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    Re: Shout Outs!

    Yup. We liked his refusal to comply and his 'in your face' New Jersey attitude.

    I return whatever i wish . Its called FREEDOWM OF RANDOMNESS IN A HECK . CLUSTERED DEFEATED CORn FORUM . Welcome to me


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      Re: Shout Outs!

      Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!

      Wednesday Dinner crew
      GruffyD, Renderman, Grey Frequency, Chosen1 and Mouse. Thank you for coming and enjoying the food.

      Lost, Converge and Nikita for that item you gave me Wednesday night. I almost cried when you handed it to me.
      Valkyrie: Glad all went well with the Enigmas and I was glad you were able to make. I am honored to be your friend.
      Evil: For supplying makeup logistical assistance at the last minute for m33p and adjusting my outfit.

      Toxic BBQ staff: Glad none of us lost any body hair this year.

      Friday lunch:
      The Vegas 2.0 team for inviting me to tag along.
      Pandero: Genki desu!
      Deviant: Thank you for allowing me to be part of Titanium Chef and part of the Lock Pick village. To the contestants: Remember its about the theme ingredient!
      Flea and his group + Priest + Crash(non security goon/medic): Thank you for the quick response during that incident Saturday at 12:52 pm.
      m33p: That dress was stunning on you.
      Entr0py: Thank you for making sure that m33p wasn't treated indecently while she was wearing said dress.
      Alkaloyd: It wouldn't been a con without seeing you in your orange shirt.
      Siviak + abbynrml + penthouse crew: Thank you for the good time.
      ASTCell: Great to see you again
      Highwiz + new partner & T-Prophet: Thank you.
      Godminus1: Whats next for next year? Domo Kun?
      Mfreeck: I am glad to be of assistance
      Javantea: I hope you learned something
      EvilMofo + crew: sorry to hear about the bus dying
      Dfy: My apologies for not identifying you immediately
      Dan Kaminsky: Thank you for clarifying those data points on the Pattern Recognition part. If you didn't I had 1 shmoo ball aimed for your head. :D And sorry about the handcuffs.
      Queeg: I hope you are doing OK
      Jackalope: Like what you did to your hair.
      Che: Thank you for visiting the Queer Con Mixer
      Noid: props to your crew for a calmer con.
      Don (Rivera Security team, Night Shift): Salamat Po!
      TW: Nice to see you and the Misses.
      CK3K: Can I see your identification please.
      Julia: Glad to see you again. Please update those photos ASAP! :)
      Overdose, Stipica, Maniac, Squigly, Salem, Jurist, Voltage Spike, Packet Barron, Shrdlu, Phenphen, Foofus, Bismark, MMCA, Golgo, DD, neg9 crew: Thank you for letting me hang out with you folks.
      Hackerpimps and Ninja crew: Great parties.
      Special Thanks to T-Prophet and FPenguin: For helping get my rental car started. And again for T-Prophet for calming me down when I started going 300 wpm verbally.

      To those not listed above: Gomenasai. Too many to list, too much happened and I will miss you all till next time we meet.

      Dark Tangent: Great time :) (nuff said)
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        Re: Shout Outs!

        This was my first DEFCON and I've said this to a couple dozen people by now but - As I child I dreamed of attending. I never imagined I would be speaking or competing.

        So, Shout Outs:

        Doc - Thank you so much for everything you have done over the years for the LPV/LPCON and American LockSport in general. If it weren't for you and all the folks who went before we wouldn't be as far along as we are today. I can't wait to meet your kid next year.

        Deviant, Eric(m&s), Omi, Mouse, Fiddler, and anyone else who was giving demos, seminars and workshops in the LPV all weekend long. I'll re-address this in the apologies section too, but you guys did such an awesome job. Special thanks to Deviant for holding it down during day two of the Skillz competition, as we had people banging the doors down on friday hoping to get some picking in while we were all on the contest floor (to be fair, I don't think any of us expected to be down there for as long as we were, but that 3 pin defiant took me 5+ minutes to open, and I had the 3rd best time for that round! Makes you wonder if that thing was pinned to MACS. Nice work Doc )

        KingPin for the badges: DAYUM they are nice. And for the "these only have 18 hours of battery life" warning at your talk. I was pretty happy to not be one of those frozed up at the end of the weekend.

        Bruce Schneier for the Q&A: The only talk I got to see in its entirety. Other than the libertarian-bashing I loved it. The format was a bit sloppy, but I enjoyed when you just stopped caring about what people were asking and would say "Doesn't anyone want to know about "x"?" and then just talk about it. Glad this was the one I caught.

        To the TOOOL BOD: Glad we reconnected via Katy's and I'm stoked to move ahead. Thanks for being understanding with my time, it was my first time in Vegas, I didn't want to miss anything!

        Steve: There but for the grace of god go I! I'm sorry you didn't pull the hasp when you got the master off, but I just wanted to thank you for being in the finals with me. I think everyone would agree it would have been pretty boring had either of us not been there to compete with the other. See you next year, man.

        DT: For keeping my childhood dreams alive all of these years. I can't believe it's still going.

        Agent X: Thanks for the smooth handling of all of the speaker functions. Enjoy the locks, see you next year.

        My handler: Sorry I forgot your name, man. I hope you rocked out in the LPV while I was on stage, it was really nice to have someone helping me out that also had an interest in what I was doing. Very cool meeting you.

        Nikita: Thanks, in particular, to you. When I got the email confirming that I was speaking I ran three blocks to find my girlfriend to celebrate. Hopefully I wasn't the worst of the bunch, but I know I could have had my materials to you more complete and in a timelier manner. If I find something worth talking about in the future, I'll do a better job for you. Thanks, again, for everything. (also, I've got a copy of NDE coming from the printer for you. Sorry I didn't have them while at DC)

        LosT: My friends and I agree that the mystery box made the con for us. Two of us were wandering the streets of Vegas at 5am trying to find a drill. Also - you chastised all of us for not breaking into that r70, but I'll tell you, I honestly believe I am one of the only attendees who had picks that could even FIT in there by the way you positioned the lock, as I have tools made for me in all shapes and sizes, but no standard tool could even occupy the same space as that lock, and I'm a pretty decent picker and had no chance with it. Hence the rush on angle grinders. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you did a great job. It's looking like I'll be visiting UAT in November, I'd love to grab a beer and some conversation. Thanks for putting all of that together. (my friends and I didn't even know it existed, D just walked up to the table, someone handed him a box and took our "team name" (which D made up on the spot) next year we'll be there in that we've got a clue)

        to the T-Squad: Here's to getting mocked by Klingons and great 3am t-shirt ideas. Thanks for making DEFCON as much a vacation as an event for me. Can't wait until next year.

        To everyone who attended the LPV: I hope you learned something, I hope you do this right. I honestly believe everyone there was stressing the ethic of locksport and I hope that you all came away with both knowledge and some right thinking on the subject. DON'T PICK LOCKS YOU RELY ON! I know first hand, when I came back from last year's HOPE conference I immediately broke my apartment door lock. SUCKED!

        To the folks at UAT: Thanks for the kickass lock. I have NOTHING to put it on, but I think I'm going to build a box for my 2 badges, attach this beast to it, and call it a year.

        JK! Almost forgot you, man. Thank you for Mystery Box support, minding the points competition, grabbing those photos, making the kick ass 3D LOCKPICKING GAME! And hanging with me and my friends. It was a great time and wouldn't have been as good had you not been there.

        SuperSteph: I cannot wait to bring you out here next year. Thanks for keeping the home fires burning while I was away. I missed the shit out of you.

        Thanks also to anyone I've forgotten to mention here. There were so many people I met, competed with, talked to and learned from that I know I'm missing a few.


        Everyone who was hoping to get a copy of NDE Magazine at the conference: Didn't get to the printer on time. Sorry for that. If it's any consolation, I've sunk a ton of money into this little project already, so it didn't exactly hurt to save that $4-500 chunk, and it should mean I can keep providing it digitally for even longer with less stress. So, still available for download at the website, along with JK's game. We're aiming at a monthly.

        Everyone who was hoping to get freebies at my talk: I'm sorry I locked myself out of the hotel room. Everything got distributed in the public hangout/contest area, so hopefully you were able to get your hands on something.

        EricS: I'm an ass, and you're a gentleman. I accidentally offered something of his at the talk that I had no right to. His response "You'll get better at this as you give more talks" hell of a guy.

        Everyone running the LPV: I'm sorry I wasn't there more. I hope I added something when I was there, but it was my first time to Vegas and a really short vacation with my friends all at the same time and it meant a lot to me that I could duck out and meet up with them throughout the weekend.

        Fuck Yous:

        I don't really have any...I don't think. Everyone was really cool. I don't even want to say FU you Madigan. She added a lot of entertainment value to the conference...

        It was an awesome time. I'm still in awe.


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          Re: Shout Outs!

          DT: For doing it again and again. Life without defcon would be teh suck. It was worth coming all the way from Tajikistan for. Thanks for not canceling it.

          Priest: We actually had more time to chat at this con that every other con put together. Had a blast with you buddy. Nice to meet your family, especially your son Alt-R Boy.

          Amber: Thanks for the drinks! I have no idea what I was drinking but it was just what I needed. That's why you're the bartender and I'm the lush.

          Siviak: Love ya like a brother, man. Thanks for vetting my scavenger hunt ideas and putting up with my arrogance and long windedness. You have the patience of a saint.

          Israel Torres: You remind me of someone. Thanks for popping in.

          Kallahar: You were strangely quiet this year, but you had that knowing smile on your face that spoke volumes. Kudos for the work you put into the bot contest and thanks for not shooting me.

          Kelvin: For putting me at the front of the TBBQ line when meat was served. That says so much about the kind of buddy you are. You rock. Glad you are back in SoCal too, just one more reason for me to return one day.

          TBBQ: You all rock and the apron idea was the least I can do. Enjoy and wear them in health.

          Deviant Ollam: Thanks for the space in Lockpick Village. Next year I'll find a laser that can burn through locks.

          Prez98: If you run out of stories I can show you where the "Volunteer" button is to go back to Iraq. I'm serious, it is a click button that says "Volunteer." You press it first.

          TheCotMan: "Have a beer, take the one on top." seemed to be what I heard from you several times. Thanks for the brews and thanks for your friendship.

          Russr: When you are not around, people speak incredibly highly of you. You are a man of knowledge and expertise and are appreciated!

          Renderman: Surpised you did not have 500 lbs of electronics hanging off your body this year. Glad you made it and loved your talk. Thanks for the stories and I'll watch what I do with my USB colored hubs thanks to you.

          Dataworm: Take pictures of Pierre Fonds for me and make me some memories. Glad you made it down again.

          Aristocrats: What can I say. It's a pleasure to be in the same syllable as you all!

          Valkyrie: You are the one person I was truly happy to see at Defcon. You missed last year and swore you would not miss this year. Was it worth it or what! Thank you for the Enigma preso, I will do better next year and focus better. You can count on me for anything, I'm only an email away. It's you and me against the world. When do we attack?

          Hackajar: The EFF summit was a blast. Either you were stone sober or high on Defcon. I hope the latter.

          Mouse: There is NO ONE at Defcon who smiles and laughs as much as you! You are a joy to be around and I had a great time actually getting to talk with you. Let's definitely stay in touch.

          Goons: I hardly saw you. That means I was playing nice and you were doing your job. You kept the wolves at bay and we never saw or heard the worst of it. Defcon stays incredible because of the work that you silently do, you are the unsung heroes that manage to keep the event running, one minute at a time.

          Ninja Party door guard: For letting me in to the awesome party. I loved it!

          Mee: Thanks for your solder-fu on the E boards, we had little space and even less time. Good to see you again.

          mfreeck: I don't think you realize what genius you have. You are amazingly smart and alert. You're just quiet about it. The world needs to know!

          Teklord: Saw you at the start of con and not since. Hope it wasn't because you were out of beer. :>

          Tacitus: You're getting quiet...either you are in love or being watched. Well hope your pics turned out and keep Kelvin in line until I get back.

          Icetre: Thanks for letting me practice my EXFIL on you. A million dollars in DoD training and I get to use 12 cents of it to help a friend. Next time I will have the black helicopters on standby. You are the soul of 6407.

          Ryan OnTheRun: I shed tears when I saw your jacket. I am glad you made it but wish it had been in human form. You will always be a part of Defcon just as Defcon is a part of you.

