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    I guarantee I'm going to forget someone, apologies in advance:

    Thank you:

    Valkyrie: For making my whole trip possible. I'll always be in your debt.
    Che: For moral support and a never-ending supply of hugs.
    Wilx and lil_freak: For shuttling me around.
    Typeos and Joe: Thanks for the company, it was great hanging out with you.
    Ne0nrain: Your poor skills saved my ass!
    Tyler: For being the best super hot super leet roommate.
    TW and Q: You make being a lackey fun.
    Barkode: For the ab workout as I laughed my ass off... also, for not dying, cuz that would suck.
    All the ninjas: For pulling off the pimpinest party ever in record time.
    Caezar: For convincing me that I'm not too old for this shit.
    Wilx: Just because you're you.
    Kallahar: You're cute when you're drunk and your metalwork-fu kicks much ass.
    Kelvin: For the amazing steak that cushioned much liquor.
    Justabill: I love you man!!

    I'll leave off the fuck you's, just because there's no point crying over spilled milk. However, those people had best avoid me if they don't want their genitalia served to them on a plate.
    the fresh princess of 1338

    What did I do to make you think I give a shit?


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      Ok my thanks and aploigies go to the same people:
      Thanks to all the goons/AP staff/paramedics that kept me from dying, then checked on me the next day to make sure i was OK. Hopefully we'll never have to do it again.

      Also, thanks to the people who went out to the res to shoot off fireworks, and sorry for almost killing us all with that handfull of bottle rockets.

      So now im not allowed to drink OR play with fire while at defcon.


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        ok, i'll try to put together my list...

        panthera - thanks for being a kickass guy to room with at con. you're on top of the things that need handling and cool about the stuff that can be loose. always there when i needed ya, but making yourself scarce when i needed the room... i can only hope that my attempts at being a good roommate came close to your level of cool.

        renderman & grey frequency - always a pleasure seeing you guys, thanks for enhancing the whole weekend with your energy and for keeping up the spirits of everyone around you. great party that one evening, too... was that saturday? heh, it's all a blur. p.s. - thanks for driving so much when we needed wheels to accomplish a goal.

        mouse - it felt like every waking moment at DefCon this year involved you being around and yet i still would have opted for more time by your side. you are truly one of my most special friends and i plan on forcing you to attend the con every year from now until eternity so long as i have breath in my lungs and alcohol in my bloodstream. p.s. - thank you also for driving and for taking such good care of me when the heat exhasution started to set in.

        virosa - some of the best people i've ever met were chance encounters at events like defcon. you fall into this category. i can't even recall how we met so early on, but it was like we tripped over each other and discovered equal personalities. really really terrific hanging with you, man. next year you rent the M249 and we'll see whose groups are tightest on the range... i'd like to go head to head with an ex-marine.

        fishsticks & redx - your story of driving all the way out to vegas from the east is nearly as unheard of as the fact that you're from my home area and i bumped into you out of the blue. seeing the thrill on your faces as you took things in at your first defcon ever was a total trip for me... it reminded me of how it was my first time seeing the scene in full swing. i wanted to be the best host i could and expose you to as many people, events, and things as possible at DC. i hope that i accomplished at least some of this goal and that you had as good a time as i did hanging with ya.

        siviak & sno - thank you for being some of the finest vegas locals that the town has to offer. besides going WAY beyond the call of duty in providing a homebase for my shipping and receiving needs, you both livened up any time i spent chilling by the pool. always quick with a cocktail or a humorous story, it's people like you who make me feel like i belong someplace.

        all the shmoo crew, especially beetle - thanks for the special wisdom and computer-fu that you carry around upon your shoulders... those of us fortunate enough to cross paths with you are enlightened even by casual drunken conversations. beetle, having you on our wireless team this year gave me insights that lord knows how many chapters in books never could have. most of all, i want to mention how all of you are the epitome of what great people in the scene are: you are incredibly smart but don't feel the need to flaunt it at anyone. even the most novice noobs commented to me that you overwhelmingly impress them but you don't intimidate them. that, plus the fact that you can throw back drinks and dress in wicked fab attire when the sun goes down equates to all of you being exactly whom we want to see more of at defcon.

        xodia - terrific partying with you poolside at various times... and introducing you to the same people numerous times repeatedly without drawing your ire. thanks for being understanding of my drukenness.

