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    Re: Call for Talks

    Great your talk went over very well and I'm glad you are presenting again.

    yes we have been kicking around the scheduling and I agree 100% needs to be blasted about. I think we will be able to do a much better job this year.

    Originally posted by Gigs View Post
    If its not too late I'd like to repeat my talk on basic soldering, possibly twice. That seemed to be more popular last year than the talk on basic electrical theory, and people who came in late/missed it did ask if I would repeat the talk.

    Agree 100% on better scheduling/announcement of the talks. Don't be afraid to pull in people like Smitty and myself to help you get things organized/set up if you need it.


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      Re: Call for Talks

      I will be willing give a talk as a follow on to my main paper presentation and go in to more detail on the two devices that were built for it. Some op amp (transimpedance, voltage, as a comparator), photodiode, timer, schmitt trigger and decade counter stuff.

      Originally posted by bombnav View Post
      If you would like to make a presentation in the HHV then please resond to this thread or PM me. Your talk can be about your latest project, basic electronics, soldering, just about anything. Last year we had some great topics and I want to keep that going.


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        Re: Call for Talks

        Proposed talk:

        HackRF Design Review

        Learn about the electronics design choices that went into the HackRF
        Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform. I'll review the schematic and
        layout in detail, discuss the essential trade-offs of the design, and
        introduce some ideas for future SDR platforms.