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  • New DC Group in North Jersey

    This is Lazurus.

    I've recently opened a DC Group in North Jersey (We are designated DC973-1), and I'm looking for any new members interested in anything from general technology to computer security. So far I've been contacted by one person interested in the group and I'd like to get the word out.

    So, anyone in the North Jersey (973 area code) area drop me a line and we can hook something up.

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    getting back at ya

    Yo I'm down around woodbridge sometimes, got an apt in Deleware and I'm in New York everyday. Holler back at me, I'm going to DC and I've posted a thread about wanting some folks for the ride out. If interested in getting together for a meeting or to discuss things better:


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      I m....

      Well i am living in North Brunswick in NJ and visit nearby bookstores for reading more on computer security and penetration testing, i want to fix up a meeting if u want in "Barnes and Noble" bookstore.


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        hey i am very close to north brunswick but i can be found in the 973 area code alot. usually totowa and little falls and often wayne. i would be down for meeting anywhere within nj or new york city. city being the key word. i don't do upstate ny for anything except starwood and warwick. lol.
        3lit3 cr00ks


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          Count me in on this. I'm just outside the North Brunswick area. I would also be willing to travel up north. Let me know any details.