        ck3k - along those same lines as above... CK3K, always a good time with ya, man, even if i don't remember it all. at this point i should just thank everyone who was at poolcon, since chances are i was hugging or high-fiving you all at one moment or another... particularly after that vodkamellon appeared. (big grins to whomever brought that) friday i had to run the beer cooling contest, and saturday was my talk (about which i was really anxious and didn't want to mess things up) so once those were out of the way, i felt like this huge cloud of responsibility was off my shoulders and i could just let loose. to anyone who made me a drink or even just threw me a smile and good vibes (like you, CK) i thank you all. it's the casual moments without a care in the world that matter just as much at defcon as the learning experiences at talks.

        astcell - aside from working hard on taking photos at defcon so we don't have to, thanks for being one of the coolest **** i know and for swagging out a few of those *** shirts, one of which i was lucky enough to snag.

        tierra - killer work on the movie chan, man. can't wait until the torrent finishes so i can catch the clips i missed. be sure to hit me up for anything you need next year, as well. i'd consider it my civic duty to re-encode any and all WMV files to a proper format if you wish.

        freshman - the person who i truly saw start to finish... next time we'll sneak illicit beverages on the plane and re-arrange our seating in order to get a jump start on defcon before everyone else. and i'm making sure you make it to the gun range next year, as well. i can't recall... did i ever give you one of those cooling neck wraps? if not, my apologies... i'll be sure to set one aside for you next year (i'll be making an even larger set of them for the goons next time around)

        the hacker pimps - killer party, man. if it weren't for you my journey to a bed around 1:00 AM would have gone without incident. thankfully, you stepped in at the nick of time and i almost didn't see a pillow before rays of sunlight hit it.

        cincinnati crew, with a special tip of the hat to bacchus - my spontaneous friends from last year, it was a pleasure to see you all out west again. you're always good for the unexpected pleasure or the impromptu party. and bacchus, way to go in contributing to the fun of my beer cooling contraption contest. i am eager to see your revised device next year.

        dc702 - what would defcon be without locals who help out in their own unique way? besides fielding a team in the above-mentioned BCCC, 702 also organized the summit EFF benefit. way to go on both counts, guys!

        kaigoth and the LPCON people - thank you for giving me some real estate near your table in the lockpick area to conduct that hands-on training and Q&A session with everyone. you run a great contest year after year and i'm proud to do what i can to get people interested in sportpicking and in dissecting locks to see how they work.

        roamer, thorn, and the rest of the Wi-Fi organizers - terrific job as always... making us have fun and feel less-than-leet at the same time. i raise a glass and a fist at you, simultaneously vowing to buy you a drink and make you rue the day i first met you.

        noid & lil freak - thanks for making me laugh with abandon and making it seem like the ever-brief moments we got to hang had been longer than they actually were. which leads me to apologies for octalpussy, che, and so many others whom i wanted to spend time with but seemed to just barely bounce past in a flurry of drinks and crowds. i am sorry that there aren't enough hours in a day and days in the weekend to have just chilled low-key with every last one of you. next year i'll arrive even earlier, leave even later, and make sure there's a line on my dance card for you all.

        the staff, the goons, and the organizers... especially DT, DA, priest, agent X, noid, and those who had duty during my talk - i can't say how much it meant to me being able to present at defcon this year. thank you for accepting my submission, for giving me such a great slot, for letting me do everything i did, and for managing the crowds that totally took me by surprise. i didn't know if anyone was even going to come see a nobody speak... when they swarmed in parthenon, you found a way to keep it smooth and let me fill as many minds as possible with my subversive calls to action against bad security.

        BEST CON EVER!

        p.s. - i'm sure i'm forgetting some people, and for that i apologize. i may have been drinking at one point or another that weekend.
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        "I'll admit I had an OiNK account and frequented it quite often… What made OiNK a great place was that it was like the world's greatest record store… iTunes kind of feels like Sam Goody to me. I don't feel cool when I go there. I'm tired of seeing John Mayer's face pop up. I feel like I'm being hustled when I visit there, and I don't think their product is that great. DRM, low bit rate, etc... OiNK it existed because it filled a void of what people want."
        - Trent Reznor


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          I’m sorry for those of you whom I missed and overlooked, but accidents do happen.


          Noid: Yes, we are the “Wicked Awesome Beer Ninjas”. I had a great time chit-chatting with you.

          Siviak: I promise that next year to bring some mead. Thanks for great conversions and making sure I had someone to take me back to the room after I got the pukies..

