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    excuse me,

    but how in the fuck is that possible, and if it is, how can you keep up with the cost?


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      Originally posted by Deviant Ollam
      best way to handle this, by the way, is to use utilities from the people at Lite PC which allow you to completely RIP OUT internet explorer from a win32 system. both win9x and winnt variants are covered. you name it, and litePC has the ability to pull it.

      every single consulting site where i deploy a whole fleet of machines... that's one of the essential things i do. internet explorer (the executable, the rendering engine, the supporting DLLs in the o/s environment itself) all get tossed out with the garbage and mozilla is put in its place. no way to meaningfully browse pages without mozilla at that point.

      That's ok if your clients don't mind not using IE, but in my experience my customers like to choose their own internet client, so I have to test that anything I create runs on the most popular clients around.


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        haven't read it yet, but looks like it'll solve your problem. Somewhat new on totse:
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          I have actually just recently found a surefire way around bess. Given that your admin gives your computer account enough privileges, you can change the LAN Settings to use a proxy. I am doing this out of a high school, and the Admin there has not disabled this function, so I'm freely able to edit the way my computer accesses the internet.

          The best way to do this is actually to start from home. google search for some free proxy ip addresses using the query "Free Proxy IP Address" or something to that effect, although I have found that is one of the more reliable sources of good IP addresses. Write down the address and port number, and take that with you to wherever you happen to be trying to get around your firewall/BESS/ whatever it is that you're trying to get around.

          Open up the internet explorer, in the Tools menu, you'll find the "Internet Options." click on that and go to the connections tab. At the bottom there will be a button that says "Lan Settings." click that and you'll see how the computer you are using attempts to connect to the internet. in the lower box you'll see an unchecked "use a proxy server for your LAN..." check that box, and then uncheck the box that says something about bypassing the proxy for a local address. In the first of the two boxes, simply type the IP address you are connecting to, and in the second, type the port of the server you are trying to access, and click ok. if the server that you are trying to connect to was written properly, or is online, you now have free access to anything on the internet. If not, then you'll get a "page cannot be displayed" error. My advice is to write down a few just in case one of them is down at the time.

          The other way to do this is by starting at wherever you're trying to get around. I noticed that, when behind BESS, they seem to only block the most popular sites under any given category. So, if you're looking for an IP Address, you may actually be able to find one after google searching if you look somewhere behind page 5. i don't really reccommend this, because if your Admin can see what you're doing, which he/she most likely can, they'll know what you're up to. Plus the search results might not always be what you're looking for when you get to page 5 or so.

          As a side note: When finding a proxy server, try to avoid using a server that uses port 80, as BESS is very fond of blocking anything that uses that port. use something that is a little random, or has a port 8080.

          Enjoy your web surfing experience, as long as you can access the internet options. Good luck.
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            Most likely you will not be able to view a proxy list from school due to county servers if you are in a public school or you go through them. You will likely need to print off a proxy list from your house if you can use proxies.
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              What's funny is that most filters don't block the google cache, at least none of the filters I've ever been blocked by.

              So do a search for a proxy list, if if it's blocked, then view the cached version and you're set.

              Also some filters work on a packet level rather then proxy so even going by IP won't work, the minute it detects HTTP traffic it then shoots it through the filter. But the best filters are the proxy ones where you just disable the proxy in the browser settings. That's how it was at my school when I went to high school. Pretty sad really, like why bother if it's that easy to bypass? (then again I was the only one that knew how)
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                my school has basicly no priveleges, most proxi sites are blocked under loop hole and i wanna get around Bess + Novell.

                please tell me how to and remember we have basicly NO priviliges on the computers and profi sites are basicly all blocked.

                Also we cant open any files other than those on the desktop unless we open through another program like flash player........

                PLEASE HELP!!!
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                  Originally posted by bradley-007
                  my school has basicly no priveleges ... PLEASE HELP!!!
                  And now neither do you. I said I would and meant it. If you need help finding porn, go ask your mom.
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                    If it's for work bring it up to the teachers and if they don't do anything about it, (usually they don't have the privilege themselves to do it) they will at least aprove of you doing it, so it gives you a chance to try stuff without looking behind you. at least that's how it worked at my school. :D

                    But first, always check the obvious - is it a normal proxy that you can change, or is it transparant, if it's transparant, is it only on port 80, etc... And if priviliges are that low it's probably easier to pop in a knopix CD or something and work from there.
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