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    I know that there are local groups (except for the 2600 group but the site is down ) my attempts to contact those groups failed so I just though why not add it into a thread


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      ... I'm a DC503 member.. whatcha wanna know? PM, email.. iirc musashi was still maintaining I know he responds to (he is the group POC)

      We built mag readers the last meeting I attended. I missed the May meeting, but usually every third or fourth Saturday is a safe bet at the Urban Grind.

      There is a local 2600 that I still haven't been able to attend, but plan on it now that my work schedule is becoming more sane. We try to keep the 503 meeting from conflicting so that members can attend it as well without fighting, as well as some of the other cool meets like PTP Monthly. Having a Vancouver meeting is just retarded, imo. Travel is only 10-15 minutes and none of the groups are nearly large enough to pretend multiple sects are necessary.
      if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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        getting ahold of Musashi

        If he doesn't allready have a forwarder for> I will provision the forwarder this afternoon.


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          Looking for a ride...

          HEy I might be interested in sharing a ride and room w/ ya. when are you leaving and returning?