          Sno: Thank you so much for helping me back to room

          Black Orchid: I'm so glad we were able to talk. Someday others might understand, but for now it’s good to know I’m not alone.

          Flea: I loved your “Oh Shit Habenero Rum” and can state that I did not get the pukies from it

          Queeg: Thank you for the laughs.

          Che: I still have yet to try some of your homebrew, next year maybe. It was great to be able to chat with you more this year. Good luck with the move, I’m sure everything will arrive in one piece.

          Deviant: Your talk was awesome; I hope to see a part two sometime soon. Also, thank you for putting on the 3B’s contest it was very fun.

          Render and Gray: Someday I must learn that great drunk-mix fu

          Stephen: Thank you for all the hugs. Next year I promise to save some hugs for you.
          Xodia: You rock and I’m very glad to have been able to hang out with you

          Bascule: Yum, the Fort Collins beer was very tasty

          Kallahar: I wish we could have talked some more, but what little time we were able to talk kicked butt

          Captain: Between you and Flea, I’m not sure who makes the best witty comments; although I must say some of yours made me giggle

          Twinvega: Next year we have to talk more than we were able to this year.

          Ck3k: It was great to be able to talk to you. I forgot to get a mailing address for you so make sure to PM me with one.

          Valkyrie: I wish we could have talked longer, but I’m happy I got to steal you away for a moment. Oh, I also forgot but the HackerPimps party rocked.

          Panthera: Always good to see you again. Hopefully it won’t be a whole year till I can see you again.

          OP: It might have been better if I never knew where the Walmart was located, but at least if I need to go there next year I’ll be able to find it without driving around for hours.

          TW: Thank you again

          Goons and Staff: Thank you for all the hard work you guys do to get and keep Defcon running.

          I apologize to for those who were near me when I got sick at pool2, drinks and *pool water do not mix well on one’s stomach.

          *Please Note: I did not consume pool2 water on purpose, it was ingested on accident and shortly after that my body decided to rid it self of the horrid stuff.
          "It is difficult not to wonder whether that combination of elements which produces a machine for labor does not create also a soul of sorts, a dull resentful metallic will, which can rebel at times". Pearl S. Buck


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            these posts make me giggle...because here is where you find out what the rest of con was busy octalpuss, you are not too old, and no pool water doesn't mix well with anything, and hell yes everyone threw freaking awesome parties this year, and the goons rocked as always *mwah*....

            jackalope thank you's here since they're lagging at the bottom of the postdefcon page:
            DJ Jackalope
            dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

            send in the drop bears!


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              Now I am once again "at home" I would be a completely ungrateful animal not to acknowledge the kindnesses that I received during BH/DC. I would normally make these thanks privately, however, I don't have everyone's contact information, so here goes:

              To DT, the speakers, and the security/logistics crews of both BH and DC; thank you from the bottom of my greedy little soul for crafting both conferences with a level of technological information and logistic excellence that will keep my brain in a spin for many months. My wetware is again being re-engineered.

              Freshman: Thank you for facilitating the return of my mobile and also your other kindnesses to me. If you still want your backpack, let me know.

              702 crew: Props to you as well. Thank you much for your honesty and integrity. Also for putting up with our silliness. We WILL get our stuff together.

              Cygnus, Dataworm and Derek: I really enjoyed spending time with you at the presos on Friday. It is a blessing coming to know of you better.

              H'Pimps: Thanks for adopting me into your crew. Let's pull off those projects in the next months. And guys? Would you please be more discriminate of who you hang out with? I don't think my wardrobe can handle any more psycho queens.

              SkyDog and LdyM3lin: Thanks for taking care of it. You are both on my "A" list.

              Rodney and crew: Thanks to those of you who showed up and really participated. You have left sparkles in the eyes of those who have clue, and that really is what it is all about. You folks rock. I don't use that phrase lightly.

              Tacitus: your metal foo is in fact, awesome. Hope I get to Cali soon to romp with you and the rest of the crew. Our conversations have always been of the highest and nicest quality. I look forward to more.

              Octalpuss: no debt. I was conscious of what I was doing. I don't need chains of gratitude, nor do you. Just play it forward.

              Flea, Queeg, Ashley and Jim: Thanks for putting me up on Monday night and for sharing a meal on Tuesday morning. One finds friends where one least expects them.

              ASTCell: A sane voice in the wilderness. :-)

              Blossom: I was very happy to see you. All will be well. You have my contact info. Snag me if you feel so inclined.

