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    Stuff that I've done in Vegas that I found fun to do:

    - Taking photographs (both digitally and on real film). Lots of photographs. hundreds of photographs. (if you're into photography).
    - Videotaping Vegas for my folks back home who have never been there and woudln't believe it if they did.
    - Doing the Fremont street experience (it's free!). Decent shows and a great place to peoplewatch. Many different faces.
    - Video game arcade underneath the giant coca-cola bottle (What the hell is that place called again??). Cool video games, no gambling. I think they have a climbing wall, too.
    - Walking. Yeah, it doesn't sound like much fun, but it can be. Tyger (my fiance) and I last year walked from the AP to the strip down Harmon, down to the Excalibur, then back UP all the way to Fremont street. Completely safe? No. Long walk? Hell yeah! (8 to 10 miles, we figured) Fun? Hell yeah... You really get a feel for the place (both the good and the bad) by doing so.
    - "Window Shopping" at all of the places you couldn't possibly afford.
    - FAO Schwarz at Caesar's Palace. Tyger and I spent hours playing around in there. *grin*

    Stuff that I want to do:

    - Fly away. Seriously, everyone I've talked to that's done it has had a blast. Looks like a great time!
    - Adventuredome theme park (Circus Circus). If you can put up with all of the kids
    - Fine art and gardens at the Bellagio
    - Car museum at the Imperial Palace
    - Helicopter rides
    - Stratosphere

    Tons of other stuff to do both commercial and non-commercial in nature. Even riding the buses around town can be a very interesting experience.

    Oh, and if you're a meat eater and have about 50 bucks to drop, considering eating at the Steak House in Circus Circus. First time I was there I was rather incredulous, but once stepping inside I was really impressed. Plus, they fed a group of 12 geeks in t-shirts and jeans with 4-star service and didn't bat an eye. Also, great pictures of bulls with hug balls hanging on the wall. Can't beat that.

    When in doubt, pick up a Frommer's or Fodor's tourbook. I picked up a few and found some other interesting tidbits and things to do.


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      Great arcade, a little pricey, but I have to tell you one other thing.

      There is a little snack bar/burger joint in the bottom back of the place. Now, last year the kitchen staff was new, and it wasn't on the menu, but I remember at 7, they had the Gameworks Burger.

      This was the best burger I had ever had. I don't even remember what was on it, but it was 10x better than any hamburger I have ever experienced. I was so incredibly annoyed when they didn't have it last year.

      Other cool stuff to do:

      Belagio's Fountains (free)
      The Pirate Battle (free)
      P.F. Chang's, if you've never been there, go and have the lettuce wraps appetizer. It's great.
      People watching/touring the casinos (NOTE: Ditch any visible augmentations when you are in here, neat huds, palm pilots, scanners, transceivers, all are not particularly welcome by security.)
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        That's the name of the place.

        Yeah, check it out if you're into video games at all. Blows the socks off of places that tout they have good games like Dave and Busters.

        Good stuff. Prepare to blow some cash there. ;) AT least you know you'll get something for your money rather than at the tables (althoug that certainly won't stop me from playing a few hands of blackjack.


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          coitus interruptus


          they only ask becuase it is a hard hat only tour....:p
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            Re: Shows

            HAHAH! Stop it! My ribs hurt from laughing so hard!

            Originally posted by Grifter

            Sounds like someone is going to see "Uncle Tommy's Ass Puppet Bonanza"


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              Stuff I've done:

              Rides at Stratosphere (less cool than I expected)
              Roller Coaster @ Sahara (pretty cool)
              Star Trek: The Experience (worth every cent)
              Tables @ various casinos (I don't remember the experience, buy my wallet was much lighter coming back)

              Things I WILL be doing this year:

              NY NY roller coaster
              Bellagio fountains
              Fremont St.
              Shark Reef @ Mandalay Bay

              Things I hope to find time and/or $$$ for:

              Fly Away
              Helicopter tour
              Hoover dam
              "Blue Man Group"
              Visit a brothel

              Each year, I stay longer, and each year, I still don't have time for half the stuff I want to do.
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                Blue Man Group would be awesome! I have no idea what is in Vegas besides slot machines and lots of buffets.


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                  A recommendation from someone that lives in Vegas, try not not to walk around to different places during the day unless you like the the 120 degree dry heat the night is ussally a better time to go crusin around.

                  Oh yeah blue man group really kicks ass.
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                    I went and saw Blue Man Group last year and it was fucking awesome. I'm going to see 'O' this year. As far as other things to experience in Vegas:

                    1. Manhattan Express at the NYNY
                    2. Whores
                    3. The Stratosphere
                    4. Whores
                    5. Area 51 (worth it just to go to the Little Ale'inn and get your parking permit)
                    6. The Damned Dam ( on words..heh)
                    7. Whores

                    And if you have time, check out the brothels..

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                      I went and saw Blue Man Group last ...--Noid

                      Ahem, not to split hairs, but I think they prefer the term -- Licensed Sex Workers, not Whores.:D

                      And no, I am not affiliated with any LSW support groups or associations.
                      Life is white,
                      and I am black.
                      Jesus and his lawyer
                      are coming back.


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                        Re: I went and saw Blue Man Group last ...--Noid

                        Originally posted by wetw3rx
                        Licensed Sex Workers
                        I prefer the term Meathole for hire


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                          Originally posted by Blackwave:
                          I prefer the term Meathole for hire
                          Vicious, yet somehow accurate.
                          Life is white,
                          and I am black.
                          Jesus and his lawyer
                          are coming back.


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                            Meathole for hire....sheesh sounds like something I may not get out of in one piece.

                            How far is the Ale'inn from Vegas? Worth carpoolin'?


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                              Originally posted by astcell
                              Worth carpoolin'?
                              Yikes, make sure you have a good driver who knows the area. :)


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                                I thought you were driving!