          Roamer: Sorry I could not get you more swag. Seriously you appreciate stuff to an intense degree. It is always a pleasure seeing you. You ain't nobody until you have been flipped off by Roamer!

          The goon with the Aussie accent: Thanks for the flashlight! It replaced my Surefire!

          AbbyNrml: A sight for sore eyes! Glad you liked the BARF and thanks for your hugs and candor. You always have positive words to say under any circumstances. You are a joy to be around.

          Eecue: Thanks for the 23b server side of the house where I can post my pics! We still did not get that much time at con to chat. I knew I should have been there a week sooner.

          Highwiz: You sure know how to make a guy feel wanted. Thanks for the butt snuggles but next year show some chicas how you do it.

          Not5150: The buffet run was awesome. Normally no one thinks to follow skinny Asians for the best food but you are the exception.

          Bartender: Good to see you again buddy. Keep IVU real for me and I will stop by when I am in the hemisphere.

          Nous: You rock! Great to see someone always happy and bouncing off the walls. Be yourself, you do that so well, that's why I love ya!

          Gruffy: Glad you made it! Wondering for a bit if you were. It was so worth it. You are looking good.

          Ndex: Thanks for the EXFIL assist on Icetre and letting me put tears in your beer. Glad you made it this year no matter what your idiot bosses think!

          Vendors: Thanks for the great swag year after year. The vendor area is a con requirement if you ask me!

          Jur1st: Dang your business cards are one step ahead of mine. I gotta keep working on that. Great seeing you and trying to hold a private conversation. I think we chose the wrong venue for that!

          Freshman: Do you even have eyes or are those glasses welded to you? Well heck no one would recognize you now without them. Glad you were there, nice to see you again and share snide remarks.

          Enigma Challenge Winners: We hope to have more next year for you. Spread the word and watch for us!

          Cygnus: Thanks for the cool shirt and thinking of me. I swear we worked together in a previous life.

          Chosen1: Dude, you remembered me for Christmas! Thanks a ton for the gift. Glad to see you and you are looking well. We will have to get Cooncon running soon. I got the Mac-10 all tuned up for you too, as good as new.

          Dallas: You still have it when it comes to the drinks! Thanks for the behind the scenes help that you contribute. We know you are there and you help make it happen!

          Lost: Next year incorporate a mobius strip, some muzzle flash, a skyhook and find another ID:10(t). Your boxen ideas and wonderful and evil at the same time.

          Converge: Thanks for the TBBQ work! You always have something, somehow, some way to contribute to con and I appreciate you for that.

          Alkloyd: Saw you at the Penthouse moments before we got shut down. Didn't get a chance to say much but thanks for being there as usual. If you ever lose your shirt we'll get you some paint.

          Queeg: Thanks for the emergency call to get pool2girl up here at the last minute. I am sure laws were broken in the process but it's worth it.

          Flea: You worked your ass off this year because I hardly saw you. Thanks for your efforts!

          Lopey: Your music rocks. Your shirts rock. Your DJ-fu rocks! Thanks for keeping it insane, that's just what we need.

          HackerPimps: Great party dudes! Great minds too. It is an honor to get to hang around you. Let me know when you need a piss boy.

          Nico: Loved our chat at the Penthouse Sunday night. Next time let's link up sooner. Great ideas for next year!

          Cindy the illegal alien: Yea I'm ready for ya....where did you go? The question is -- are YOU ready for ME.
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            Re: Shout Outs!

            I want to thank everyone this year who helped make DEFCON what it is, the speakers, staff, attendees and of course my bosses. I loved how smoothly everything ran this year. There were a few bumps but they were small, i kept waiting and saying to myself "shit i hope the ball doesn't drop now", thankfully it never did.

            Converge: RAAAAAAAAR !

            L0sT: I'm glad to have met you in person,you are a lot of fun, great conversation, and wonderful people skills. I regret not seeing your khaki PR Mugshot, however marshmellow crotch was a good replacement. I only wish you didnt live so far away, I think i would enroll in some classes with my bro if you were teaching. Im seriously considering moving now. No really I am, I just love my job too much.

            Deviant: Still feel like I didn't get enough time with you. I think your awesome anyways!

            Goons: Great job! Thanks for watching our shwag table thursday too. We were attacked on all sides so your help was very appreciated. riverside for getting us the the shelf that we ended up not using, chosen1 for the crowd control and the others for watchin our stash.

            Noid and Evil: Thanks for the company, I hate airports. Noid, thanks for running your goons as good as you always have year after year. Evil, great work with the info booth.

            Agent X & Crew:Thanks for the hard work and taking care of my speakers, even the "special" ones. Haha. We will make sure to keep siberia off the map next year :-)

            Roamer: You are such a sweetheart, I had lots of fun trying to keep you vertical. good job with the vendors, as always:-)

            Sk00t: Thanks for the good times, and for telling everyone exactly how intoxicated I was to be trapped in the elevator. ;) Next year why dont you bring the rest of your guild.

            Russ: Thanks for the support and the onion rings :-) I am also forever in your debt for introducing my to the best fucking drink known to man the warp core breach. I fucking love you. I want to marry that drink and have babies with it. Seriously out-fucking-standing beverage.

            UAT crew: You guys were sooo much help. I cant say it enough, you were a bunch of really fun and really smart dudes. It was nice to have a laugh here and there and dont forget if you need a reference I would be happy to give you one.

            Little Ricky: I want you around for all the shows :-) You are such a hard worker and you are so sweet. Next year bring your girl so you arent on the phone as much haha!

            Mike: You gave the the shirt off your back. We are homies now!

            HighWiz- Thanks for the hug Sunday night, it was really sweet and I needed that :-) It was nice to meet you in person, I had an entirely different mental image of you. Here I was this whole time thinking you had an unfortunate likeness to John Wayne Gacy wasnt expecting a normal baby faced innocent looking dude.

            Everyone else: Thanks for the love, friendship, booze and good times. I wish we spent more time with each other, especially Kenny, Katie, Digi/Lerfty and DataShark.