              Lil_Freak and Con: I so wished to spend more time with you. I may be in your neck of the woods soon. Would enjoy getting together to talk and scheme.

              Everyone who observed my mermaid rompings in Pool 1 on Sunday: Thank you much for your tolerance. 'Tis sometimes difficult to stuff who one is when one walks in this reality. Thanks for allowing me to demonstrate other aspects of myself without judgement.

              Those who with I had private one on ones: (you know who you are): Your words, your thoughts so help me to continue on with my dreams and my work. All I can say is thankyouthankyouthankyou. I am inspired.

              I am sure I interacted with others who have not been named. For this, I apologize. You have all been part of the catalyst that re-defines me. My gratitude to you. Oh, and to the one who began this all by encouraging me to visit this on-line tribe called DefCon:

              Thank you. You know who you are.

              Stay shiny y'all!


              valkyrie, aka, r0cketgrl


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                Che's Thank you's, fuck you's, shoutouts, etc.

                Ok folks, here is my list. Please keep in mind it is work in progress, so check back early and often. I will expand it more after I get moved into the new place and get back online.

                First I would like to thank Dark Tangent and the Defcon Staff for making this whole thing happen. This was my 5th Defcon, and the best so far. I don't see how you guys pull it off, but you do and I am damn glad.

                Now, the thank you's:

                All the speakers: You guys are great.. without you, there would be no Defcon.

                Freshman: Dude.. what can I say. You are like a brother to me, and if anyone asks I will tell them we are. Thanks for having my back during Goon duty, keeping me fed, and putting up with all the shinnagans I dish out. See ya in less than a week when I get moved up there.

                Noid: Thanks again for having me on your team and making goon duty fun and safe for us all. Damn glad we got to hang out this year. Thanks for the homebrew, we need to swap more often.

                Cygnus: Thanks for being an awesome travel partner and friend. Everyone can also thank him for being a home brew mule.. he bought in around 12 bottles himself. I'm going to miss seeing you all the time, we will have to get your arse up north with Freshman and I.

                Flea: Hanging out with out every year is the high point of Defcon for me. I can't thank you and Pescador enough for getting the “Goon hospitality squad” together and allowing the guy harassing Patty (the speaker) the opportunity to apologize. I nominate you for official DC Diplomat. You 0wn, amigo.

                Patty: You where the highlight of Defcon for me this year.. I have yet to meet anyone so fascinating to talk to... you know how to keep me on my toes. Thanks for giving the hacker community some good press, and don't forget us when you make it big...

                All the fellow members of the Goon team. Thanks for having me on and making me feel welcome again for a second year, and hopefully many more.

                Siviak/Sno: The second reason I come to Vegas.. to see you guys! I wish we got to hang out more this year bro.. and I finally get you going to my area and I move off. Hope to see you soon.

                Octalpuss: for the pr0n and the sushi set for my birthday. And just for being you.

                CHS: for the home brew, and you and Xinc for keeping the shift rotation going. Damn glad we finally got to hang out.

                Hackajar: Great job with the EFF summit! It was great to get to talk to you and hang out this year. Thanks for the drinks and the swag. I believe you get more shit thrown your way than you deserve, yet you take it and still have good things to say about people. Give yourself a pat on the pack, you deserve it.

                Brian from DC702: Thanks for the ride and the rum. It was a work of art. Next time, you are not allowed to leer at folks from a distance at the TBBQ until drug in.. you have friends. Come in and visit. :)

                Kallahar: for the kick-ass smiley skull. I love it, and I am sure TSA hates them. ;)

                Abby Normal and Ice Tray: Thanks for the ride to TBBQ, hauling our food and drinks around, and the bottles of water on Sat. night.

                Cornel/Dave: Thanks for picking us up, getting us to sushicon, etc.

                Twinvega for the new avatar badge, and your hetero life mate CK3K for helping Cygnus get the maps for the TBBQ printed up.

                Pappy/Skroo: For the drinks, and finally getting to hang out with you guys.

                Astcell/Meee: For the beers at the TBBQ.

                Culture Junkie folks for the free shirt. You guys rule..
                The guy who had the other end of the free hack a day t-shirt and said “you deserve it, you are a goon” (or something to that effect). Thanks, I owe you a beer.

                All the folks that got to try my beer and told me how much they loved it. Sharing it with you guys is the reason I brew it and bring it out..

                All the folks that said “you look thirsty, have a drink!” :)

                Ch0l0man, Yankee.. sorry I missed you guys this year.
                Everyone at the forum party.. I did not get to float duty until it was too late.

                Lil Freak and H3adrush: Sorry I did not get you guys any homebrew.. you two are tops on my list for next year. There will be mead with your names on it.

                Everyone else that I promised homebrew and did not deliver on. Don't let me forget next year!

                All the folks that I have not mentioned so far...

                Fuck you's:
                The guy that cursed out the speaker in the tent. She did not deserve that, and you had your story wrong. Try having less booze in you when you try to put words in someone's mouth, and learn a little bit of goddamn cooth when you disagree. I do give you props for taking advantage of the Goon Hospitality Committee's offer to let you apologize to her. Thank you, that made us all warm and fuzzy inside and helped correct a bad misunderstanding.

                To the wanker that bitched me out b/c we did not tell him we were flushing the room. Everyone else spent just as much as you to be there, so we have to be fair to all. I don't blame you for being upset there.. but snapping at me when I told you there were still seats and I would see that you got one was too far. May you moon a werewolf.
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                  I'd just like to thank the following people for making my first Defcon a grand experience, in no particular order:

                  god, jesus, priest, ceazar, crusader, Sylvanna and her friends from Cincinnati, the guys who had the endless screwdriver/white russion bucket combo, and everyone who offered me free beer (that covers a lot of people).

                  A big FUCK YOU to the funny guy who almost lost teeth for calling the lovely lady with me at the pool a "slut" and walking away. If I hadn't been so intent on showing that lady a good time you would have spent the rest of your Defcon experience in the desert. That was my wife.

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                  It’s a love affair
                  Mainly Jesus and my hot rod


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                    I admire your restraint. Of course, I also admire mine. If one more tiny dickbrain had called me a scene whore I probably would have decapitated him with a ball point pen. But one ignores ignorance where one finds it. Cudos, Grond. And I hope your lady love did not take it too unkindly.

                    Originally posted by Grond
                    I'd just like to thank the following people for making my first Defcon a grand experience, in no particular order:

                    god, jesus, priest, ceazar, crusader, Sylvanna and her friends from Cincinnati, the guys who had the endless screwdriver/white russion bucket combo, and everyone who offered me free beer (that covers a lot of people).

                    A big FUCK YOU to the funny guy who almost lost teeth for calling the lovely lady with me at the pool a "slut" and walking away. If I hadn't been so intent on showing that lady a good time you would have spent the rest of your Defcon experience in the desert. That was my wife.



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                      Originally posted by valkyrie
                      I admire your restraint. Of course, I also admire mine. If one more tiny dickbrain had called me a scene whore I probably would have decapitated him with a ball point pen. But one ignores ignorance where one finds it. Cudos, Grond. And I hope your lady love did not take it too unkindly.
                      SO been there! Yes, I, your loving and adorable Octalpus, was accused of being a scene whore when I decided to dress up a bit Sat. night. What say we kill them all?
                      the fresh princess of 1338

                      What did I do to make you think I give a shit?


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                        Originally posted by Grond
                        A big FUCK YOU to the funny guy who almost lost teeth for calling the lovely lady with me at the pool a "slut" and walking away. If I hadn't been so intent on showing that lady a good time you would have spent the rest of your Defcon experience in the desert. That was my wife.

                        Man...that stuff doesn't fly in my book. I'm getting mad just hearing your story. Next year, I'll give him a ground and pound for you on the house. Well, it might cost you a Coke. :) Just joking.
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                          Originally posted by Voltage Spike
                          I'd like to thank everyone (except for the doorman at the Ninja Networks party) for being so cool. Especially team Timmy Needs A Liver; I met a lot of people this year, but I'm ashamed that we never spoke before.

                          I'd like to apologize for anyone that took my advice about the late-night Terrible's breakfast. They were absolutely awful this year, and I don't think I'll be returning (despite four previous years of good experiences).
                          Which doorman...? I was on in the begining and then someone took over after i left.


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                            First, shout to DT for * it's all about the timing (non-linear time at that)

                            Nextmost, thanks to TW, who convinced me that it would be possible to enjoy con if I didn't stay *at* the AP. You were right and I had a great time. You rock.

                            which leads me to:

                            flea, tis, queeg, ashley, tacitus, kallahar, BO+ her FP - it was good to talk to you, to see and hear you in person and enjoy your company. BO, I apologize for thinking inappropriate thoughts about your FP and for not finding you when it was time for a good meal.

