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[cut from] Government Hacking Jobs?

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  • [cut from] Government Hacking Jobs?

    like hallifax is to middle east or whatever TeamS USA is to the us. i think hallifax is to the middle east, but i know of some of their members and they are middle eastern looking.

    like when a long as time ago the middle east defaced some of our sites, teams usa defaced some of theirs. if i only i knew what teams usa was before they sent me that email wanting to join them, or is that supposed to be kept secret? if only i was an ultra l33t sp34k haxor.

    what do you say then when you know how to skate and rollerblade?

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    Re: Government Hacking Jobs?

    um, ya. no drunkposting in year old threads .. your world changing articulate insights have a special spot.
    if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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      Re: [cut from] Government Hacking Jobs?

      what? just saying if someone wants it hard enough, like a pro USofA team to join, they'll find one.