            I'd like to say sorry to a few of my speakers, I make mistakes and I'm ever thankful you guys were there to roll with the punches and see that the show came out on top. A special thanks to Major and Joel, you guys are sweet as pie and very forgiving. There are a lot of speakers and I couldn't see them all, However I will once the video comes back :-) There was a lot of great feedback that made it back to me so I know you guys did great.

            The Cotman: I asked around for you, they said you were there, yet once again...I haven't met you in person. We MUST plan something that puts us in the same room next year for sure.

            Sorry to everyone else i forgot to mention, I know I forgot people but i'm still tired and ive been heavily medicated this entire week thanks to a pulled Trapezius muscle. So i'm been healing my blisters and bathing in icy hot. :-P

            FU(K YOU's=
            A few people I am big enough not to mention by name.
            "Haters, gonna hate"


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              Re: Shout Outs!


              DT: Thanks for the event! Was my first one and it was insane! Can't wait for next year!

              One of the Kenshoto guys(Samuari Knot?): Thanks for NOT kicking me in the balls for taking the picture in CTF and explaining the 'rulez' to a DEFCON noob. Mucho Gracias. Your a cool cat! I think I have Fortune Cookies wedged in my shoes still...

              ALL of Kenshoto: Thanks for an awesome event and setting 'Hacker Utopia' for me. That room was my favorite. Especially Scooby on the big screen!

              All CTF Teamz: It was awesome to watch you guys grind. Your focus was highly encouraging and something to strive for.

              The CTF Team from France: HOLY! Can you guys PLEASE speak English on the plane next time so a brotha' can get some tips on reverse engineering? :)

              KingPin: Badgez were fab....nice work!

              Schuyler: If this was your first talk, you wouldn't know it! Great job and super informative. Just started LP but found your talk motivating for sure...

              Goons: Great job keeping things 'mild'. Also, for the three Goons in the Estonia talk for handling biz.

              Random Girl in the Estonia talk: for getting the Goons to take care of biz. Haha. Those guys were entertaining and I understand their fun, but damn, I really wanted to hear the talk.

              Fred: Our first Con and it was a blast! Next year for sure!!

              Crazy Wizzard: Missed you this year but next year you need to make it happen.

              Maelstrom: Don't know where the F you are lately, but props to helping a noob 20 years ago! Merit?

              Lil'B: Your skillz are progressing at an insane rate! Keep up the good work!! Wonder where you get it from?

              FhuerKinD: You have the mindset keep the focus.

              Known only to me as the "wildcatz" lady: You are completely out of control! I have know idea what you were talking about but find you fun anyway. Next year!

              Lesbian Mafia: ????

              Johnny Long: Great talk and cool work on the charity work. Props for bringing out the Christian faith.

              King Tuna: You did alright. Good material for such a new 'sport'.

              and finally:

              TSA Agent at LAS: For going through ALL of my shit at security but being super decent about it. Thoroughly enjoyed our chat on ECM and Military COMMS! PS. You missed the wide band receiver I had stashed in the pocket! :0 Tryin' to catch me flyin' dirty??

              FUCK YOUS:
              Michelle Madigan: Could have at least allowed a 'down blouse' for our troubles!

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                Re: Shout Outs!

                Voltage Spike - for the ground transportation and bringing the spare video adapter (or was that alex?).
                Deviant - for taking ToxicBBQ to the next level and subtly waiting a few minutes to introduce the panel
                Jennifer, Bob, Alex, Ari, Mags - for joining me for the annual pilgrimage to the Wynn for Lobster Benedict
                Sqweak & Mags - always good to see you but seriously...with you off the wagon your memory is way too good.
                Siviak - for the late night party and helping diffuse an explosive situation
                Queeg - for helping back me up
                All goons - for not messing with the new guy on dispatch
                hackajar - Sushicon and theSummitt were a great time
                HackerPimps, Ninja Networks & kenshoto - fantastic parties as expected
                NOC team - thanks for the cookies and endorsement. next year the food will be better, I promise. fatburger really hit the spot
                Deviant, Mouse, Thorn & Noid - I think the panel exceeded everyone's expectations
                CHS - wow...that whole deal was out there
                Zac - again, thanks for the endorsement
                Doolittle - thanks for everything including the relief to see the dancing girls at hackerpimps. just wouldn't be defcon without them.
                Beckie - all things and most certainly making the in-and-out run
                Connor - not sure if i should be thanking you for enduring my ranting, or you thanking me for the numerous lolz which i produced. guess we're even.
                noid & evil:'s getting mailed this week.
                Vidiot - the bracelet ensured a flight home without people talking to me.
                Cal - good times...thanks for your help in producing worldwide lolz
                priest - i'll be brushing up on my iMovie-fu so we can produce those impromptu videos in short order
                the speaker goon for picking up that item for me
                the guys on the steps late night friday
                All those I've forgotten

                Everyone who came to my talk and broomstick-fu. I was floored by both the attendance and everyone's kind words for the rest of the weekend.

                Apologies - those who endured my ranting and excessive verbosity on saturday night and everyone who i meant to meet up with but didn't.
                jur1st, esq.


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                  Re: Shout Outs!

                  FUCK YAH!

                  Thanx all for a really really really good con!!! I had a fucking blast, and it was my first DefCon (I've totally obsessed with the badges, you guys need to make more like this... perhaps a color LCD badge?)


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                    Re: Shout Outs!

                    Ck's List of Thank yous :

                    Lost - Your contest was in the true spirit of everything I enjoy about Defcon, I can't wait for next year! I hope to have a team put together, as your contest is truly something I have to experience for myself.

                    Deviant - Your always so welcoming of me hanging out with you. I don't think a year/6months has gone by when I don't learn something from you. Thanks for allowing me to help judge the titanium chef, it was a blast and the food was delicious. I didn't quite have the muster in me to try the "guess the flesh", but maybe next year ;)

                    Mouse - Big smile, and a ton of cool gadgets. It wouldn't be a con without you :)

                    Eric - I know we have met before, but it was awesome getting to hangout, and enjoy the TBBQ prep/getting lost in Vegas.

                    GM1 - You work your ass off for the con gooning, and still have time to put on cool events like sushicon. My hats off to you, see you at Shmoo!

                    Thorn - The wireless village kicked ass! So did the Church of Wifi talk! I just regret not helping more. Next year I am going to try and have some stuff put together.