                            pac-bells family: It was good to meet you and I hope to see you again next year.

                            shatter: thank you for taking a minute to deal with the rude guy blocking the path, you are one of the reasons that Defcon is safe for grown-ups.

                            nous, all of the ninja crew/916 for a brief taste of party, which is all I really had bandwith for

                            skullY for * especially company at the airport!

                            rattus for letting me watch talks in your room and understanding when I wanted to call it a night.

                            felix for sharing cool toys

                            24/7 fast room service at the Westin: *white chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce* - omg, to die for, also props to the Westin for the heavenly bed, they're not kidding - excellent zzzz's.

                            eeye crew: you guys are completely insane, I felt right at home with you... I had no idea it was physically possible to consume that volume of alchohol per person (flea doesn't count) until I observed you guys in your native element.

                            Thank you to the sociologist who sat next to me at Hacker Jeopardy. It was gratifying to have someone of letters acknowledge my suppositions, even if it was undergrad.

                            Fuck Yous/Boo's:

                            AP: If anyone asks, the new color of your hotel is "goatse red and tubgirl orange". Your hotel is a disgusting shithole, it's not worth half what you charge per night. We're your best customers and you treat us like garbage. I'm glad your CFO and management got hauled off by ATF because you blithereing fucking morons decided to sell untaxed cigarettes to a conference filled with law enforcement reps. Please drink some of your unfiltered, bacteria blooming pool water and die.

                            VegasWeather/McCarran taxi service: my 9pm flight didn't get in until almost midnight and then it took an hour to snake through the line for a taxi at the airport. It was 100 at midnight with humidity so thick you had to swim instead of walk. By the time I got to my hotel my clothing was totally soaked through. *meh*

                            To the person who accosted my friends because they eavesdropped on a conversation and heard my name mentioned: fuck off, I don't even know you. Why don't you put half as much effort into sobering up
                            as you do minding other people's business. People might even stop laughing at you behind your back so much.

                            To whoever gave my buddy E when he was already drunk: die.

                            ...that's all for now
                            That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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                              How can I follow that one?

                              I'll try. First off, the temps kicked my ass...Ok, here we go...I'll forget many...
                              Noid, you rock. You know why. Flea(and your SO), all the other goons, ya'll did a great job on protecting us from AP/V security.
                              Russ, next time you kick us out early, just tell us why. No big deal at all. It was later I found out the schedule was all borked. Everything else you did was super cool.
                              Abby_Normal and the Ice-man, thanks for the ride from the TBBQ. You will be assimilated by DC404...:>
                              ASTcell, thanks for the ride to the TBBQ and good to see you again. Did anything happen after I left?
                              Siviak...How do you manage to stay alive?
                              Sno? Do you keep him that way?
                              Love both of you...(in Cartman voice "I love you guys"
                              And always remember I snore too much.
                              BlackOrchid: Hi, sweety
                              Kallahar, thanks for the, whatever it was. "Confusing the TSA, One Attendee at a
                              time" 2 beers for you. OK, three.
                              Xodia, always cool to see you again.
                              Kelvin (the steak didn't get cooked til later but it was great).
                              Renderman/G nice to see you intact.
                              Che: That homebrew was some of the best I've ever had. Seriously. You could bring in 20 cases and it would go...
                              Dr Kaos, Beth, .
                              Skroo and Thorn too. Was nice to meet you.
                              Hi to Dataworm, and Patty (sorry about that asshole during your talk)
                              And PacBell's dad. I hope I said the right thing.

                              "Are my pants...threatening you?"


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                                Tendency - For everything. And for not dying.

                                Rim, DD, Fried - For giving me places to store my shit and sleep.

                                Caezar, Chris, EvilGrrl, Parity, Prole, Thirty-Three, ZSnark - and all the rest of the former GHI for always being down for a drink and a good time.

                                Barcode, Naus, Patch, WilX - and the rest of the Ninjas for the party & swag.

                                TW (and his lovely lady friend) - for a good chat and making me feel like I was among friends.

                                My Speaker Goon - whose name I didn't catch because I was too nervous before my talk and he went off duty after dropping me off. I owe you a drink!

                                Joe, Liz, Annalee, Jennifer - and the other law geeks for making me feel like my career change wasn't the worst idea ever.

                                Hackajar / DC702 - for The Summit


                                Alexis Park - for no hot water and no working TV, even after we complained. THANKS BASTARDS!
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