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    I just read on the DCX page that a badge will be required to be on the hotel grounds. Not in the con rooms, just AT the hotel. Now in the past I had family come with me and hang out by the far pool, not even getting near the front half of the con. So this will not be allowed this year?

    Seems a good argument for getting a different hotel. Family will not attend the con, but I have to pony up $75 for them? Each?

    If worried about those passing through, maybe wristbands would be a better deal, to be able to tell those registered at the hotel.

    With a non-refundable first day already paid, it sucks to have it all come to this. I can cancel my reservation and change hotels, forfeit a C note, and then save $75 per person.



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      then there could be snipers posted to take out people missing wristbands, helicopters flying above to ... o wait..
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        And I guess the badges will have to be worn while in the pool, or traveling from any point A to point B, while running out for ice at 2am... This sounds like it'll be a royal pain to enforce. My experience with the hotel security last year was that a number of them could use English lessons, and the rest have yet to discover the miracle of soap.


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          Re: 666

          Originally posted by astcell
          And I guess the badges will have to be worn while in the pool, ...
          I must say, I really liked the badge design last year, as far as its waterproof nature. Now if I could just afford a waterproof laptop and radio, I'd be fully equipped!
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            Here is what I would do if you are planning on bringing someone with you:

            1. IF you want to stay at the Alexis Park, plan on paying.
            2. IF you do not want to pay, stay somewhere else.

            I am sure that the enforcement of the badge rule will be considerate of people in pools, and just going to and from locations. I know that this new rule is to stop the 'locals' and those that do not pay for con, yet show up for the 'party' and act in a way that is not benificial to all. Nothing personal, but this convention IS there for folks to LEARN, not just to come and party.

            Hey... I LOVE the party, and do so. But many just come to be part of it party, and nothing else.



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              my favorite badge was Defcon 7 'cause they were like "clink!" Anyways, I like throwing the Moloch parties but this year we might have difficulty with the space. If you know of anyone who might want to help out this year, gimmee a shout.
              tommEE pickles


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                pay to party

                Oh I understand paying to party, but paying yo stay at pool #3? I guess the family can stay in bathing suits and have a towel and always be okay. Seriously, a wristband for the back half of the hotel should suffice. Then again I could encourage them to take full part of the entire event since they must pay full price.

                if the rules change in mid-stream it'd be nice if AP would offer refunds based on those who signed up under the old rules.


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                  I don't know where my room is this year but I know I didn't get to reserve the huge room like we always do. I have tried but I couldn't. They are even $300 a night this year. Hopefully somebody will help. The party is a lot cooler inside because we can get DJs and lighting. Outside is ok but gets told to be quiet too often.
                  tommEE pickles


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                    room size

                    Last year I got a big room with a jacuzzi and fireplace and never used the amenities. I even got the room for $108 a night! This year I'll revert back to the mouse hole.


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                      Well since Defcon has been at Alexis Park, Moloch has rented several rooms there. Every year the 'super' suites have gone up and up in price. $300 indeed is way too much for what the room it gave us. Since a regular room is like $100, the suite is $300, Funny. We even got charged for damage last year, which wasn't a nice surprise. The tips that we got from people did help out though. I have a small room this year but it's really no place to party. :D
                      tommEE pickles


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                        Can I bring my scuba gear and hang out at the bottom of the pool? I think that can be another meeting place for those of us needing more room. Any takers?


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                          Badge durability/style

                          Since I am going to make a more concerted effort to wear my badge this time (considering that they are actually going to be checked more often), something not too big, not too rigid and waterproof would be a definite bonus.

                          Too bad they can't just give everyone super secret decoder rings or something that will be checked at the door. ;)


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                            Re: Badge durability/style

                            Originally posted by froggy
                            Too bad they can't just give everyone super secret decoder rings or something that will be checked at the door. ;)
                            They could always just brand everyone on the forhead, that would be unique and pretty tough not to see...

                            ps, are you the same froggy that was selling the mix cd's last year? If you are, I still listen to that cd all the time, thanks.


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                              Mix CDs

                              Well, I don't remember selling them. I gave over 100 away for free, but, yeah, that was mine. Now that I'm a year older I think the whole CD sucks and should be remixed. :)

                              However, since I can't spin again this year (unless someone plans on whippin' out some tables and a PA poolside or something... if anyone wants to do this, LET ME KNOW and I will see what I can arrange in the way of mixer, etc. here in Cleveland), I plan on making another mix CD to distribute to folks with new stuff on it. It should be nifty. I try to post all of the crap I do on my website

                              Nothing fancy, the site is shit, most of the MP3s aren't great, but it's there and "free" (although donations accepted). So, in short, look for a new CD coming out during the con.

                              I'm glad you enjoy it!


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                                Re: Mix CDs

                                Originally posted by froggy
                                Well, I don't remember selling them.
                                Oh that's right, yours came in a paper cd case, that had a little note in it that said," I couldn't spin this year so I made this crappy cd" or something to that affect.. and you were walking around just passing them out, I think I was drunk and asked you how much.. and just put the cd in my backpack and went back to dancing or whatever I was trying to do at the time... :) LOL.. Thanks again :)