                    Squidly1 - It is always cool to meet someone else working on the DS/PSP. I hope we can share some links and knowledge in the future.

                    Converge - 2 words...Mountain Dew

                    Roamer - I wish I could have hung out a little more, maybe next year we can go get some beer and talk about slowaris ;)

                    TBBQ et al. - It rocked this year, it is getting a little big, but that just means it is sucessful. Let me know how I can help next year!

                    Londo and Xtasy - You two are awesome, I really am not sure what the con would be without you. I hope next year I can come a little early and take you out to dinner.

                    HighWiz - As was a blast...I have to say the driving around in the bright red mustang listening to country as loud as the speakers would go was quite a highlight.

                    Jackalope - I didn't get to hear your full set this year, but everyone said it rocked! I really hope it ends up online or available for purchase! Jackalope Army for life!

                    M33p - You looked absolutly stunning on Saturday night...I was blown away. I hope to see you at Shmoo!

                    Kelvin - I hope everything went well for you, I know you where trying to do defcon on a shoestring budget. Next year I will try and get a bigger room so you don't have to sleep on the floor ;)

                    DaMan - It was great fun hanging out with IVU and having a couple of drinks.

                    Renderman and Grey - Thanks so much for hanging out with me, it was good times, hopefully we can do it all again. I also take NO blame for gambling with Grey and showing her video poker ;)

                    Lil'Freak and H3adrush - What can I say, good friends all around, Next year we should go out for some drinks, you might have to leave the kid back at the hotel ;)

                    Serif, Crash, Galt, Javantea - one word...dedication. I am still recovering from Sunday night....

                    Niblr, Hugit and the rest of the Neg9 Crew - I finally got to meet everyone, next year I think we should all go out for dinner a couple of more times.

                    Ninja Networks - The party rocked this year, as it has every year I have been. I met some cool people and really enjoyed the minibosses. I was also made into a temp. roadie as we loaded up their van, which was a good time.

                    And last but not least,

                    Octalpussy - Just wouldn't be Defcon without you. Thanks for everything!
                    I would like to meet a 1 to keep my 0 company.


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                      Re: Shout Outs!

                      Okay, here's mine. I'll try to keep verbosity lower than usual. Maybe.

                      Big digital love to:

                      The forums. I've lurked off and on over the years, but when I proposed a contest I was directed to become a citizen. I am so freaking hooked now, and compulsively check the RSS along with all my other sites. The forums are an amazing tool, and my hat is off to all of you that make it possible, especially Cot, Chris, Thorn and the other mods for keeping the place so tidy.

                      The Inner Sanctum. Nikita, Neil, Russ, Ping, DA, DT, Zac, Major, Priest, AgentX, DCNetworking, the Goons and all the other people who give up months of your lives each year putting this together so we can all play, party, hack for three days and be silly. This was my first year really witnessing the hairy details that go in to making DefCon happen, and I am in awe of each of you and what you do.

                      OTB. Thanks so much to all the people who showed up with gear for a t-shirt for my silly contest, threw things at the boxes, helped out, made suggestions, or otherwise contributed. As I said, I'm just amazed at what the DefCon community will do if you just ask. Special bonus mega-love to Nate, Jeff, PukingMonkey, Tatsumori, Izer, Mike, Tatsumori, NBender, GFleischer, OxB0B, Deviant, and the indefatiguable PunkAssBitch, who would not rest until the NeXT cube was brought to its knees. You all just blew me away.

                      Nous and Nkryptr: Thanks for being roomies in 115 and taking turns watching the gear. If we do this next year, I'll see you there, and maybe I'll bone up on my DTMF.

                      Vegas 2.0: You guys are the glue that holds together so many pieces of con, I don't know where to start. Would have been stoked to swap a shirt for an honorary labcoat, but a 2XL for me would have been a circus tent.

                      Vyrus and DC949: Honored to know you guys. What you are doing is a great resource, and it's been fun to watch it grow each year. Marketing / SocEng suggestion, if I may? s/Amateur/Open/. Amateur is not a fair description of what you guys did this year. Infected Mushroom FTW!

                      StickerNation guy: You remain as always my hero. Looking forward to that talk on memes as function pointers and coding your own reality. Love it.

                      DC314, which doesn't exist yet, but will soon. Glad to see all of you, and glad to lay some plans for getting together more than once a year.

                      I was mostly busy scrambling around on the contest and stressing about my talk, so I'll leave the rest unsaid and just say that with a handful of exceptions everyone I met was brilliant, funny, clever, and usually just a bit drunk.

                      Big digital bronx cheers to:

                      That one guy: We were just having fun, dude, and I was just some dork with a projector. I hope you can find bigger dragons to slay. I guess I should be flattered.

                      Random chick trying to trade sex for drugs. You embarrassed yourself and set female hackers back a few centuries every time you opened your mouth. Please do Burning Man instead next year, kthx. Or maybe you should have stuck around for the TKE's.

                      The Sun. I hate you, really I do. Everywhere I Iooked, there you were, roasting everything in sight. Dry heat my ass.
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                      "Raise a toast to ... I think he might have been our only decent ."


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                        Thanks and Sorry's

                        This is a long list, and I hope I didn't forget anyone. If I did forget you, feel free to /kick me and I'll be happy to add you. If I included you and you don't know what I'm talking about, you were probably really drunk. This will probably have to be a multi-post list. (As I've been writing the list has been growing and growing).

                        Everything here is in no particular order, just randomly thrown together. And I apologize for any spelling errors.

                        First the Parties!

                        Ninja Networks: You all definitely know how to throw a great party, it's probably one of the most memorable parties I've ever been at at DefCon.

                        HackerPimps: With the exception of the hookers err.. I mean strippers. You party was awesome. It was much more of a layed back atmosphere so I was able to actually talk to people. Though it would have been funny if the stripper had electrocuted herself... Then the headline would have read "Hacker Pimps Kill Hooker".

                        303: Your party was a lot of fun and also had a more mellow atmosphere so I was able to connect with a lot of people and just hangout.

                        QueerCon: It was an amazing party, the music was great, the company was awesome and I think everyone had a good time. It was kind of fun to watch some of the gay guys start checking runnerup out when he opened up his shirt... I was afraid I was going to have to beat them off with a stick. The party totally rocked.

