 4 times...)
                              Alice (an oldie but a goodie despite it's lackluster ending)
                              Max Payne (The closest you are gonna get to playing out fantasies of being the Punisher and splattering people all over the walls.)
                              Halo (fun game but have never gotten close to beating it)

                              I have a ton of other games that I have played, beaten and put on the shelves. Games like Giants:Citizen Kabuto, Sacrifice (kewl but buggy), Tron 2.0, AvP 2, Neverwinter Nights (offline) and a few others I cannot recall. I like the open source gaming efforts. Efforts like GLTron, Tux etc...

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                                Need for Speed: Underground 2
                                Unreal Tournament 2004
                                Hitman Contracts