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SoCal Caravan: Shameless Self-Promotion

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    Tommee forgot to mention that this event is not an officialy sanctioned Defcon event. Defcon cannot be held liable if you dress up as Dom Deluise and drive an ambulance to Vegas. Seriously tho, we (the defcon staff) have nothing to do with this.

    I return whatever i wish . Its called FREEDOWM OF RANDOMNESS IN A HECK . CLUSTERED DEFEATED CORn FORUM . Welcome to me


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      DefCon Cannonball Run - for anyone

      This event has not been discussed with DefCon staff since it is in it's first year. I sent one email, it was not responded to. This event is not affiliated with Defcon, it is just a way to Defcon, trying to keep the highlight the Con itself. We are just going to have fun, and if Dom Deluise will join us, all the better.
      tommEE pickles


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        I would have posted you're Shameless Promotion in another thread, instead of de-railing the DeathRace 2k thread.
        It would probably get more attention that way, anyways.
        As long as all participents know that it is not an offical Defcon event, sounds fun.


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          FYI - De-railment

          Just for the record, this is not to compete with the caravan or deathrace. I discussed this with many people before the idea because public. The reason it exists is to have another option. It is just for fun, not competition with things that have existed before the idea.
          tommEE pickles


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            Right. Boog and I figured out that we'd have something tangible (and useful) in place for this weekend. All y'all looking for a ride to Defcon or place to stay keep yer eyes peeled and we'll sort this shit out, I swear.


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              All systems are nominal.

     is back up for all your caravan / ridesharing / roomsharing needs. Yeah, the main page says otherwise, but all other content is ready to go. And the BBS is up, too, at .

              Incidentally, to quelch any rumours to the contrary: and (the DefCon Cannonball Run) are a) not in competition with each other, and b) not sanctioned DefCon events. Participate in either at your own risk; neither DefCon nor the respective organising bodies of either event will be held liable for any consequences of participation. Thanks for playing. Try once more! [Bonus points to anyone who gets that particularly-obscure reference.]

              So. Drag yerself on over and figure out how you're getting to Vegas. Now. Do it. Before we send in the dwarves.
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