                        ToxicBBQ: I almost didn't want to include this in parties since it's so much more, it definitely has changed a lot since ToxicBBQ 1 and most of it was for the better. Everyone who had a hand in putting it together should give themselves a pat on the back, you guys did and awesome job.

                        Penthouse: Fabulousness knows no bounds in the penthouse!

                        Thanks to all those people who put work into making those parties so awesome, I'd tried to list them, but I'd probably forget someone and feel bad.

                        To everyone:

                        I was a little nervous this year in returning to con after being away for so long, but you all made my time at con a most enjoyable one and I'm very glad I went. So thank you all.

                        Runnerup(Rob): You made my DefCon experience a great one, I probably wouldn't have gone this year if it wasn't for you.

                        Roamer: I think everyone knows at this point that you want me. Never-the-less I had a fun time hanging out with you, Saturday night was a blast and the first time I've been drunk since poker at wiseacres. Thanks to your vendor goons (not you) that vendor area was cool. By the way, I told you I would come, bitch.

                        Wiseacre: Roamer is correct sir, that you and I are indeed girlfriends. Great respect is given though to both you and panadero, my Ninja Bodyguards (I don't think Lil_freak will ever be the same).

                        Panadero: Contrary to what a few tards say, I think you did a great job and the guitar hero contest was awesome, likewise your Ninja skillz rule.

                        thewad: You're getting much better...

                        TheCotMan: I had a great time hanging out with you. You ate "Caesar's challenge" alive.

                        Boombox: I'm glad I got to meet you, I hope you'll be back at DefCon next year.

                        GM1: Listen... If you're going to wear an outfit like that again I'm seriously going to chloroform you and wax your chest.

                        Londo: I always enjoy your company immensely, you and X always make Defcon a very memorable experience for me.

                        X-stasy: I know the lap dance was the highlight of your year.

                        Kelvin: Your girlfriend sound really nice, but she's wrong, the scruff has to go!

                        Tacitus: It was great seeing you... And don't worry, you were drunk so it doesn't really count.

                        Siviak: It was good seeing you, keep in touch. Oh, and Runnerup thought you were cute (I don't know what he was thinking!)

                        Andrenline: You did a great job at the scav hunt, the mustache is definitely you though. When you go through puberty you should grow a real one.

                        Mike (Scav Guy): Rule One: Don't hand someone your license at DefCon. Rule Two: After you hand someone (me) your license, don't try to convince them that it's a fake. By the way, you need to work on the GA Tech, Water Polo Site... it kinda sucks.

                        Lil Freak: That Necklace that you and h3adrush gave me was awesome. I had a lot of fun hanging out with you this year, Runnerup had a lot of fun with you as well.

                        -lil bro (craz): I hope you enjoyed your first DefCon, and I look forward to seeing you again next year.

                        H3adrush: I barely got to hangout with you at all! My bad. Don't think I forgot about your job in spawning.

                        valkyrie: You are an inspiration and I definitely meant it when I told you that you were/are beautiful.

                        ASTcell: That "Fairy" soap was great. It was fun hanging out with you the little that we did, you're a popular man and seemed to be getting pulled in a thousand different directions.

                        Lockheed: Sorry I didn't get to hangout with you.

                        Noid: Thank god for cigarettes or else I would have never gotten to see you. Congrats on the job.

                        Alkloyd: That Orange shirt is definitely your trade mark. I think your stories may have freaked runnerup out a bit, but it was kinda funny to see him squirm, I hope at the next con we both attend we'll be able to hangout more.

                        Meee: I enjoyed your company a lot this year. It was good chilling out and talking to you. I hope we'll get to do it again at shmoocon.

                        Euro12: The Party was excellent, it was a job well done.

                        Aaron: It was great meeting you and talking, even with the thumpa thumpa in the background.

                        Arclight: It was great seeing you at QueerCon, I never knew!

                        Russr: You're a good sport my friend. I could say a lot more, but I'll be nice and leave it at that. You also did a great job with the contests.

                        Dana: It was a pleasure meeting you, I hope I didn't embarrass you too much, I was only trying to embarrass Russ. I look forward to seeing you again though.

                        Converge: I probably saw you more at this Con then I ever have in the past. You definitely are a lot of fun when you're drunk, I hope your ass doesn't hurt too much.

                        Che: Listen, if you're going to remove your shirt you think about the back hair..

                        Mfreeck: You're a lot of fun when you're drunk, I think your husband was getting a bit jealous of the time we were spending together in our geek talk.

                        Jackalope: Your set at the Ball was fantastic, sorry to hear about your camera. Now you just need to move to the east coast.

                        Syntax: Nice job with the ToxicBBQ Shirts and the Animated Gif.

                        Zac: You better call if you're in the area so we can hangout.

                        ndex: I had a great time hanging out with you, though you definitely had worried a few times.

                        thepres98: It was good seeing you, even if you were too cool to ride in my car.

                        Thorn: I always have a good time with you. And you need to give yourself more credit.

                        Renderman: Sorry I didn't get to hangout with you much at Con, I very much enjoyed your talk - it was inspiring (seriously) - I guess you were trying to "stay dry" by not hanging out with me.

                        Grey Frequency: It was good seeing, and you definitely need to convince Render to move to the area.

                        Deviant Ollam: Everything your ran or were involved with was done spectacularly, and we'll definitely have to have a cheese-steak con.

                        Medic: You looked like you were enjoying yourself at the info booth this year. Maybe next year you can convince me to go into the dunk tank.

                        Dara: You're soo much cooler then your husband.

                        AlxRogan: What can I say, I love you buddy, you'll always be my bear.

                        Jenn: I had a great time seeing you and hanging out with ya, you definitely need to come back to philly - and this time leave the bear at home.

                        IsraelT: It was good meeting you and hanging out, you remind me of someone.

                        Gruffy: You like simply gorgeous at this year.

                        thecaptain: I will definitely have new cards for next year! Glad they come in handy for you.

                        quigon: I had a ball hanging out with you this year, you're a very down to earth and fun guy to be around.

                        Flea: It was nice seeing you, good job on the in your face photography.

                        Queeg: My heart jumps everytime you walk in the room, your gayness knows no-bounds!

                        Golgo: Yea... We gotta talk about the hair.

                        ck3k: I always enjoy hanging out with you, you're like the little brother I never had.

