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What are You Giving to Defcon?

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    Re: What are You Giving to Defcon?

    Originally posted by TheCotMan
    One year, I seem to recall that they hoisted a webcam up in the chill out room, at a past defcon. I seem to recall that it was a "facy web cam" that allowed for remote control of pan, and zoom, but did not work with Linux at the time. You could look over the room, or watch what other people were doing to control the webcam.

    I don't remember if that ever came back in later years though. Anyone know if this was present last year?
    that was something Zac cooked up. It got damaged on its way back to the UK that year and I dont think he's fixed it yet. It was a web enabled camera in a smoked plastic 'death globe' with 3 LED signs around it. It was pretty cool, but up too high to really make good use of the LEDs. Folks loved the camera though, you had a few minutes to play with it before it booted you and let the next person in the queue control it. There was a queue on the server all weekend long.

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      Re: What are You Giving to Defcon?

      $100 and 3 days of my life

      "They wrote in the old days that it is sweet and fitting to die for one's country. But in modern war there is nothing sweet or fitting in your dying. You will die like a dog for no good reason."

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        Re: What are You Giving to Defcon?

        I am running a new contest. The build for this has taken alot of time before con, and financed out of my own pocket. I am trying to help another contest survive, one that I won the first year it was in place. (I will be paying homage to Neural, as he won't be at CON this year- )- I am an alternate speaker, with a talk designed to motivate and inspire people to enter the hardware based contests in greater numbers in the future. I devote as much time to the forums as possible to help interest in my contests (and others) grow. I will be a Defcon shuttle service, using the van that I'm driving to con to pick people up at the airport, shuttle COTS 'special event', and to shuttle people to/from the Toxic BBQ (and food run)- Since January of this year I have worked on getting donations for contest prizes, and will be bringing approximately $5,000.00 worth of give aways and prizes to help build the contests- I try to assist those interested in hardware builds via technical support in the forums (bots, TCP/IP, etc)- I will be looking for an area to run a breakout session, which will cost $5 for people to participate in, and that money will be donated to the EFF. I will also be working to keep people from thinking that I am Lostsoul (I'm not ;) -

        I want to thank those that work very hard on DC- It is appreciated. It is what makes me donate so much of my time preparing for it-