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    I'm gonna second the Aug. dates. COMON AUGUST!!

    Hrm. Takes a little getting used to....
    this too shall cgange


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      Originally posted by bluknight

      I note that while logistically convenient, DCX does NOT have to be held at the same time as BHB-Vegas. As long as it doesn't conflict with any of the other BHB conferences (or possibly even if it does), Dark Tangent can hold DCX whenever the hell he wants.
      This is true, but consider why BH and DC have been scheduled the way they have (I'm tired, deal).

      You need to have them all in one lump number of dates, or else you're not going to get everyone to come to both. Since the one they're trying to sell is BlackHat (Check the price, I doubt they'd prefer you to take a pass on that one, then show for DefCon), then that would mean that you'd end up with all the admins, feds, speakers -- generally everyone you want to come -- only being able to make it to BH.

      DefCon would only be available to people without jobs; the skillless youngins that a lot of people complain about.

      So, unless DT decided to throw DefCon to the wolves, BH and DC will be scheduled together.

      DC could happen *before* blackhat, but since they have been offering free admission to DC if you attend BH, they'd want to make sure you paid for BH before they let you in to DC, so it makes sense to hold BH first (That or start allowing people to pay for BlackHat at the DefCon registration line).


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        Aug dates

        Based on the fact that the last few BH breifings have offered a pass to both BH and DC, and further that the ability to schedule speakers for bot (as some speak at both) is logisticaly enhanced by staging them back to back, I'd go for Aug 2-4.
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          As long as it is not too close to Aug 12th, my Birthday.

          Doesn't really matter, I never have parties for it anyways...


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            Its official. Dates are up on the DC site... and it says "DC10". ;D


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              Too Much Arguing

              Damn people. I knew when the dates for DC10 were about a two months ago. The easiest way to find out when DC is, is to call the Alexis Park and ask. They know far in advance. Keep that in mind next year. :)
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                Ah, so its at alexis park again this year? Time to make reservations I guess...
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                  Re: where?

                  Originally posted by OuT
                  Ah, so its at alexis park again this year? Time to make reservations I guess...
                  Yup, came out to 103.55/night for me...