                        TW: Great job with Registration and your wife is definitely a keeper!

                        Bascule: Listen, I will never ever drink anything you give me. Oh, and make sure the project goes open source.

                        Octalpussy: Sorry we didn't get to hangout this year, though it was good seeing you.

                        gdead: That shirt, definitely improves your fabulocity.

                        Heidi: It was great seeing you this year.

                        cockburn: You sir were a very good sport. I enjoyed hanging out with you, you're a very cool guy. Your name... We'll... Atleast it's unique!

                        Grifter: I was really surprised your wife was pregnant, I always thought Ken Dolls didn't have penises.

                        Nikita: It was great meeting you, you look kinda sad on sunday night so I hope the hug helped.

                        Hackajar: You're much less of a douchebag, even boardering on a nice guy.

                        VoltageSpike: I see how it is, you're still too cool to say hello to me.

                        LoST: Your contest was amazing to put it mildly.

                        Cygnus: You laugh is still a very disturbing thing

                        spahkle: Sparkles! It was good seeing you, what a lifesaver you were buying those lighters! Sorry to hear about you getting tackled, that's what happens when GM1 dreams about me.

                        dataworm: I swear I'm going to take up a collection so we can buy you hooked on phonics.

                        erehwon: It was nice seeing you at the KenShoto party, you definitely looked happy to see the highwizard ( as well you should be )

                        licitus: You and ndex together reminded me a lot of the borg.

                        kallahar: Sorry we didn't get to hangout, I know how you're all about the homer-sexuals.

                        yankee: Contrary to what you may think, I was very happy to see you. I really wish we had more time to hangout and talk though.

                        Justabill: Apparently your alcohol consumption knows no bounds

                        DT: As always, a great Con... If you were gay, I'd probably do you.

                        BlackBeetle: Behind every great man there is an even greater woman.

                        FAWCR: Had a great time hanging out with you on Saturday night.

                        Casey(dc410): I hope you enjoyed your first defcon. Hopefully we'll see you at a DC410 meeting soon.

                        musashi: I'm pretty convinced that I've never seen someone move as fast as you did when those krispy creams were placed on the table.

                        tprophet: My apologies on not being able to help you setup.

                        Veruus: Sorry there were no high-wang pictures for you to fawn over this year.

                        m33p: Sorry I squirted you with the waterguns at the bbq when your back was turned.


                        To those who didn't make it or couldn't come, Boo on you!

                        Nulltone, Kry0NiK, Denarius, Detok, Xodia, Blossom, Skroo, Czarina, TwinVega, Tinkerbell, Numba1, etc...


                        If I forgot you, then feel free to kick me on #dc-forums and I'll update it. Though, there's also the chance that I excluded you on purpose
                        And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts, And I looked and behold: a pale horse. And his name, that sat on him, was Death. And Hell followed with him.


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                          Re: Thanks and Sorry's

                          Originally posted by HighWiz View Post
                          VoltageSpike: I see how it is, you're still too cool to say hello to me.
                          Uhh, hello.

                          Seriously, though, you don't show up for a while and I start to forget faces. I guess you'll just need to go to more 'Cons.

                          I loved the cock necklace, by the way ... I'm guessing that was lil freak's based on the above?


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                            Re: Thanks and Sorry's

                            Originally posted by Voltage Spike View Post
                            Uhh, hello.

                            Seriously, though, you don't show up for a while and I start to forget faces. I guess you'll just need to go to more 'Cons.

                            I loved the cock necklace, by the way ... I'm guessing that was lil freak's based on the above?
                            Yea, lil_freak and h3adrush had gotten me the necklace as a present, they surely picked a winner!
                            And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts, And I looked and behold: a pale horse. And his name, that sat on him, was Death. And Hell followed with him.


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                              Re: Shout Outs! / Thanks and Sorrys

                              Part 1 of ?

