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  • Shout Outs! / Thanks and Sorrys

    Shout Outs!

    That's right...
    you gotta shout out some thank yous and maybe some f-yous to some peeps...what happened to you at Your con that you want to thank someone for? I'll post up mine tomorrow, gotta go to sleep for now!
    DJ Jackalope
    dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

    send in the drop bears!

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    Re: Shout Outs!

    Short one for now:

    Everyone who completed the MysteryChallenge this year.


    I have *many* people to thank and just got home (drive from Vegas!) so I'm off to sleep...



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      Re: Shout Outs!

      Same boat here. It will take me several days to build my thank you's sorry's and "you bunghole" comments. I don't think I have any fuck-you's.


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        Re: Shout Outs!

        Originally posted by DJ Jackalope View Post
        Shout Outs!

        That's right...
        you gotta shout out some thank yous and maybe some f-yous to some peeps...what happened to you at Your con that you want to thank someone for? I'll post up mine tomorrow, gotta go to sleep for now!
        I'll shout out a thank you to DrFaustus for his brew wars competition, and the others that supported it and judged it as well.
        Even though there was some initial complications on the day itself and the turn-out/attendancer low. (As expected for a first year event that would not have been widely known by all and required pre-con prep to join it.)

        He followed through with it in good spirits (no pun intended!), and completed the brew wars with the enthusiasm and honesty you would expect from any official event.

        I didn't win! So, not a plug to market anything :D
        It simply was nice taping into another potential niche area at defcon.

        Forum Meetup:

        Damnit cotman, I wanted to find out who you were.
        I had to show up like 30 min late, door was locked and a sign said "queercon is located at another room"

        Damn you :D
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          Re: Shout Outs!

          I'll just simply say thanks.
          This was my first con of any type, and I had a blast. It more than lived up to it's expectations.
          From everyone in the WiFi village, to all the different talks (which I must say, most of them went over my head), and to just hanging out in the contest area, meeting new people.

          I was really surprised, from the information on the website, I had imagined the goons to be, well, a bit more harsh than they were. But every one of them that I had talked to was incredibly nice and decent. I had lost my phone, and a few goons did what they could to help out.

          Thanks to the community also. Everyone was extremely nice, and very helpful :)
          I'll definitely be joining in on future cons. I plan to do a few of the contests next year, so it should be even more fun :)


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            Re: Shout Outs!

            My list is coming, I don't want to forget anyone. God, I'm sitting at Usenix Security right now, and it is sooooo dull compared to Defcon, even though the techinical level of the talks is pretty similar.
            Somebody post photos soon, so I can show all these academics why they need to go to a hacker con.

            hugs to everyone. I miss you already.

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              Re: Shout Outs!

     those who helped me after my bout of food poisoning/allergic reaction on Saturday night.

              Wifi Village+++++

              (to round off the weekend, a minor asthma attack when i arrived at JFK late for transatlantic flight meaning a run from terminal 6 to 7 in WTF% humidity)

              great event tho :)



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                Re: Shout Outs!

                ... to Deviant for taking care of Chameleon (the blond chick on Saturday you kept trying not to ignore). She's picked every lock in the house.

                ... to the Registration folks for keeping it moving. Some way it is easy to be efficient when you don't have to sign people in, but they still have to handle all of the n00b questions, and they did great.

                ... to Wendy for mentioning our little conversation in her Register article. Good stuff - glad to have you there!

                ... to Jennifer for leaving the Ivy League for the EFF! Yay!

                ... to Joe for designing the undeniably most n33t badge I ever did see. Damn it, makes me wish I did hardware, almost.

                ... to DT for a great Defcon - my FIRST - and his professional handling of CiscoGate, the Madigan Incident, and everything else.


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                  Re: Shout Outs!

                  Shout out to DC949 for running the aCTF. They had a tough time with everyone DoSing the system. And the Infected Mushroom is the BOMB!

                  Now we have to work for a year to get ready for next year. Should be fun. I learned alot about what I didn't know and I think that's what hacking is all about.

                  You guys rock.

                  Not the energy drink :)


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                    Re: Shout Outs!

                    Props and notices: Hopefully I didn’t forget too many of you out there, I’m in the airport, my flight is about 45 minutes late, I got here 3.5 hours early cuz I split a cab with Cyber (thank you) and came early, and I swear I have just developed narcolepsy, I keep falling asleep.

                    Everyone who bought a cd or shirt from me: It is so very appreciated Enjoy!
                    Jackalope Army. Keep bouncing.
                    TBBQ crew: You rocked it out and did well with the cops. Everyone had a blast.
                    Zziks and Bink: Quality show as always. Thanks for having me on again.
                    DT: It’s called “Emily” by Castor.
                    Che`: You are absolutely wonderful and mean the world to me.
                    Goons: Thanks for keeping us safe.
                    23b: Bring the Rukus. (but don’t forget the radios so you don’t bring the security!)
                    Dennis B: Rhode Island Posse reprazent! (We got a def posse, you got a bunch of dudes!)
                    Rich: So fun getting to meet you. Come back to the R.I.P.
                    Duksta and Peppin: Yup.
                    Entr0py and M33p and Meee: I didn’t get to hang out with you guys too much, but always good to see you!
                    Deviant: Man, you’re so cool and you say the nicest things.
                    Aristocrats!: You came back!
                    Siviak: Water guns. Now!
                    Tacitus: Thanks for bringing said water guns. Now!
                    Kallahar: “They [robotwar guns] are set to target white.” “I’m wearing all white!”
                    Spakle: I can’t thank you enough.
                    Hackajar: You and your neighbor saved the day. Hope that got you some beer!
                    Roamer: Sometime I will get the time to sit down at a proper hold em table with you.
                    Nakita: Thank you for including me in the program and on the cd.
                    Shadowvex, Phil, Trevor, GoaPixie: Thanks for everything this year. I almost even made it to a talk. Next year maybe.
                    Golgo: Thanks for lending me gear and buying my box that made the cd.
                    303: So glad being an honorary 303er.
                    Tommee Pickles and El Jefe: being yourselves at 9am at the Splashbar.
                    Goons: Goonwave!
                    Quiet: shhhh..
                    Riverside: Baa!
                    11b: You seeing Pool2Girl for the first time was priceless. Welcome to Defcon.
                    ASTcell: for the cool stuff and being you.
                    Q: thanks for the invites
                    Barkode/ TW /Ninjas: I apologize for not making it. I wasn’t feeling up to par for a good quality show. Thank you for the invites, I got some good peeps to your party.
                    Priest: I absolutely LOVE it when people mosh while I am playing. And no, you guys aren’t the only people who have moshed to my tunes. Way too fun. Ain’t nothing like a 1000lbs of goon on the dance floor.
                    Dualcore: Yay! You made the Ball.
                    Shagghie: Thanks for the track, I didn’t get to play it, but I have it to play now!
                    Mitch Mitchem: You as well, all the picts I have of you guys were on my missing camera, sorry. I liked the remixes you two were throwing down.


                    CP99: I saw you for those 2 seconds, and then pulled some Cds for you, and then went looking for you at the aCTF section and then there wasn’t anyone around, went looking for you at the awards ceremony and still didn’t find you… next year I will just send them to you!


                    To the guy collecting badges in the box in the hallway after Defcon. Hate to say it, but you were the rudest person I encountered all con. If you want the community to help you in your quest, you might want to be a bit nicer next time.

                    Damn random stray bitches who took my camera.
                    DJ Jackalope
                    dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

                    send in the drop bears!


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                      Re: Shout Outs!

                      Queeg: Thanks for tagging me with something less permanent than spray paint... :)
                      --- The fuck? Have you ever BEEN to Defcon?


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                        Re: Shout Outs!

                        Originally posted by kallahar View Post
                        Queeg: Thanks for tagging me with something less permanent than spray paint... :)
                        Did you get tagged with the temporary spraypaint we used?

                        *This thread is worthless without pics*



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                          Re: Shout Outs!

                          Jackalope, alls well that ends well.



                          to everyone who played aCTF, but especially to those who installed Happy Dance and where good sports about it.

                          to all the venders for helping supply prizes for aCTF.

                          And "Fuck you" to whoever DOSed the game after the Happy Dance login list was posted.


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                            Re: Shout Outs!

                            DC208: for taking me along for my 1st Defcon, it was Kickass.
                            Banshee: for the kickass pictures after Hacker Jeopardy
                            DJ Jackalope: for the awesome music on the Defcon disk (yes I bought a CD)

                            Everyone that helped me find my way around the hotel


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                              Re: Shout Outs!

                              Thank you Nikita, Black Beetle and Hackajar!

                              I've been to eight DEFCONs, starting with DC5, and I think this was the veryest bestest DEFCON ever.