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Details for 19?

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    Re: Details for 19?

    Originally posted by Dark Tangent View Post
    Also in the background Cot and I have been working to get up and running. It is a combo forum+wiki and is in alpha testing right now. The idea is you can have discussions in the forums, but really capture the knowledge on the defeats in the connected wiki.
    Now that you have announced this, this is one of the projects I have been working on outside the forums. The present plans are to make it a separate instance with different credentials required for authentication. As a result, the mods on the defcon forums would not necessarily be there (unless they want to sign up) and it would probably have a different set of rules based on how DT and the people working on this contest want to run it. The 2 minimum rules would probably be, "nothing illegal," and, "no spamming," but beyond that, the people that moderate would probably decide the rules,as they would be the ones enforcing the rules.

    I am guessing I'll probably be one of the Admins on the TE wiki to install, configure, upgrade, and diagnose software issues, but I'd prefer it if other people that were active in this contest were moderators. Obviously, DT gets final say.

    There are 2 or 3 different competing solutions, and those are being installed and tested.


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      Re: Details for 19?

      Random Idea....Moderation could be rotated to previous year's winners (perhaps not just first place) assuming that those interested/dedicated enough for the contest would be interested.
      Vell, WiK's just zis guy


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        Re: Details for 19?

        We've played at Toorcon and LayerOne and had same real fun. Ready to try our hands at the majors. Team covert penetration is in for 19. Any info on logistics yet? Some of our team members are only coming for Defcon and want to know when to be in Vegas.



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          Tamper vident Contest Part Deux

          OK, I am finally getting on the ball for TE part 2!

          Yes it will happen.

          There will be a "Level One" part to the contest, almost identical to last year, with one or two minor twists. This is to provide an entry path to new people and teams, as well as help me get rid of the hundreds of tags I had to purchase as a minimum order!. :-)

          So for Level One read up about what happened last year, but expect a few minor tweaks.

          For "Level Two" we will be bumping up the complexity a bit, buying the better tags, seals, and such.

          There will be a "Level Three" but that will be an open contest where expensive seals will be available for people who are playing at the Level Two skill level to attempt to open.

          NEW FOR THIS YEAR there will be two categories:
          1 - Unlimited: Anything goes, equipment and preparation.
          2 - McGuyver: Only what you can find in your hotel room or what could be found on a hotel room cleaning cart.
          PGP Key: