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  • Siviak's Thanks and Sorrys

    well... the headache is still here but I have gotten sleep so I guess there is no reason not to post my annual thank you list. here goes;

    Thank you Eris and Vandal, both for getting in early so we could hang out, and for making sure to get me to your couch that night after I lost my pants.

    Thank you WhoEverStoleMyPants, found them in the parking lot... you forgot to take my passport and/or money.

    To Flea, Thanks for just being who you are brother, and thanks for another great GoonSwim

    Thanks Kallahar for storing my camera and stuff and not taking a picture of your ass with it.

    Thank you also Tacitus for the no ass pics on my camera.

    JustABill; thanks to you my friend for showing me what a God looks like when they choose to descend to earth to show the mortals how to party.

    L0nd0 and X-Tasy, sorry we did get more time to hang. I am hope we will get together soon to talk about all the shit each of us missed.

    To AbbyNormal and IceTray, guys, thanks for everything I owe you alot and doubt that I will ever find a way to pay you back for all the love and support you have both given me. I love you guys.

    Thank you Che for telling me about Chasers.... never got to try them but bet your ass I'm going to soon. Wish we had more time to hang.

    Freshman, thanks for letting your asshole roomate store our stuff for us, and putting up with us always need to get more smokes.

    ALL of team Timmy Needs A Liver; thank you guys for making me proud. I knew you could do it.

    To Team DC702, I spoke with one of your members during LawnCon v.7.1.2 Saturday night forgot to get his info PM me with it if you get a chance.

    CyberJunkie; I don't think I have to say anymore than 'Thank you brother'.

    Rick, thanks for invading us from the 51rst state for a while , it was great to meet you and hope we get to hang out much more in the future.

    Fork; Best New Goon this year. You rock man, thanks for helping out with the party Saturday night and thanks for showing up to PoolCon. Keep in touch.

    Tis; sorry I didn't play chess with you Gramps

    Thank you JenRogan for taking all of my drinks away, you kept me vertical... not sure how you made out after drinking all of them....

    OnTheRun and PolyHazzard; thanks for being the people you are, and thanks for making my house famous.

    Deviant thanks for helping the above mentioned friends out, and thanks for the short time we did get to hang out.

    Thanks MMCA for all the Swerve and for bein the same cat.

    ManicVelocity; Nice outfit man, hope you had fun at PoolCon.

    To ALL he 801 folks; thank you for letting me be a part of what I have come to love so much.

    Resuce; Thanks for all the cold water asshole :)

    Goons, All of you guys bust your asses and deserve a huge thank you, and thanks for letting me crash GoonCon when I needed friends.

    Queeg; Sorry man... it seemed like a good plan at the time

    Trashley; SALE SALE SALE!!!! oh and I never told queeg about you giving me one of his beers.

    Cap'n; thanks for sharing your shine

    Lil-Freak; I blame this all on your whiskey. Sorry about the pukies :)

    H3adrush; thank you for not falling over

    Renderman and Grey; Sorry I didn't hear from you again Sunday night, I had a handfull to dal with, hope you got everything figured out.

    Big thank you to Bink and posse for the tunes.

    I know I have missed a lot of you... and I promise after another nap I will remember who you are and make the proper thanks to you.
    If I had a nickle for every time someone offered me ten cents to keep my two cents to myself... I would be a rich man.

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    Hey, just want to add one to that... Major thanks to nobody for the diagnosis and help getting me to the ER on Thursday night. If one of the Vegas guys could get him that beer I owe him from Sunday, I'd more than gladly return the favour next time I'm in town.


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      I'd like to thank everyone (except for the doorman at the Ninja Networks party) for being so cool. Especially team Timmy Needs A Liver; I met a lot of people this year, but I'm ashamed that we never spoke before.

      I'd like to apologize for anyone that took my advice about the late-night Terrible's breakfast. They were absolutely awful this year, and I don't think I'll be returning (despite four previous years of good experiences).


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        we'll play chess some other time


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          Noid's Thank Yous and Fuck Yous

          Figured I'd piggyback on Siviaks thread rather than starting a new one


          All the attendees that came out, put up with the heat, and had a good time

          The security goons. Its a tough, hot, thankless job, but some of you come out year after year and do it anyways. Your hard work does not go unnoticed.

          The Defcon Staff. Over the years some of you have become my best friends and I look forward to doing another 13 years with you.

          Xodia. Thanks for the smokes, wish I could have caught up with you more

          Cygnus. Southern boys unite.

          Che. Thanks for the homebrew and the hard work

          Deviant. Thanks for running the BCCC and for the neck coolers, those made a hell of a difference. You're a cool cat, I enjoyed getting to know you

          Lil' Freak. We are wicked awesome beer ninjas. I'm glad I got the chance to get to know you better.

          Justabill. Thanks for making my weekend

          Tippingpoint. The free party was awesome, sorry about the mess

          Pool2Girl. For not showing up.

          IVU/303/Network Ninjas/Caezars Challenge. Thanks for having us at your parties

          CJunkie. Respect the badge

          Simple Nomad. For the kind words

          The HTS Crew. After last year, I have to admit I was a tad concerned about you returning. However, I was pleasantly suprised. You all turned out to be really cool folks, and I appriciate the restraint you showed in dealing with assholes.

          AP Security. Thanks for letting us take point in handling our problems. It really reduces our headaches and yours as well.

          I'm sure I've forgotten people, I'm barely awake, but you know who you are.

          Now on to the Fuck Yous

          A big fuck you with a steaming pile of dog crap to anyone who threw glass or lights into the pool. Several people got cut feet because of your monkey antics. Way to go losers, your mothers must be proud.

          Another fuck you to anyone who ditched out of the Hoffbrau without paying on Sunday. Everyone else had to cover your bill. Some people paid 100 bucks ON TOP OF what their bill was to cover what we were short.

          An extra special fuck you to the people who shut the generator off to the tent during hacker jeporady. You know who you are...and we do too.

          I'd toss a big Fuck You out to you-know-who, but I dont want to get sued.
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          I return whatever i wish . Its called FREEDOWM OF RANDOMNESS IN A HECK . CLUSTERED DEFEATED CORn FORUM . Welcome to me


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            Xodia's thanks and Sorrys...lets all make a party of this thread

            Alright, I had a hell of a good time this year so here goes (Sorry if I forget someone who did something awesome):

            Noid- Thanks for the badge. I too wish we would have bumped into each other more often.

            Silver Prizm- All the good times. Rave action, stumbling around, and whatnot.

            Mcgruff- You got pwned in the pool. Booyah.

            h3adrush and lil_freak- You guys are great, thanks for everything. I'll wear my headband proudly.

            Art- You didn't die saturday night. :)

            EvilMofo- Thanks for the sandals and storage facilities in your room. Also for the dedication.

            Icetray and Abby- Good party, and I enjoyed bringing your stuff in. You two are really nice people with a really nice pumpkin head.

            Salem- We found pool2girl. Good times, good times.

            Bascule- Damn that Ft. Collins Beer is good. Thanks for everything. Unagi!

            Psi- The invite was great, as was going to the hackerpimps party with choo'.

            Kallahar- The sweet metal logo, and all the drunken stumbling. Not to mention Blackhat partycon.

            Flea- For pointing out the window trick to bascule and I.

            Cap'n- For good spirits.

            Tacitus- The water and cokes.

            Sno- You remembered my name towards the end of con.

            Che- Homebrew action.

            Yankee- You took the hit for the homebrew warpcores and everyone should buy you a beer.

            ck3k- Thanks for the good times and not killing me for using your name whilst drunk dialing. Good thing we found that Sushi place.

            Twinvega- For the driving of ck's car. We need to kill the slow fucks at the Sushi Factory.

            Black Orchid- TP.

            Renderman and Grey Frequency- Those were good Creamsicles. I enjoyed talking to you guys Sunday.

            Whoever made "The Bucket"- I think everyone owes you for that.

            Steve- Thanks for not raping me in Pool 2 sunday.

            Eli- Why would I want to thank you. Gosh, your such a stupid fuck.

            That about sums up all I can remember. I am sure I forgot some people somewhere in there though.
            The dude abides.


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              Thank you Siviak for taking care of us, as best you could anyway, on Sunday. It was a stronger ride than we thought it was gonna be.

              Thank you Shatter, for the awesome music, and for the Pedialyte at such an ungodly hour!

              Thank you Ramsey, for sharing your vibe and your laughter!

              Thank you Casey, you know why!

              Thank you Banshee for the bed space for a few hours, could you pass the thanks along to your room mate?

              Thank you Goons, all of you, for all that you do. Thank you CJ for trying to talk sense into that frat boy at pool 3.

              I'm sorry, Sno, I totally forgot your bear day after day. Come get him. :D And I'm sorry some fuckhead doper thought he/she would have some fun. That's the worst pissing thing anyone can do to someone in that culture to a stranger.

              I'm sorry JustaBill for being so very agro at you early early Monday morning. I had my own problems and we were both in altered states which made it hard to speak clearly. You look great!

              Thank you for the invite, Abby and Ice.

              Thank you for the temporary storage space for a change of clothes in one of the goon rooms. Sorry I left my shoes and dress behind! email me where it ended up, I'll come get it!

              That's about it.

              ps. thank you Jackalope for the groovy pink rabbity name tag! thank you Siv, again, for giving me your extra neato keen Kallahar-made skull thingy! TY Kallahar for making em!
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                hackajar Thanks

                Siv - Thanks for being a liberal judge and meeting us half way on my interesting issues.

                A - Thanks for putting up with my teams crap, you got into BT ok I hope, if not, I'll chase down Ripshy with a bucher knife

                Che - Thanks for humoring me at SusiCon and hanging out at theSummit, I got to get me some of that home brew next year!

                HighWiz - Thanks for motivating a team to pit up against dc702. Would not have been as fun without one!

                DT - Thanks for slapping the crap out of me

                E. Farr - Thanks for helping with the laptop situation before my talk

                Timmy....Liver - Thanks for the brutal competions! Love all you guys!

                Dan K. - I can't thank this man enough for his support and love in working on theSummit, thanks man!

                EFF - For beliving in dc702 group in support our fundrasing effort!

                Syngress - for donating all those books to theSummit thanks Andrew!

                Tierra - For a great PHP app to run the Scav on! No breaky this year!

                dc801 & Grifter - For throwing the scav hunt, see you next year!

                OP - Thanks for the fun times at SusiCon

                GM1 - Great hanging at SusiCon and ScavHunt (you too ck3)

                303 kids - For heckling dc702 at Hacker Jeporday and inviting us to your shindig

       for letting us borrow a lab coat, and hanging out, you guys are the coolest

                QueerCon - For working out DJ's, scav hunt items, and parties

                Irvin Underground - You guys always throw the crazyest parties!

                503 kids - Jake and Rob you guys always support the dc702 effort, we are forever in debt to you!

                ummm... other people I don't have enough brian [brain] cells to muster up your name, toss a brick at my head for not mentioning ya!

                And of course, dc702 you guys are all awsome!

                [Edit] OMG not to forget the hacker pimps!! We should talk IPv6 stuff for next year guys!
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                "Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups"


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                  Thank you Hackajar

                  May I ask you what are "brian cells?" :-)

                  Thank you for the shout out to the H'Pimps. We are young and may not yet have our pins underneath us, but we are eager and passionate and believe we have some value to add to the community. We appreciate the tolerance of those much wiser than us.

                  We have some ideas for how we want to move forward with the IPV6 thing. Gratitude to Jennifer Granick also for her great insight into the next wave of issues that we want to add voice to. Let us know if your interest in our work is continuing. You know how to contact us.

                  Personal shout outs later today.





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                    Thanks to everyone that came for making this my first defcon of many to come...especially:

                    The network goons for keeping the wireless up and running the whole time

                    Everyone who came up and talked to me and making me feel welcome

                    Skroo for making the suggestion on the board to bring a carton of darts, then serving as a great example by smoking even more than i did on sunday morning. ultralights will kill you though.

                    hot coffee and squeak for letting me ditch some of my stuff in the infirmary

                    everyone who walked past my Nalgene bottle covered in stickers i picked up during my travels through europe without stealing have reaffirmed my faith in my fellow man

                    all the speakers who were cool enough to hang out and answer questions after the talks

                    the jinx crew for tossing out some free random t-shirts on the last girlfriend loves the ninja party shirt

                    conner for chilling with me at the Hooka Bar until the wee hours at the hard rock

                    Mr. Mitnick for hooking me up with a bumper sticker after all his books were sold out


                    Sorry to everyone that missed out on the coffee i brought in for coffee wars, i missed that they were rescheduled

                    Sorry to anyone that ate that "bbq" that the AP was serving with generic "bbq sauce" year i'll bring a few gallons of the good stuff from KC

                    Fuck yous:

                    only those pretty lifeguards who did absolutely nothing while a fellow human being passed out next to the pool. the goons did a great job, but damn people...i don't care what the AP contract says...go help the guy out!

                    Thanks again to all the Goons and Speakers who worked their asses off all week to put together an awesome weekend.
                    jur1st, esq.


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                      Bra Head !!!one1

                      My thanks :

                      (New to Defcon So I may not have as many as everyone else)

                      Thanks to Deviant for being kickass all weekend, great talk on lockpicking.
                      (FUCKYOU! heh)

                      Mouse thank you for being so helpful for a noob lockpicker, you seriously have everything in that little bag.

                      Virosa you are one funny man, thanks for the company all weekend.

                      Thanks to fishsticks for driving across country with me to one of the best con's I've ever been to... (Probably 100+ hours of driving)

                      Xodia we didn't get to talk much, but we hung out at Renders lil Creamsicle partay Just stopped by to say thanks.

                      Oh and Siviak thanks for uhh letting me give you a piggy back ride to the shade !
                      My hernia thanks you !

                      Alcohol prevents me from remembering the rest of you, but I thank you for everyone who made my first Defcon a great experience...
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                        More Thank and Fuck Yous

                        Thank yous:

                        Hakajar and DC702 for running The Summit, and letting me do a (very short) speech.

                        My staff for keeping the party under control.

                        Everyone who attended the HackerPimps party.

                        The person who replaced Sysmin's badge after the party.

                        Kirsten from Port of the Black Sail for being....erm....very entertaining at the party...;-).

                        DC Goons, staff and speakers (of course).

                        Alexis Park for dealing with us for yet another year....:-P

                        Fuck yous:

                        The asshole who stole Sysmin's badge during our party.

                        Me....for totally hosing the IPv6 talk I was supposed to do at The Summit (sorry Hackajar ).

                        Another one for me for anyone I might have missed.


                        Anyone we turned away from the party. We had a suite, but only so much room.

                        Anyone who actually CAUGHT the fight between me and the my now ex.

                        The Hacker Pimps
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                        The Hacker Pimps


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                          Originally posted by hackajar
                          A - Thanks for putting up with my teams crap, you got into BT ok I hope, if not, I'll chase down Ripshy with a bucher knife
                          Kampf didn't have anything close to dresscode and I wasn't that much better off. That plus me being tired as hell after two weeks of blackhat then defcon, I decided not to go.


