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Welcome to post-Defcon 20 forum for recovery and discussion...

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  • Welcome to post-Defcon 20 forum for recovery and discussion...

    Looking to provide some thank-you, or fuck-you comments for events at Defcon 20? Find a thread if it exists, or start a new one if there is no such thread.

    Maybe you lost something? Found something? Have a question or interest in something at Defcon 20?

    Maybe you have ideas on how certain parts of Defcon 20 sucked, and *also* have suggestions on how to make them better? (Constructive criticism is great! Flaming will likely be /dev/nulled ; contribute ideas to make things better!)

    Maybe you want to comment on how awesome something was, or was done, or organized?

    All of this and more are topics perfect for this forum.

    I am planning on copying threads from the DC19 planning forum, and closing them, pointing to their copy here for continued discussion.

    In about 1 month, I will close the DC19 planning forum. Any threads still active can also be copied from there to here with links to their brother thread, too.


    * Thanks and comments about the goons (give them their own thread. :-)
    * When will Defcon 21 Happen?
    * How would you make Defcon 21 better than Defcon 20?
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