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    Vegas is not complete for me unless I:
    • hang at the bellagio fountain with a cigar (preferably from don pablo's, but I think they closed ('course I wouldn't really know a good cigar if a white house intern waved one at me, anyway)).
    • eat at the harley davidson cafe and drink a couple shock absorbers (just down the street from the AP).
    • win or break even on the slots at the stratosphere.
    • check out the mirage volcano and/or the pirate show.
    • drink a volcano at the tropicana (but they stopped serving them when all the glasses got stolen and the old bartender left).
    • leave my car with a valet.

    If you can get a few people together, NY, NY has a lazer tag arena... its a western theme and the layout blows, but those things are always fun.


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      Wow, Blue Man tickets are $89.95 each. I guess all the shows are free except the ones I want to go to.


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        Golden_Eternity said:
        Vegas is not complete for me unless I:
        * eat at anywhere cheap, including the ethopian joint around the corner from AP (hey, I get to use my hands)

        * hang at the Chicken Ranch and smoke a nice cigar, no really, that's all I would go there for

        * hack, hack, hack (this is the hacking you do after smoking too many cheap cigars, because you forgot to bring your own

        * win at craps anywhere, realizing of course you are only playing where the tables are $5 or less

        * avoid the Mirage (pirate shows scare me)

        * drink

        * try not to forget where I parked my car
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