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    Tough Nut to Crack

    Thanks for the information, fortunately with the new release there is the ability to send a wipe to the device wirelessly, so a incident like the one at Morgan Stanley can be avoided. (provided the admin is on top of things) I do not believe that was the case with previous versions.

    I have really gotten no where on discovering of grabbing information from flash and brute forcing it. I just think that the technology is just released so no one has a method quite yet.


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      Well if you turn on the unit and do NOT turn on the radio, then the data will sit there in the Backberry for your perusal. Probably good to have an automatic keyboard lock. Enter the wrong password ten times and the unit is wiped, even with no power to the radio.

      I installed v4.0 on my handheld today, it sure does slow the puppy down!


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        Originally posted by astcell
        I blame Morgan Stanley sysadmin. On the BES there is a KILL button, just highlight a Blackberry and send the kill command. I heard this was a fatal blow to the device, this would have been a good time to find out just how much so.
        Kinda hard to blame the Morgan Stanley sysadmin for this one...

        Courtney Flaherty, a spokeswoman for Research in Motion, the company that manufactures the BlackBerry, said there are two ways to wipe data on a BlackBerry -- either manually using the synching software, or remotely through a command that gets pushed out from the server to the device. But that only works if a company uses the Microsoft Exchange server. Morgan Stanley uses Lotus Domino.

        Nice to see that RIM took this as a learning experience if everything is secure because of this event.
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          Data is also deleted if you enter the wrong password ten times. Hence, the unit was not password protected. Anyone not protecting their laptop would be in the same scenario.