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    Yep, last year we got so many signs, I think I still have 3 or 4 laminated LPCON signs and a banner or two.


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      I can feild a few of these...

      Originally posted by TheCotMan
      Does the hotel have cameras to cover these rooms? If they exist, should we assume they are part of the cycled displays being watched? What about the hallway?
      The hallway is covered (poorly I might add) and there was no sign of any cameras inside of the rooms themslves.

      Originally posted by TheCotMan
      Access to control thermostat? AC? Heating?
      Yup, seems every room had it's own tem control.
      Originally posted by TheCotMan
      How dark can the rooms get (video presentations) and do these rooms have extra, low-intensity lights that can be used while main lights are turned off?
      Each of the rooms seems to have adjustable lighting.
      Originally posted by TheCotMan
      Sinks in skyboxes? Water? Hot and cold?
      Yup, Yup and Yup.
      Originally posted by TheCotMan
      Noise limits for music/audio? (Are there any neighboring spaces above, below or next-door to these rooms that might impose limits to noice levels in these rooms?)
      I wouldn't imagine so due to the fact that they share a roof with the convention area itself. I would imagine that the ceiling is verry well sound proofed.
      Originally posted by TheCotMan
      Refrigerators in skyboxes? How big/small?
      Yup, a little bigger than a dorm fridge.
      Originally posted by TheCotMan
      Phones? House-call only (room-to-room? Long distance? who would be charged?)
      If I had a nickle for every time someone offered me ten cents to keep my two cents to myself... I would be a rich man.


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        I was talking to (the now) Mrs. Sqweak the other day about how the legal presentations are always popular, but the best conversations happen in the mob that surrounds the speakers after the talk ends.

        We were thinking that this year a skybox could be used for an afternoon for all the lawyer types to hang out and answer people's questions in a more casual asmosphere.

        I'm not sure how many of us there are (myself, HotCoffee, Granick, and the professor from OK, will probably be there off the top of my head) but if there are enough people willing to give "hypothetical" answers to "hyptothetical" questions it could be a good time for all.

        What is the posted limit of people in these skybox rooms (standing/sitting) so we can plan around potential issues with the Fire Marshal?
        If you're flammable and have legs, you're never blocking a fire exit.
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          Originally posted by jur1st
          If you're flammable and have legs, you're never blocking a fire exit.
          heh, i loved Mitch Hedberg. pity that we lost him so young. i agree that a legal forum area would be a great use of a skybox (or some other place where the volume isn't deafening and the atmosphere isn't frantic). i have many "hypothetical" questions that i would love answered.
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            I suppose we'll plan to allow PublicNet connections from the skyboxes.

            I know some will be used for demos, which may/may-not require network connectivity.

            Don't bet on CCTV - might be, but might not. If it's a hard requirement (and you're CONFIRMED for a skybox) let me know via PM/email and I'll check it out.



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              Re: Skyboxes...

              The Skybox Discussion portion of this thread has moved into the Skybox Confirmation Thread.

              I'll close this thread in a few weeks, (?guessing?)