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                            Originally posted by quigon
                            Thank yous:

                            Hakajar and DC702 for running The Summit, and letting me do a (very short) speech.
                            My staff for keeping the party under control.
                            Everyone who attended the HackerPimps party.
                            The person who replaced Sysmin's badge after the party.
                            Kirsten from Port of the Black Sail for being....erm....very entertaining at the party...;-).
                            DC Goons, staff and speakers (of course).
                            Alexis Park for dealing with us for yet another year....:-P
                            Fuck yous:
                            My now ex GF for throwing a bunch of my shit into the toilet for something I didn't even do (and taking my head off for it in the meantime).
                            The asshole who stole Sysmin's badge during our party.
                            Me....for totally hosing the IPv6 talk I was supposed to do at The Summit (sorry Hackajar ).
                            Another one for me for anyone I might have missed.

                            Anyone we turned away from the party. We had a suite, but only so much room.
                            Anyone who actually CAUGHT the fight between me and the ex.

                            The Hacker Pimps
                            Yeah, what he said and I would also like to thank Alcohol for the wonderful hangovers I received. I would like to give a special thank you the person who ate half of a bra at the party. It definitely gave me some laughs the next morning.
                            The Hacker Pimps


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                              Thank/Fuck yous

                              Timmy needs a Liver - for these awesome black badges
                              Twinvega - for once again joining me on a crazy adventure
                              Cereal76 - glad twinvega moved to the 530, your one kickass guy
                              GM1 - LEROY JENKINS!!!!
                              Static-Blackz - I met you a couple of days ago, it was a blast

                              Londo - for all the support and good booze which vegas has to offer
                              X-tasy - all of the above and looking cute making out with other girls for the hunt
                              Maximus - we all need a lil' lion
                              Kelvin - for making sure we worked our asses off at the hunt, guess that paid off
                              Highwiz/Stitch - I know you couldn't be here, but TNaL tried to keep your spirit going, thanks for all the help.
                              Kallahar - for letting me crash in your room and all the kickass swag
                              Tacitus - for always having some new diabolical creation (robot)
                              che/londo/goons - for throwing me into the pool 15 mins before I went on stage ;)
                              Flea - I'm handy capable (you win an emmy...well daytime)
                              Queeg - for handing me mysterious bottles of booze randomly
                              Grifter - for letting TNaL mess up his hair, and signing my book "BFF"
                              A - today's fucking awesomeness is brought to you by the letter A
                              Chris - nice seeing you again, the wwwd will live on in our memories
                              Thorn - for always being the noob crusher that we know and love
                              Deviant - It was fun seeing you again (after shmoo) not to mention you getting tanked by pool #2
                              Octalpuss - Hi mom!
                              Scavy Hunt Table Folk - that is one hell of a list this year, hope you enjoyed the havoc you caused.
                              NinjaGear - for always having the funniest swag

                              dc707 - cause it's where I live
                              dc530 - for all the support in the hunt, and we are still looking for that zaurus
                              dc410 - the east coast needs some love to
                              IVU - kickass swag, and fun meetings to boot
                              neg9 - a cool group of guys, who somehow managed to get out of vegas alive
                              sf2600 - You guys are awesome, I will try and make more meets
                              dc702 - it was one hell of a battle

                              Sorry if I forgot anyone, I wil edit it accordingly

                              Fuck :
                              Thor/blackspider - for saying that I stole his zaurus to several goons and ap security guys. After talking to them all they realized that someone who was not invited into a room but, yet left there shit there was not all that resonsible to begin with. Also if your reading this, please don't go on neg9's forum saying that "neg9 stole your zaurus" it is bound to piss us off.

                              AP - for always finding a way to lameinize my defcon experience, i.e room problems to hell, and of course Dean the fucker with a 9mm coming to my room and saying I need to give that thor fuck his zaurus back or he will charge the room.

                              Hotels which would not let me have sundries for the hunt

                              I would like to meet a 1 to keep my 0 company.