                              Thanks to People:
                              Dark Tangent: Thanks for the forums, the badge and inviting us all to another Defcon at Las Vegas. I don't think I would ever come back to Las Vegas if it weren't for Defcon. Defcon makes Las Vegas exciting. :-)
                              Boombox: With me the whole time from Sunday through to Monday and beyond. You are a great friend, and I am glad you were here again this year to enjoy Defcon in a totally different way from previous years.
                              Mfreeck: you did well at keeping Boombox entertained for me. Thanks! Good having you in the room again this year. Looks like toilet problem was exchanged with tub problem. [pics=478]You and Z^2 did a great job in the RFID searching contest[/pics]. Excellent!
                              converge: Great to have you in the room again this year. I liked the way started to dance when I was trying to put money in your pocket. Are you sure you are not an exotic dancer?
                              TW: You have my thanks twice... First, there was that thing you helped me with at registration, when you didn't have any idea who I was, or could believe anything I was claiming was on my phone, and then again later when Roamer talked to you about that thing, and you gave me your personal one of the thing you gave me. I had a great time with it-- one of the things I had the most fun with working on while I was at Defcon this year. I have to add you to my booze list for next year, and if not booze, then some other drink or refreshment.
                              Roamer: I've said before that I am glad I am not your enemy, but I can say now that as scary as being an enemy would be, being on good terms with you is awesome. As a thank you for the thing you helped me with, I gave you the information on how to get that information for that one thing, and I also give you the gift of not publishing that thing I gave you, so you can decide where to send it.
                              SkyDog: You had no way to know for sure that I was who I said I was when we talked in the hallway, but I am really happy that you believed me and I was able to bring Boombox to the Hackerpimps Party. I was able to get in last year, but didn't stay long enough to really get into the groove. This year, I waited and drank booze and had a great time. You all at Hackerpimps know how to host a party. I had a great time. Thanks!
                              Euro12 and anyone involved with hosting QueerCon: much more dancing at QC than the other parties. Yes, I did catch 'teh ghay' while I was there, but he had someone with him, so I had to let him go according to catch and release rules. (There should be a picture out there of this somewhere-- I remember posing.)
                              HighWizard: It was good to see you back at Defcon. You seemed a bit more solemn than I remember you being previous years. Maybe the Scavenger hunt ignites your passion to win, and that drives you to be the do-it-all-because-you-can person we've all seen you as. [pics=395]Your Mustang was very nice[/pics]. Boombox says Thanks too. You were very social and I can't figure how you sneaked up on me. You must have been practicing your ninja skills, that your suddenly being there caused me to jump out of my socks.
                              Che, L0nd0, GodMinusOne: [pics=389]You[/pics] all [pics=390]work[/pics] so hard to make sure the Toxic BBQ works out well, and even privatized the Pre BBQ Food Run. You all do great work at avoiding problems from previous years. Great work! Great Fun!
                              Deviant Ollam: Nice work on the [pics=365]Titanium Chef[/pics] contest and [pics=363]Guess the Flesh[/pics] at the Toxic BBQ and the LP Village, and thebeverage cooling contest and... It might be easier to list the places you didn't contribute time and energy. ;-) Congrats with being on stage at P&T. That was the high point of the show. :-)
                              [Syntax]: Sorry this year wasn't that great for you man, but thanks for the work with the TBBQ and the tee shirt. :-) I was amazed to see that DVD about UFO magically appear in your stuff at the TBBQ. That was an amazing trick! Must have been aliens.
                              Lost(boy): We didn't get to hang out much this year as much as last year, but I did get to watch some of your contest. I saw people run off with [pics=425]Box1[/pics] and was able to witness the various teams carefully transporting their [pics=464]2nd box[/pics] orthogonal with respect to the ground and really enjoyed your closing ceremony discussion. Yes! It is all about the people in the contest, and what you do and what the people do to bypass what you do! Sorry to yell out the question from the audience about when you started work, but people did need to know how much work you put into this. Your love of the mysterybox puzzles shows in how you run your contest. This joy is communicated in your work, and is what attracts people to you and your contest.
                              Priest: I really had a problem with you many years back for you you would interrupt presentations to tell everyone in the audience how much they suck for having done something wrong, when in reality the people responsible were almost certainly not even in the room. You totally took this constructive criticism well and I've never seen you do this since then. You have interrupted presentations to explain side-events that we need to know about, and these updates are very good! It is also very nice to see you make examples of people that deserve it, and should receive the benefit of your wisdom. I have no pity for these people when they get what they deserve. Sorry there were not many people spotting feds this year. You do a great job, and I am glad you, and your peer goons attend Defcon to help minimize our risk, and help keep us all safe.
                              Kallahar: Thanks for recognizing that I am what is wrong with America Today. ;-) I tried to set my description to be that, but it looks like I'll have to alter the forum database table size to allow for a larger text field. Good to see you running Defcon Robots again this year.
                              Entr0py: dang it. you came o our room with m33p, but left her with us? What kind of evil trick is that? The estrogen nearly killed us men in there. If you would have stayed, us, "men-folk" would have been safer. Seriously though, maybe next year.
                              Tacitus: Rockin man. A simple dream-idea that you make a reality. Kick ass job. Squirt guns at the Toxic BBQ. Kick ass! That is Defcon... See a niche, fill it. And you did... you really did. :-)
                              Jackalope: thanks for the Tee and the CD. Sorry about [pics=499]your camera[/pics].
                              [pics=397]LVPD[/pics]: Thanks for not treating us like children [pics=396]when coming to tell us we needed to close down the TBBQ[/pics].
                              Dead Addict: First time I ever spent any time with you. You are someone I'd probably choose to spend more time to talk with next year, assuming both of our schedules permit. Hopefully after the Caezar Challenge game. :-)
                              NinjaNetworks people (Caezar, Avarice, Barkode, cnelson, *) : Wow. All I can say is Wow. Well, maybe I can say more: I've never seen so much work put into throwing a party. From the Ninja Pass with the entertaining cipher, shout-outs, and riddle, to the layout of the floor, [pics=483]SMS-shoutout board[/pics], video games and [pics=481]live band (MiniBosses)[/pics]: wow. This was impressive. I really enjoyed being able to play the game-- it had me giggling like a schoolgirl. Ask mfreeck; she said I was acting, "squirrelly," most of the night. Boombox could do nothing but laugh at how much joy I had with the game.

                              Sorry to people:
                              Originally posted by Synapse
                              Damnit cotman, I wanted to find out who you were.
                              I had to show up like 30 min late, door was locked and a sign said "queercon is located at another room"
                              Sorry about that. Turns out that I was in a presentation, converge was in the Mysterybox, and Chris was not promised beer by converge and I *at* the forum meet, so none of the admins showed up to wrestle room access up for everyone. Sorry about that. I was at the TBBQ though. Maybe next year. :-)
                              Nikita: Sorry we didn't meet either. Sounds like we were at the same parties, but maybe it was just a matter of timing.

                              Thanks (places):
                              * American Shooters for the opportunity to shoot weapons in an excellent environment, with a very relaxed atmosphere, and employees who were professional, and very helpful.
                              * Stomp Out Loud because I was very entertained. Thanks boombox for the ticket.
                              * Atomic Testing Museum with [pics=353]picture[/pics] and [pics=357]test image[/pics]. Fun place!

                              Places: Eh. No links to your sites; you didn't earn it from me.
                              * A flat, "Eh," to Blueman, as I wasn't really impressed
                              * "Nah," to Spam-A-Lot
                              * "Your show was better last time" to Penn & Teller, even though the audience was better this time.

                              Places: You make me a sad panda
                              * [pics=522]Nevada Lock Supply[/pics] for moving and changing your policy on sales of lock picks to only people with a locksmith license.
                              * The Gun Store sometimes people want to load their own weapons, and be responsible on their own.
                              * [pics=348]7-11 in Henderson[/pics] for tearing down your Simpsons Promo stuff before I could get pictures of the promo stuff up.
                              * Riviera Hotel and Casino: No pool at night but lots of guards a the pool. You did better than last year, but still have a long way to go. Keep improving and maybe next year I can put you on my thank you list. Your hotel room tub could drain better. You say rollaway won't fit in room, but my Cot did. You lied to me.

                              More sorry, and thanks in part 2... (running out of time for this tonight.)

                              If I forgot someone, please remind me. I have started work on part 2.
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                                Re: Shout Outs!

                                Originally posted by noid View Post
                                Yup. We liked his refusal to comply and his 'in your face' New Jersey attitude.
                                heh i met that guy.. we had a nice little conversation about how it was nice to see other black people at defcon for once ;)